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Real History

Posted by delta on 6th June 2010

So, a few weeks ago, I was watching the news and they were talking about Texas and how the School Board over there was going to change the History Curriculum.  I haven’t seen what they are changing it to, but I saw the arguments on both sides – I’m not sure which side I would be on cause I don’t know what they are teaching the kids now…

I recently bought “America: The Story of Us” on iTunes (I get a lot of History stuff in there) after reading the Customer Reviews.  All the reviews were really positive, but after watching the series I was really depressed – these people think this is a good series on the History of America?!?!?  It’s a Cliff Note version of what we natives call “White History.”

What I do know is that the history I was taught was completely incorrect (basically, “America: The Story Of Us” in book form).  As a Native American, who has studied the History of Native American’s my whole life, I knew what I was being taught was incorrect as I was in the class – but I memorized it well enough to pass the test and let it go.  Problem is, all the kids around me saw it as “The Truth.”

For the History Channel buffs,  we got a “America: The Story of Us” version of what should be a combination of the series’ “500 Nations”, “American Experience: We Shall Remain”, “Founding Fathers & Founding Brothers”, “The Revolution”, “The Presidents”, a few “Digging For the Truth”‘s, a few “History Channel Specials” and much-much more…

We got gipped of an education!

Anyway, I came up with a Video Curriculum for my kids – which teaches them American History from as many view points as possible.  I did the same with World History.  The cool thing about it is that watching it sparks curiosity which sparks the want of reading in the kids – so they can look for and read the info themselves…

I haven’t seen a history text book for many years – my kids are home-schooled – but I’m willing to bet my kids know a lot more than the parakeets the same age who are simply regurgitating the incorrect version of history from a single source looking at it from a single view point…

Here they are, if you wanna check them out:

World History

American History

If you’re wondering how they are in the order they are in, check out the next two links. They are the same lists with the dates and descriptions. I watched them several times to get the dates right and put them in my play lists in the correct order…

World History by Date

American History by Date

I actually do not have cable in my home. My T.V.’s only input is my iPod which has these two playlists in it. This is the only thing any of us really watch in our house…

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