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July 2007 News

Posted by delta on 31st July 2007

07-02-07 Business Week – MySpace, Facebook A Tale Of Two Cultures
07-02-07 Business Week – Taking The iPhone Apart
07-02-07 CNET – Top Executives Face Personalized E-Mail Attacks
07-03-07 BBC – Blackstone Buys Hilton For $26bn
07-03-07 BBC – Mexican ‘World’s Richest Person’
07-06-07 eWeek – Norwegian Hacker Says He Can Bypass AT&T On iPhone
07-10-07 BBC – Sausage Additive Linked To Cancer
07-10-07 BBC – U.S. Could Approve Clones As Food
07-10-07 Economist – Oil An Unwelcome Rise
07-11-07 Baltimore Sun – Allied Kept Mum On Arsenic
07-11-07 Business Week – More Heartache For Housing
07-11-07 CNN – $80 Oil Lurks
07-11-07 CNN – Bogus Company Got License For Nuke Materials
07-11-07 Yahoo! – Kids Living Near School Rarely Walk There
07-11-07 ZDNet – Mac OSX With 100 Bugs Still Safer Than Windows
07-12-07 Baltimore Sun – Nanotechnology Can Be Found In Everyday Products
07-12-07 BBC – Royalty Fee ‘To Damage Net Radio’
07-12-07 Information Week – Bots Helped To Boost Microsoft Live Search Gains
07-12-07 Information Week – Criminals Google ‘How To Open Safe’ In Middle Of Burglary
07-12-07 Information Week – Secret Service Busts Four Fraudsters With Ties To T.J. Maxx Attack
07-12-07 Information Week – Who’s Fighting Identity Theft
07-12-07 New York Times – For Athletes, An Invisible Traffic Hazard
07-12-07 Time – Russia Claims The North Pole
07-12-07 Washington Post – Site Plans To Sell Hacks To Highest Bidder
07-12-07 Washington Post – Sting Reveals Security Gap At Nuclear Agency
07-12-07 WebMD – Italian Diet Secrets
07-12-07 Wired – The Evolutionary Brain Glitch That Makes Terrorism Fail
07-13-07 BBC – The Fight Against Net Crime
07-13-07 Internet News – Bad Week For Wireless Incumbents
07-13-07 Internet News – Now PDF Is The Format For Spam Delivery
07-14-07 Information Week – The Data Theft Time Bomb
07-15-07 Washington Post – Climate Change Debate Hinges On Economics
07-16-07 BBC – Global Broadband Prices Revealed
07-16-07 CNET – Wireless USB Gadgets Trickle Into Marketplace
07-16-07 Computer World – An Enterprise PC Shop Switches To Apple
07-16-07 Computer World – No Breakthrough Yet In Efforts To Unlock The iPhone
07-16-07 Forbes – The Top Countries For Cybercrime
07-16-07 Information Week – Criminals Using Botnet To Attack iPhone Buyers
07-16-07 Information Week – The Threat Within
07-16-07 Washington Post – DHS Plagued By Turnover In Top Positions
07-16-07 Wired – Emotion-Recognition Software Knows What Makes You Smile
07-19-07 Business Week – Clearwire And Sprint Racing Ahead
07-20-07 Business Week – Google May Bid Billions On Wireless
07-23-07 News.com – Feds Scramble To Meet Data Breach Deadline
07-24-07 eWeek – Congress P2P Networks Harm National Security
07-24-07 Information Week – Storm Worm Erupts Into Worst Virus Attack In 2 Years
07-25-07 Business Week – The New Wireless Playing Field
07-25-07 Time – Obesity Is Contagious
07-27-07 Business Week – Sprint Nextel Last In CustomerService
07-27-07 Technology Review – Building A Better Search Engine
07-27-07 Technology Review – Thin Film’s Time In The Sun
07-31-07 Computer Shopper – Wisair Launches New Wireless USB Chips
07-31-07 eWeek – A Google Wireless Auction Win Will Let Freedom Ring

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iPhone Hack for no-AT&T

Posted by delta on 13th July 2007

The link below lists the four hacks to activate the iPhone without signing on with AT&T. Believe it or not, most of the people I know who bought the iPhone bought it for everything other than the cell phone. Anyway, these are the ways they were able to activate the iPhone without signing up for AT&T’s phone service…

Alternate iPhone Activation Methods To Bypass AT&T

Me…? I’m gonna wait for a while to see if an iPhone type device comes out – hopefully it will have a screen about the size of an average piece of paper – if it doesn’t, I’ll buy a modbook (look under “Gadget Check” to the right)…

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Posted by delta on 3rd July 2007

You know, I was gonna get two of these things. One for myself and one for my wife. We are with Nextel right now and ever since Sprint bought them the whole thing has went to crap…

I was stoked when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. It appeared to have everything we needed, and it looked like it was gonna save us a little money too. but the most important reasons for getting an iPhone have dissappeared…

1) We pay $120/mo for our existing thing and we have direct connect (which you can’t beat when wanting to talk to each other quickly). Initially, it looked like the iPhone was going to save us money because the monthly was only going to be $80 for the both of us. Once the iPhone came out, suddenly an astericks appeared next to the “Monthly Price” and when you look down is says the following:
“*Price reflects one line. A minimum of two lines are required. Additional iPhone lines are $29.99 each. Family plans for two iPhones start at $109.99.”
So much for saving money on the monthly bill…

2) Another thing which suddenly appeared when they went for sale is the fact that they force you to buy a data plan. I have wireless access everywhere I go, why do I need to buy this? Why can’t I just get a regular family plan and use my existing wireless networks?

3) It doesn’t come with a case/cover. So, what? You have to carry it around in your pocket?

4) I think I like the idea of using a pen better than the idea of using your finger. If it was a tablet sized device, then yeah, it would work – cause it would only be used on breaks (after I have my hands washed) anyway. But a phone that I have to touch on the face to use, just won’t work for me. Mainly for two reasons…
The first is because, in my business, my hands are always getting dirty and I would be afraid to touch the damn thing for fear of mucking it up (it would be covered in dirt by midday). I wash my hands (if water is available to us) at least once an hour (yeah they get that dirty), but I simply would not be able to pick this thing up and talk on it (or make a phone call) in the middle of something (which we do quite a bit cause we need someone to deliver this or that) without first finding a place to wash my hands (which can be quite a hike if you’re out in the middle of a golf course setting up a concert). My phone usually rings when I’m 25-50ft in the air hanging a projector/speaker – I can’t stop, get down, wash my hands, and answer the phone…
Secondly, aside from not being able to see the screen after mid-morning, this thing has no protection – if dropped on it’s face, or if you use the wrong soap or hand lotion, the screen will be dead. If you get grease on your hands, then you’ll kill the thing – I know a few mechanics who are gonna be pissed when they kill their phones after a week. The thing is way too delicate…

5) If I get an Axiotron Modbook I would save myself money. Figure this:
$110/mo for 24 months = $2640
plus 2 iPhones at $600 = $1200
Add the two = $3840
Why in the hell would I want an iPhone when I can have almost two ModBooks for the same price?

6) It syncs contacts, calendars, and bookmarks from your computer to iPhone and from iPhone to your computer (so if you add, change, or delete them on iPhone, they are changed on your computer, and vice versa); but email account settings, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and photos are synced one-way, from your computer to iPhone (though you can import photos taken with iPhone to your computer).
My main reason for getting this devide would be to not have to bring my laptop with me on the road. I can check my email, download my podcasts, and tv shows and do all the things I have to do, and when I get home I can sync it to my computer – and when working from home I can do what I do and before leaving I can sync it to my iPhone. I don’t need this to go one-way (from computer to iPhone), I need this to go both ways…

7) From the get-go, I was hoping that Apple would come out with something similiar; but, hold the phone part. I don’t need/want the phone part of this equation, and I really don’t know anyone who does. I want something in the form of a tablet with a larger screen, full OSX OS, full bays for peripherals, and the same type of multi-touch functionality. Basically, I want a modbook made by Apple, with multi-touch capability…

8) You know the one they announce in January is gonna have everyone who bought one this last week kicking themselves for spending $600 on a paper weight…

9) AT&T is the carrier – need I say more?

10) AT&T’s Edge Network – whatever…

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Posted by delta on 3rd July 2007

I finally joined MySpace last week. Kinda cool…

Found some old friends, found some bands that I deal with regularly, and found some groups which give me good info. In one week I have gotten 2 gigs and 6 job offers (none of which I took cause I want my month off right now and I’m happy here in Maui)…

You can check out my listing at http://www.myspace.com/deltavtech

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Geneology – Ready, Aim…

Posted by delta on 3rd July 2007

Man, this stuff is time consuming!

I’m following my Granma’s family right now (my dad’s mom). I got her mother’s family down – not hard when you have the wills and birth certificates for 100+ years.
My problem: no one knows the first name of her father – my dad never knew his real grandfather (he was out of the picture before my dad was even born). My Dad thinks his name was Samuel (Salzmann/Salzman was his last name). I have a Social Security record for a Samuel Salzmann (b. December 31st, 1888 and d. in Feb 1983) issued in Iowa. But I have no way of proving this was my grandmothers dad – this is the only info I can find on the guy.
I do, however, have my grandmothers-grandparents names: Louis Salzmann and Maria Hoffman. I have the original baptism certificate from Rock Island, Illinois, that states the birth of Roy Louis Salzmann on December 26, 1892, and his baptism on February 12, 1893. I believe this man to be my Granma’s uncle Roy (who she always said I was built like)…
I have, and can find, no other records of these people – if anyone out there can help, please slip me an email…
My next move is to send my Birth Cert, and my fathers to Rock Island and request my grandmothers (her parents should be listed, hopefully)…

Another snag, which occured when I was dealing with the above issue, is that a fellow geneologist has come across papers which may prove that David H. (my grandfather’s grandfather) Hakes’ father was not Holmes Hakes, but the adopted son of Holmes. The papers she has, which she is sending to me as I write this, may solidify something I have been trying to figure out for 20 years. I kinda always suspected that Almeda Riggs could have been David’s mom. It is now fact that she had a previous marriage to a Samuel Tisdale, they divorced rather quickly, and then she had a baby. The info is unclear at this point – I’ll have to read the documents once I get them.
She is also sending me the Wills of both Holmes and Almeda – and, she said, by the way they are written it appears that David was not Holmes’ natural son and that he was in fact Almeda’s natural son…
In any case, I had done some research on Samuel Tisdale previously. All I have on him is that he was married to Almeda Riggs (either Aug 2nd, 1838 or Jan 18th, 1839 depending on the source) and Susy Ann Swiney (Oct 8th, 1843) – I also have the divorce documents which will take me time to read the writting…
He may be of the Cherokee Tisdale’s from Kentucky – I had come across this info when checking him out previously – but we’ll see…

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