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  • Archive for April, 2008

    Kalama Park Gig – ???

    Posted by delta on 29th April 2008

    Just found these pics that my wife took of a show we did in Kalama park about 5 years ago. I remember that the sponsor of the show was Calvary Chapel Kihei, but can’t remember the name of the show…   

    Funny thing happened on Day 2. I was uncovering the speakers and my wife came to bring lunch with the kids. My little girl heard my voice as we talked but she kept looking around – she couldn’t see me.

    I kept saying, “Lele up here!”…

    Finally, she saw the cover flapping and my semi-struggle to bring it in. She kept saying, “Daddy, come down” – it was kinda funny, but not really. This is the first time she saw me at work and I was in the air, she was kinda freaking about it.

    But something good came out of it – she never lets me go to work without a hug and a kiss now…

    The bottom pick here was taken later that night…


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    Video/Photo Cameras for mauitech.tv

    Posted by delta on 27th April 2008

    I think I have it down to the following three cameras. I need something I can put in my pocket, or in a small “thingy” attached to my belt, so I can shoot at any given time. This thing needs to be with me 24/7, easy to use for both photo and video, and be easy to download to my computer…

    I think I found my three:

    sanyoxactihd1000.jpg sanyoxactivpc-hd2.jpg sanyoxactivpc-hd700.jpg
    Sanyo Xacti HD 1000 Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD700

    Has anyone ever used of heard anything about any of these? I’d like some user info if anyone has any…

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    #3 has arrived!!!

    Posted by delta on 27th April 2008

    alana.jpg Our little girl was born yesterday! April 26th…

    Anna woke me up at 09:00, by 10:00 she was having contractions every 3 minutes at 60 seconds a pop so I called her mom (to watch the kids) and the midwife and starting setting up the birthing area in our room…

    I laid out the flooring got the pool ready just as my mother-in-law arrived (at 10:35 or so), she took the kids into their rooms, and at 10:39, just as the pool was full enough to get into, Anna got into it and the baby was born two minutes later…

    Initially, the baby somehow turned last minute and her heel was showing (somehow stuck).  I pulled her heel back to expose the whole left foot and immediately the baby came out into my hands – IT’S A GIRL!

    Very cool how it happened!

    Our midwife must have been parking when the baby came out because she was in the room just a few minutes later…

    Anna and Baby (Alana) are doing very well. Alana was exactly 8 lbs and 20 inches long – the pic to the left was shot about an hour after the birth… 

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    Chicago @ MACC

    Posted by delta on 26th April 2008

    We set this one up on the 24th and finished on the morning of the 25th…

    Ran spot for the show and just finished striking it…

    I didn’t really hear much of the show – my spot was the busiest spot and (as always), LD had his mic open the whole night (so all I could hear was his voice and the blare of the music behind it), and I was wearing double muffs with ear plugs (the ones I have block out everything but voices, so I can hear the guy talking to me)…


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    Xerox @ Kea Lani

    Posted by delta on 23rd April 2008

    I was the Project Manager for AVS on this one, which ran from the 6th to the 20th…

    A special thanks to Doug and Greg for slipping my name to Gary and Heather.

    Basically it was four waves for their Presidents Club. Everything went well – and I can’t say much more about the actual show beyond that. “The New Project” was the talent for the Gala night – I enjoy working with that group…

    The Kea Lani actually has a good team going on over there now! Dan is gone, and a very good guy (Rock) took his place. That place is actually a nice place to work nowadays. This is my second gig there in the last few months and a lot has changed for the good…

    Anyway, I was totally bummed that I didn’t get to work with Jim and Larry on Oahu (cause my wife is ready to give birth any day and I need to stay on Maui), but this show really worked out well for me…

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