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October 2007 News

Posted by delta on 31st October 2007

10-03-07 Technology Review – Deciphering Human Differences
10-10-07 New York Times – AT&T To Pay $2.5 Billion For Wireless Spectrum
10-11-07 Time – US Foreclosures Nearly Double
10-12-07 Time – Pollution Dangerous To Joggers
10-15-07 Time – The Ethics Of Erasing A Bad Memory
10-16-07 Smart Money – Will Your Social Security Benefits Be Taxed Again
10-17-07 BBC – Last Rites For A Marine Marvel
10-17-07 Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Legislature Keeping Ferry Bill In Tow
10-17-07 New York Times – Apple To Open iPhone To Developers
10-17-07 New York Times – MySpace And Skype To Announce Partnership
10-17-07 NOAA – Arctic ‘Report Card’ Shows Continued Climate Changes
10-17-07 Time – The Global Warming Learning Curve
10-17-07 Washington Post – New Home Construction Plummets Again
10-17-07 Washington Post – Paulson, Bernanke Say Housing Woes May Last
10-23-07 Los Angeles Times – iPod Seekers Become Macintosh Believers
10-23-07 Los Angeles Times – Microsoft Ends 9-Year Battle With European Regulators
10-23-07 Los Angeles Times – Unwanted E-Mail Now Comes In Audio Format
10-23-07 SFGate.com – Apple’s Revenue Is Soaring, Lifted By iPod’s Appeal
10-23-07 Wired – Behind Enemy Lines With A Suburban Counterterrorist
10-23-07 Wired – The Best Conspiracy Theories
10-23-07 Wired – The Great Firewall
10-23-07 Wired – What’s Inside NyQuil, Fortified With Powerful Narcotics!
10-24-07 CIO Insight – Peripherals Sell The PC, Not Vice Versa
10-24-07 Technology Review – Decoding The Human Eye
10-25-07 Technology Review – Rating Facial Expressions
10-26-07 CIO Insight – 94 Million Credit Accounts Potentially Exposed
10-26-07 CIO Insight – Critical Business Information Goes Unsecured
10-26-07 CNN – NASA’s High-Tech Wildfire Weapons
10-26-07 eWeek – Google’s Reputation System Roils Web World
10-26-07 eWeek – Three Sentenced To Prison In Microsoft Fraud Case
10-26-07 eWeek – US Senate OKs 7-Year Internet Tax Ban Extension
10-26-07 eWeek – Valuable Business Information Going Unsecured
10-26-07 National Geographic News – Primates In Trouble
10-26-07 Technology Review – Next-Generation Sports Doping
10-26-07 Wired – IMAP, YouMAP, WeMAP Mail Protocol’s Proponents Argue For Better Support
10-28-07 Maui News – Board Urges Mandatory Cuts, But Water Director Holds Off
10-28-07 SFGate.com – Cepheid Inc. Of Sunnyvale To Help Defeat Dangerous ‘Superbug’
10-29-07 eWeek – New Group Joins Russians In Evil PDF Attack
10-29-07 eWeek – Price Of MIT Professor’s ‘$100 Laptop’ Hits $200
10-29-07 New York Times – Hulu Readies Its Online TV, Dodging The Insults
10-29-07 New York Times – Supreme Court To Review Damages In Oil Spill
10-30-07 New York Times – Study Looks At Suicide In Veterans
10-30-07 USA Today – Exercise Builds Strong Brains, Too
10-30-07 USA Today – Standardized High School Exit Exams Put States To The Test
10-31-07 eWeek – Google’s Dataspaces Technology Dings PageRank
10-31-07 eWeek – Tech Bills Advance In Congress
10-31-07 Los Angeles Times – Bogus E-mail Seeks Contributions For Fire Victims
10-31-07 San Jose Mercury News – Privacy Groups Challenge Social Networking Plans
10-31-07 Technology Review – Terabyte Storage For Cell Phones
10-31-07 USA Today – Fire Charges Considered Against Calif Boy
10-31-07 USA Today – Sex Offenders Claim Homeless Status, Bypass Calif Law
10-31-07 Wired – Privacy Groups Ask For Online ‘Do Not Track’ List

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Maui Pops Orchestra

Posted by delta on 30th October 2007

The 28th & 29th (Kids Show) at the MACC. This was fun, we got to do some fun-creative stuff to make this show happen and the orchestra worked with us all the way. I’m sure the audience had fun at all three shows…

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Master of Rythm

Posted by delta on 28th October 2007

This was a one-nighter on the 27th at the MACC. If you are into modern tap dancing this is the show for you. I don’t have anything negative to say about it, I just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time – if I would have been, it would have been a great show…

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World Classic Rockers

Posted by delta on 19th October 2007

This one ran from October 14th-18th at the Grand Wailea Ballroom. Basically I was the ute for the video set and strike and camera for the show…

Great talent! We had The World Classic Rockers in full effect. I have done probably 10 shows with these guys in the last few years, and let me tell ya something, they were on that night! I don’t know what’s up, but they were really rockin’. Had a blast with our three camera shoot (the musicians were really playing to the cameras). At the after party I ran into their TD – ends up that two of my best buddies are two of his oldest surviving friends (he hadn’t seen either of them in 15-20 years). So we had a great time playing jokes on our buddies for the last few weeks…

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2nd Annual Ukulele Festival

Posted by delta on 15th October 2007

I was able to do this show yesterday! Originally, I was slated to be at the Grand Wailea for a Video setup with Staging Solutions, but that call time got changed to 17:00. Very stoked, I was able to run the stage for the Fest (I was there till 16:00). All was well when I left with only the last three bands to go…

Funny thing, when I got to the Grand Wailea, half my Video Crew had iPhones. I think it’s funny that people are just buying these for the “cool” factor. None of them actually use these things to their potential. The funniest thing of all is that “the next one” will always be better, and so on, and so on, and so on – and when “the next one” comes out, if they get it they will have to re-up for another two year contract with AT&T.

I always wait till at least the third generation for apple products. By the 3rd Gen the bugs are worked out, the feature set I was looking for when the product originally came out is usually standard, and, best of all (as far as this product is concerned) by the 3rd generation it will no longer be an AT&T thing…

I gotta say one thing, The Edge Network is screamingly slow. If I were to get something right now, it would probably be the iPod Touch. With the iPod Touch, I don’t have to worry about the AT&T Network (I have wi-fi everywhere I go anyway), and, as far as apps go, I can write my own into my website and just provide links to them on my homepage (an example of this is the “Netscape Color Chart” to the left – just write the app and incorporate it into your website)…

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