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World Classic Rockers

Posted by delta on October 19th, 2007

This one ran from October 14th-18th at the Grand Wailea Ballroom. Basically I was the ute for the video set and strike and camera for the show…

Great talent! We had The World Classic Rockers in full effect. I have done probably 10 shows with these guys in the last few years, and let me tell ya something, they were on that night! I don’t know what’s up, but they were really rockin’. Had a blast with our three camera shoot (the musicians were really playing to the cameras). At the after party I ran into their TD – ends up that two of my best buddies are two of his oldest surviving friends (he hadn’t seen either of them in 15-20 years). So we had a great time playing jokes on our buddies for the last few weeks…

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