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U.S.N.A. COVID-19 Vaccination Administrative Counseling/Warning

Posted by delta on 19th September 2021

My daughter finally got her orders for forced vaccinations at the Naval Academy. They did not allow her to take the piece of paper they want her to sign with her out of the office, so they would probably hairball if I put the pic she gave me online…

The “SUBJECT” is “COVID-19 Vaccination Administrative Counseling/Warning”…

Not kidding – “Counseling/Warning” – that is the actual term they used. Counseling is typically a form of consultation with open minds and hearts – not what they military is known for. Warning is not a consult, it is a notice. Typically the military will warn you through counsel, but to use the term “Counseling/Warning” is just F***ing with these kids brains. One word or the other would have been just fine and meant the same thing in the eyes of these kids. I will probably have more to say about this at a later date but right now I’m too disgusted to comment. I’m ashamed to be a veteran at the moment – my youth was wasted…

It continues:
1. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech, for the prevention of COVID-19 in individuals 16 years of age or older, and announced the vaccine will be marketed as Comirnaty. Accordingly, the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) has directed full vaccination of all service members in the Armed Forces on active duty or in the ready reserve who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Mandatory vaccination can only use COVID-19 vaccines that receive full licensure from the FDA, in accordance with FDA-approved labeling and guidance. Per FDA’s guidance, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Comirnaty vaccines have the same formulation and are interchangeable; Navy medical providers are authorized to use Pfizer-BioNTech doeses distributed under Emergency Use Authorization to administer mandatory vaccinations.

a) The FDA did not approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which they are trying to give to these kids.
b) The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is still under Emergency Use Authorization, as such, it’s liability waver still holds – they just need to figure out how to pressure you into signing a voluntary consent form – once you do that then you can never sue anyone for anything the vaccine may do to you.
c) The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine absolutely must have the voluntary consent from the individual with no element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion with full informed consent for the individuals participation to be a part of this expermiment – so, basically, this order should never be given
d) There is no long term safety data for either vaccine – therefore, they can not give informed consent – so, basically, this order should never be given
e) The Comirnaty vaccine which was actually approved is not available in the U.S. – and it may never be – it does not have a liability waver. They can lie and back talk all they want – it is not the same thing.
2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine
FDA “full authorization” of Pfizer covid vaccine BROKE THE LAW in numerous ways, agency now complicit in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

2. ALNAV 062/21 and NAVADMIN 190/21 implemented the SECDEF’s mandate for the Department of the Navy (DON) and Navy, respectively.

3. The following information is provided for your consideration:
a. You health and safety are the Navy’s number one concern.
b. The threat from COVID-19 is deadly and real.
c. Vaccination has proven to be the most effective defense against serious illness cause by COVID-19.
d. Administering the COVID-19 vaccine is in the interest of national security and protection of the force. Receiving the vaccine helps protect your family, fellow Sailors and Marines, and associated DON civilians.
e. In accordance with FDA guidance, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Comirnaty vaccines are the same, and can be used interchangeably without any safety or effectiveness concerns.
f. DoD will administer COVID-19 vaccinations consistent with FDA approved dosing schedules and current standards of medical practice. Pfizer-BioNTech and Comirnaty are two dose vaccines, full vaccination is achieved two weeks after completing the second dose.

3a) This is a flat out lie – you are nothing to the Navy – you are a drone who is suppose to do as you’re told – if you die, you die – just get the job done and we’ll remember you well. This is ok though – it’s what we sign up for. Just wish they didn’t lie about it… Don’t get me wrong, we care about each other within our small units, but the Admiral doesn’t give a damn who you are – probably doesn’t even know what you look like…
Mainstream media beginning to question effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines
Nobel Prize Winner Reveals Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’
Fauci ADMITS “antibodies” from COVID-19 vaccines actually make the virus stronger
3b) This is a flat out lie. For the population under the age of 29, if you get COVID-19 you have a survivability rate of 99.99%. If you’re a midshipmen at the Naval Academy who eats three squares a day, cleans daily, showers daily, washes your hands constantly so that your uniform does not get dirty and PT’s every morning then it’s probably higher than that…
Brown U. epidemiologist finds zero hospitalizations from 26,000 positive COVID tests for college students
Up to 90% of PCR Tests for COVID-19 May Be False Positives
3c) This is a flat out lie. Most people hospitalized and dying from COVID-19 are vaccinated. The CDC has stopped accepting and, therefore, the U.S. hospitals have stopped gathering data from the vaccinated as of May 1st – but if you look outside the U.S. you will soon see that the vaccine is doing more damage than COVID-19 itself…
80% of adults in England now have Covid antibodies, ONS survey finds
The Power of Natural Immunity
Delta Variant Could Push U.S. Covid Immunity To 85%, Says Former FDA Head
Natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity
How Long Do Vaccine Protections Last? Science Can’t Say for Sure
Most covid deaths now occurring in “fully vaccinated” people
3d) This is a flat out lie as well. I believe that those in your bubble/world actually believe this to be true though. The vaccine simply does not fight off any of the new variants – so folks are walking around as though they are safe and passing it around to their family and friends…
Holes in reporting of breakthrough Covid cases hamper CDC response
Breakthrough Covid cases: Data shows how many vaccinated Americans have tested positive
Health Ministry says COVID vaccine is only 40% effective at halting transmission
3e) This is a DANGEROUS twist on words – I discussed this in the box above…
3f) This is actually a true statement. There are no current standards of medical practice – physicians are being told what to do by non-physicians – should we let them (completely untrained) drive our boats too?

4. Your Navy medical record indicates you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Unless you have an approved medical or administrative exemption, or a pending exemption request, or you elect the option in paragraph 7 to request and exemption within 10 calendar days of signing this Page 13, you are hereby ordered to become fully vaccinated for COVID-19 no later than 28 November 2021.
Proof of vaccination must be provided to your command no later than the next duty day following vaccination…

So, no mention of religious exemption – you notice that? Did they leave it out to mess with the kids so they would think there was no way to get one?
They couldn’t simply say that the kids need to have their first shot by October 18th and their 2nd shot by November 14th to be fully vaccinated by the November 28th? really? They had to play on words to trip up these poor kids who simply want to serve their country – I can’t believe they’re playing with their heads this much…
These are smart kids – the best of the best – I hope they see the manipulation…

5. This is a lawful order. Refusal to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, absent an approved administrative or medical exemption, will constitute a failure to obey a lawful order and is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and/or may result in administrative action.

This order is fundamentally against international law, the U.S. Constitution and the Nuremburg Code of ethics (which really isn’t an argument because only doctors really pay attention to it – no government ever signed on to it). To be a participant in a research experiment (which is what this is), you must give voluntary consent with no element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion with full informed consent. None of this order abides by any of these things. If you do not sign that piece of paper waving liability then they can not force a shot on you – you may be sent home, but they can do nothing more…
Rep. Mark Green Passes Amendment to Protect Discharge Status for Active-Duty Troops who Refuse the COVID Vaccine
Military Policy Gives Soldiers A Chance to Opt Out of the Vaccine, But The Biden Regime Is Blocking Information To The Troops

How can Congressional Staff and Lawmakers, White House Staff and the Supreme Court Justices and Staff be exempt from this mandate and yet, for the midshipmen and other military personnel, this is a lawful order…? something wrong with that picture…?

The folks at the top of the chain of command, the ones giving these orders, are so old that they will not live to see the repercussions of this order nor answer for giving the order when the Supreme Court finally slaps this thing down. This will take a while as it takes a while for all the lawsuits to get to that level, but once they do there will be nothing but deafening silence – because everyone who took the shot to become part of this experiment signed a liability waver – so, unless the Supreme Court slaps down those liability wavers, nothing can legally be done.
The folks in the middle of the command structure are just trying not to lose their retirement or their little piece of power. Unfortunately, in this circumstance, they are cowards – and this goes against their very nature. These people are heroes for standing between you and the bad guys everyday of their career, but not in this case. In this case, they will not search for the truth and will remain willfully ignorant – they don’t want to know the truth. Even if they find it and are against this thing, they will not stand up for you – they won’t even stand up for themselves or their own families. They will not stand up for what is right. They will not support and defend the constitution of the United states against all enemies if it stands in the way of their retirement check or the power they hunger for. They will not listen to, nor look for, any information which does not perpetuate the prejudice they need to have to make this order legitimate in their brains… They need it to be legitimate – their head would explode if it wasn’t… They will never take responsibility, nor be held responsible, for giving this order – and they will do what they need to do, believe what they need to believe, to justify this to themselves…

In the long run, we will all answer to God for that which we did or did not do. I feel sorry for the folks who know this is wrong and are doing it anyway. How are they going to answer for that? “I was just following orders” didn’t work for the Nazi’s, it will not work for them. Pray for all these folks when you get the chance – they’re going to need it…

I’m so pissed at how they are trying to manipulate these kids – all of them – all military personnel are kids to an old man – at times, I feel they are all my kids…

If my kid reads this – if they do not give you an exemption there will be a plane ticket waiting for you at the airport of your choice to go anywhere you want between there and here – just “say when”. Make sure they dot all their “i’s” and cross all their “t’s” on their separation papers first so you don’t get busted – and then call when you have those papers in your hand… I’d actually recommend the train across country – it may be the last time you get to see it all before they shut it all down for good… Take some time and take it all in – so you can tell your children and grandchildren what that last trip across America was like…

Here’s some other headlines that may be of interest:
Dr. Robert Young Finds Graphene Oxide in All Four Vaccines and Other Disturbing Ingredients
Grocery workers were on the front lines of the pandemic — so why so many still unvaccinated?
Portland will not enforce citywide vaccine mandate on police force
Detroit hospital system sued over COVID vaccine mandate
Boys more at risk from Pfizer jab side-effect than Covid, suggests study
LAPD employees sue city over vaccination mandate
LAPD Employees Sue City As Police Across U.S. Rally Against Covid Vaccine Mandates
Medical professionals sue NY state over vaccine mandate

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Here we go!!!

Posted by delta on 14th September 2021

If it doesn’t play for you, go to:

They wouldn’t do this unless they had the information/data already. They just want to ask people in for a few questions and catch them in a lie… You can’t lie to Congress, so a few folks are either going to have to fess up to what they’ve done or spend some time in jail…

This was a week ago and I hadn’t heard nor seen a word of this in any type of media – talk about blocking information…

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