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  • Archive for February, 2010

    Magic Mouse & More Apple Related Topics

    Posted by delta on 10th February 2010

    I love this mouse!  With this little program called “Better Touch Tool” you can make it do many-many-many things that I never thought possible with a mouse.  If you have a new MacBook Pro, you should download that software as well.  It really makes your track pad do a lot of things that the System Preferences won’t…

    Very cool thing happened last week (actually it was the week before that)!  I was doing a show for Apple!  The day that Steve Jobs announced the iPad was their final night.  Pretty cool being able to share in the excitement (as a big time fan of Apple).  I got Apple SWAG too – oh yeah!  I’d tell you what it is, but I don’t want anyone messing with it, so I’m not gonna tell ya…

    I really love this little 13″ MacBook Pro – I can’t say enough about it…

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    Seeing things as they will be…

    Posted by delta on 10th February 2010

    Sorry for not writing in here for a while (I write quite frequently in FB)…

    Anyway, had something interesting to share cause I’ve been asked many times lately how I am able to get things done so quickly without really trying (at least it appears that way to the people asking).  There’s really two factors:  the first is how I “see” things and the second is that I just get it done. Let me explain, and I’ll start off by saying that, my way of “seeing” things is not seeing them as they are, but as they will be.  I have a saying (that I probably stole from someone else, but can’t remember who) that “it’s all about the prep”.  It really is…

    Example 1:  Before I start writing code I can actually see the GUI and functionality in my brain. I can see the GUI/functionality of it as I’m writing it although all I can actually see with my eyes is the code. I’m sure many people who write code can “see” the same thing I am “seeing” – I just never asked anyone.  Above and beyond that, I always write things in that aren’t necessarily requested/needed for now but may be in the future (so if I need to add functionality two months from now, I merely have to activate the code – it’s already there)…

    Example 2:  When setting up a show, before I even walk in the room I have a picture in my head of the end product. Everything! I “see” where every speaker, projector, light, piece of truss, cable run, hang point, P&D, etc will go because the picture of the show is in my head. I’m not just thinking about Audio, Video, or Lighting – the whole picture is in my head (often the end result is 90% of what I thought it would be, the other 10% is from others doing what they do).  Above and beyond that, I always add things that may be requested (such a POD power and VGA)…

    Anyway, that’s how I “see”.   As I’m doing something I have a picture of the end product in my head and just work toward that – then I add things that I think may come up – I just get it done man.  That’s how I do it…

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