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  • Archive for February, 2007

    Doobie Brothers…

    Posted by delta on 28th February 2007

    Very nice production team, and the band is very cool as well. I
    forgot these guys were here just a few months ago (when it gets busy
    in this business, one year just seems like one long day). My days
    have been blended together now since September. Sorry I haven’t been
    keeping you guys up2date on the latest…

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    Finally ready to rock!

    Posted by delta on 28th February 2007

    Makes me happy to have this up again…

    I’m doing the Doobie Brothers for a corporate conference tomorrow, so I really wouldn’t have had the time to mess with it for another day. Today was the only time I really had and it got done! WordPress is really a great program guys!

    Kind of a cool thing on the side. Last week I did two shows for Jose Feliciano, followed on the third day by Stevie Nix, and now I have the Doobie Brothers tomorrow. Kind of a cool trend floating the Maui way right now – hope it keeps up. Come to think of it, I worked a Michael McDonald show at the Ritz Kapalua last month…

    Only thing that bites is that they were all corporate shows – so the public didn’t even know they were happening. Most of the shows I’ve done this year have been corporate…

    The only public shows I’ve done so far this year were:
    The Mercedes-Benz Championship in Kapalua
    The Shanghai Circus at the MACC
    Henry Kapono at the MACC
    Barefoot Natives at the MACC
    Keali`i Reichel at the MACC
    Anti-Gravity at the MACC

    Other than the six above, I can’t think of any “For Public” event that I’ve done this year (yet) worth mentioning. But it’s only the first two months of 2007, it will all pan out…

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    February 2007 News

    Posted by delta on 27th February 2007

    7th BBC – Hackers Attack Heart Of The Internet
    8th eWeek – Wayne’s Old Computer Gets Vista
    8th Time – The Federal Job Machine
    9th ComputerWorld – Cybersecurity Chief Lays Out Guidance
    12th BusinessWeek – Intel Builds Fastest Chip Ever
    14th WashingtonPost – Latest Breach Compromises Veterans Data
    15th eWeek – Storm Worm Touches Down On IM
    15th WashingtonPost – Better To Stop Data Thieves Cold
    16th BBCNews – Home Network Security Scrutinised
    18th Economist – Betting The Farm
    19th ComputerWorld – Laughing Matters
    19th USA Today – Cuba Embraces Open Source Software
    23rd CNetNews – Mass Bill Wants Stores To Pay More In Data Breaches
    23rd Time – Microsoft Ruling May Hurt Techs
    25th CNetNews – Flaw Found In Office 2007
    26th Yahoo! – Why Aren’t You Upgrading To Vista?
    27th BusinessWeek – The Bottom Line On Bots
    27th CNetNews – Verizon Wireless Wins Injunction Against Text Spam
    27th eWeek – When Government Sides With The Crackers

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    Finally up and running again…

    Posted by delta on 27th February 2007

    I’m finally up and running again. This is the longest I have went without an outlet since 1995. I kept my old blog in its place, so those of you who would like to check it out for past material can do so…

    Unfortunately, it only has data for the last few years. I lost 10 years of data when upgrading my last weblog. Actually, that’s not the complete truth. I lost my domain and didn’t have a backup of my blog. I owned deltavtech.com for 10 years. When I moved from California to Hawaii, Network Solutions had big time issues making the address change for me. So I waited for the domain to run out so I could buy it with my new address. 5 minutes after it ran out I went to buy it and someone else now owns my domain…

    I’m gonna drop it right there, cause it gets me going somewhere I don’t wanna go right now – besides I don’t have the time right now…

    I have a vodcast coming – I’m gonna do it about the business I’m in and the place I live – most people would agree, both are great topics…

    I’m an A/V Tech on the island of Maui who works in every venue on the island, so I have a lot of great shots for you guys. My specialty is on the computer and video side of the business, so you know I won’t put crap on my vlog…

    Basically, I’ll show you who the guys are (and what they do), what the venues look like (and provide tech specs), the equipment we use (and who owns it) and what shows we’ve done most recently. I think it will be a great marketing tool for all of us…

    Talk to ya soon,

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