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    November 2007 News

    Posted by delta on 30th November 2007

    11-01-07 Los Angeles Times – U.S. Looks To Move From Internet Slow Lane
    11-01-07 SF Gate – Forum To Focus On Online Privacy
    11-01-07 San Jose Mercury News – U.S. Tops Survey Of Most Competitive World Economies
    11-01-07 USA Today – Nuclear Plant Contractor Had Pipe Bomb
    11-01-07 Wired – Google Aims To Break Open The Closed World Of Social Networking
    11-01-07 Wired – How Will Apple Spend Its Cash
    11-01-07 Wired – Superfast Laser Turns Virus Into Rubble
    11-01-07 Wired – Vroom, Vroom-Formula 1 Orders Teams To Go Green
    11-02-07 eWeek – Sprint Considering Changing Course On WiMax
    11-02-07 National Geographic News – One In Three European Freshwater Fish Face Extinction
    11-02-07 New York Times – Employment Report Shows 166,000 Gain In Jobs
    11-02-07 NOAA – NOAA Launches National Marine Debris Education Effort
    11-02-07 San Jose Mercury News – Payrolls Grow By 166,000 In October, Jobless Rate Holds Steady
    11-03-07 Maui News – Plan Would Cut Fees, Boost Affordable Housing
    11-03-07 USA Today – Cargill Recalls 1 Million Pounds Of Beef
    11-03-07 USA Today – States Need New Place For Radioactive Waste
    11-04-07 Maui News – Judge To Be Asked To Let Ship Sail Ferry
    11-04-07 Maui News – Renewable Not The Same As Sustainable
    11-04-07 New York Times – Devices Enforce Cellular Silence, Sweet But Illegal
    11-05-07 National Geographic News – Volcano Theory Of Dino Die-Off Gets New Support
    11-05-07 SF Gate – Google Dialing For Dollars With Free Cell Phone Software Package
    11-05-07 SF Gate – Tech Has Taken Off In The Past Decade
    11-06-07 CNN – Cops Find Themselves In Arms Race With Criminals
    11-06-07 Los Angeles Times – Google Hopes To Conquer The Wireless World
    11-06-07 Maui News – Governor Signs Bill For Ferry To Sail
    11-06-07 National Geographic News – Fish Lives In Logs, Breathing Air, For Months At A Time
    11-07-07 Maui News – Preliminary Round Today In Superferry Legal Wrangle
    11-07-07 New York Times – Causes Of Death Are Linked To A Person’s Weight
    11-07-07 SF Gate – Former AT&T Worker Details Federal Internet Spying In S.F.
    11-07-07 SF Gate – New Record Low For Dollar
    11-07-07 SF Gate – Quality Inspector Sues GM, Toyota Over Retaliation In Fremont Plant
    11-07-07 USA Today – Free Online Materials Could Save Schools Billions
    11-07-07 USA Today – Sen Grassley Probes Televangelists’ Finances
    11-07-07 Wired – Enviros Challenge Dumping Urea In Ocean To Sink Carbon
    11-08-07 CNN – Changing Media Landscape Takes Center Stage In Strike
    11-08-07 eWeek – Businesses Still In No Rush To Upgrade To Windows Vista
    11-08-07 Maui News – Pipe Oozes Oil In Harbor
    11-08-07 New York Times – Fed Chairman Says Economy Likely To Slow
    11-09-07 CNN – Oil Discovery Rocks Brazil
    11-09-07 eWeek – Hackers Scam Thousands With Bogus Anti-Spyware Offers
    11-09-07 Los Angeles Times – Oil Oozes In San Francisco Bay After Ship Hits Bridge
    11-09-07 Men’s Health – Stop Blaming Saturated Fat
    11-09-07 New York Times – Rising Demand For Oil Provokes New Energy Crisis
    11-10-07 Los Angeles Times – Clearwire, Sprint Cancel Wireless Deal
    11-10-07 Los Angeles Times – Security Consultant Admits To Hijacking PCs To Use In Crimes
    11-12-07 CIO Insight – Cyber Bullies On The Prowl
    11-12-07 eWeek – Botnet Herder Pleads Guilty To Massive PayPal Scam
    11-12-07 National Geographic News – Oil Spill In Black Sea Strait May Be Worst In Years
    11-12-07 USA Today – UN – Ignoring Global Warming Is Criminally Irresponsible
    11-13-07 eWeek – SCO Guilty Of Lying About Unix Code In Linux
    11-13-07 Maui News – Panel OKs Bill To Waive Fees On Affordable Housing
    11-13-07 Maui News – Zoning For Hospital Site On West Side Recommended
    11-13-07 National Geographic News – Hydrogen Gas Made From Renewable Organic Material
    11-13-07 New York Times – After Fires, Homeowners Feel An Insurance Pinch
    11-13-07 New York Times – Bad Behavior Does Not Doom Pupils
    11-13-07 Technology Review – Stopping Cars With Radiation
    11-14-07 CNN – Researcher Sets Saltwater On Fire
    11-14-07 eWeek – Thousands Of Unprotected Databases Litter The Internet
    11-14-07 SF Gate – Ripple Effect Of Foreclosures Touch Entire Communities
    11-14-07 Technology Review – Carbon-Dioxide Plastic Gets Funding
    11-14-07 Technology Review – Improving Fuel Cells For Cars
    11-15-07 Maui News – Cardoza Clears Ferry’s Way
    11-15-07 National Geographic News – Cooling Begins For “Doomsday” Seed Bank
    11-15-07 Wired – Did NSA Put A Secret Backdoor In New Encryption Standard
    11-15-07 Wired – Hackers Use Banner Ads On Major Sites To Hijack Your PC
    11-17-07 Maui News – Coast Guard Looking Into Loose Barge
    11-17-07 National Geographic News – Dire Global Warming Forecast Issued By UN Panel
    11-17-07 Wired – Welcome To The Age Of Genomics
    11-18-07 San Jose Mercury News – ‘Sense Of Urgency’ On Global Warming
    11-18-07 San Jose Mercury News – Japanese Whaling Industry Struggles As Hostility Grows
    11-19-07 eWeek – Vista Worries Cause Businesses To Consider Macs And Linux
    11-19-07 New York Times – Critics Assail Weak Dollar At OPEC Event
    11-19-07 OC Register – HB Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
    11-19-07 Technology Review – A Wiring Diagram Of The Brain
    11-19-07 Technology Review – Superstrong Carbon-Nanotube Fibers
    11-20-07 eWeek – Senators Raise Google-DoubleClick Questions
    11-20-07 SF Gate – Bay Area Real Estate Symposium Forecasts More Gloom
    11-21-07 CNN – Apology As Data On Millions Lost
    11-21-07 eWeek – Securing The Laptop – Mission Impossible
    11-21-07 USA Today – MO City Passes Internet Harassment Measure
    11-22-07 CNN – ‘Al Qaeda Rolodex’ Found In Iraq
    11-22-07 CNN – Saudi Government – Rape Victim Had Illegal Affair
    11-25-07 Maui News – Increased Security Too Late For Victim Of Attack
    11-25-07 NY Times – As Democrats See Iraq Gains, A Shift In Tone
    11-25-07 NY Times – In Broadway Dispute, Questions Of Fairness
    11-25-07 USA Today – Saudis – Rape Victim Deserved Flogging For Adultery
    11-26-07 NY Times – FCC Chief Seeks Votes To Tighten Cable Rules
    11-27-07 LA Times – Stocks Plunge On Financial System Fears
    11-27-07 SF Gate – Wells Fargo Plunges Into Mortgage Muck
    11-27-07 Technology Review – Cleaner Nuclear Power
    11-28-07 Baseline – Security Breach Costs Jump 30%
    11-28-07 eWeek – Data Breaches Cost More Than Ever
    11-28-07 LA Times – US Not Up To Speed On Broadband
    11-28-07 National Geographic – Indonesia Planting 79 Million Trees
    11-28-07 NY Times – Oil Producers See The World And Buy It Up
    11-28-07 SF Gate – New Software Helps Internet Users Detect Web Interference
    11-28-07 Technology Review – A Working Brain Model
    11-28-07 Technology Review – The Longevity Pill
    11-29-07 CIO Insight – World Faces ‘Cyber Cold War’ Threat
    11-29-07 CNN – Teen Questioned In Computer Hacking Probe
    11-29-07 National Geographic – Fever Outbreak In Italy Linked To Climate Change
    11-29-07 National Geographic – Rats Wipe Out Seabirds On Alaska Island
    11-29-07 SF Gate – Annual US Foreclosure Filings Nearly Double In October
    11-30-07 CNN – Sudan Protesters
    11-30-07 Mercury News – China Disputes McAfee Report Labeling It Cyber Warfare Instigator

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    Mo Tita @ The MACC

    Posted by delta on 19th November 2007

    I ran Cathy Collins Show in the McCoy from the 16th-18th (audio,video, and lighting). She’s a great local comedian/story teller here on the islands – and a great person – so it’s always great to work with her. Of course, she isn’t skimpy on the chocolate as gifts – so, BONUS!

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    Cirque Eloize: Rain @ The MACC

    Posted by delta on 14th November 2007

    Was on the rail with Dave C (one of my favorite people) from the 8th to the 13th. This show was cool.

    I think we actually had the A or B team on this one, cause they were all really good performers – and their riggers were on it!

    The best part? It actually rained on the stage! I won’t tell you how we did it, but “Yes boys and girls! It was real water!”

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    More double-dippage

    Posted by delta on 7th November 2007

    From Nov 1st – 6th, I’ve double dipped everyday. Basically been running between the MACC (Hawaiian Story Telling Fest on the 3rd and a private movie screening last night that I can’t discuss), the Grand Wailea (a corporate gig that I can’t write about), and the Four Seasons (another corporate gig that I can’t write about). Today’s my first day off in a while, so I’m gonna sleep instead of write – been doing 20 hour days…

    I have CIRQUE ELOIZE: RAIN starting up tomorrow, and running till the 13th; I also have KATHY COLLINS: MO’ TITA going from the 16th-18th – should be a fun few weeks…

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