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    N. Kihei Rd at dusk

    Posted by delta on 23rd March 2009

    Friday, we went out (the whole fam) for my sons B-Day.  We came home just after sunset, and as we were turning from Piilani Hwy to N.Kihei Rd I started rolling my window up and told everyone else to do the same.  They did, looking at me strangely (I’m always hot, so they knew something funky was about to happen)…

    I said, “Look into the headlights of the oncoming traffic.”  Everyone did, and all they could see was bugs.

    Then I said, “Look to the sides of the road.  See those baby tornados?  Those are bugs too.”  Everyone looked and started grossing out – my wife, her sister, and our three kids…

    At that time the bugs started hitting the windshield and everyone really started grossing out – my wife realized why the front of my truck now was full of bugs and I never bothered washing it.  I drive this route, at this time of day, at least 3 times a week…

    Anyway, all of that to setup what happened to me the next day (Saturday).  Everyone in the fam had been sick throughout the last week, I finally woke up with a sore throat and minor “chills” on Saturday morning.  I went to work – we had a setup for a fairly good sized show that I was TD’ing and had to call Sunday morning (so I had to be there).  05:00-19:00, so long day while being sick – but we got it done.  Totally needing a bed, and feeling like crap, I headed home…

    While at the light from Piilani Hwy to N. Kihei Rd, a convertible pulled up next to me (obviously a tourist couple going to Lahaina).  I stuck my head out and told them, “the sun is down, you may want to put that top up on this road.”  They totally gave me attitude, so I decided not to tell them why…

    I didn’t want to be behind them, so I sped up to get in front of them…

    Seriously, without a doubt, one of the funniest moments of my life!  In my rear view mirror I’m watching this guy swerve all over the place and his wife’s hands going nuts getting the bugs out of her hair…

    At the end of the road, we were both waiting to turn (me right, and them left).  I looked over at them.  Never have I seen such a funny sight!  I can’t even explain it to you.  They both looked at me, tears in their eyes, they and their car covered in bugs, all I said was, “The only smart thing you did in the last 5 minutes was to not stop.  Have a nice night!”

    Talk about cheering me up.  I was laughing all the way home!  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple – they really were rude when I tried to warn them…

    Never has payback been so immediate, and so funny!

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