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June 2007 News

Posted by delta on 30th June 2007

06-01-07 BBC – EU ‘Must Walk Its Climate Talk’
06-03-07 BBC – Nations Meet To Protect Wildlife
06-04-07 BBC – UN Warning Over Global Ice Loss
06-04-07 Business Week – Faking Out The Fakers
06-04-07 Business Week – Why Gas Prices Will Stay High
06-04-07 Seeking Alpha – Apple And Google Technology’s New Leadership
06-04-07 Technology Review – 3-D Web Surfing From SpaceTime
06-04-07 Wired – Cyber Laws To Crack Down On Botnets, Spyware
06-05-07 Information Week – 40% Don’t Monitor Databases
06-05-07 Information Week – Public In The Dark About 95% Of Software Bugs
06-06-07 BBC – Censorship ‘Changes Face Of Net’
06-06-07 Computer World – Retailers Urge Caution In Drafting Of Federal Data Breach Law
06-06-07 Reuters – House Approves Second, Stricter Anti-Spyware Bill
06-06-07 Washington Post – Copyright Silliness On Campus
06-07-07 Business Week – Powermat Cuts The Cord
06-07-07 Technology Review – New Batteries Readied For GM’s Electric Vehicle
06-08-07 Technology Review – A Wirelessly Powered Lightbulb
06-11-07 Technology Review – Plastic That Heals Itself
06-13-07 BBC – US House Passes Gun Control Bill
06-14-07 BBC – Child Obesity ‘A Form Of Neglect’
06-14-07 BBC – FBI Tries To Fight Zombie Hordes
06-14-07 eWeek – Linux Leaders Plot Counterattack On Microsoft
06-14-07 Information Week – Cyberattack Fools You Once, Evades Detection
06-14-07 Information Week – Sprint, Clearwire Reportedly In Talks
06-14-07 Yahoo! – Clearwire In Wireless Pact With DirecTV, EchoStar
06-15-07 Information Week – Apple Claims More Than 1 Million Downloads Of Safari For Windows
06-15-07 Internet News – Four Bot Herders Get Put Out To Pasture
06-15-07 Internet News – Internet Sales Tax Movement Lagging
06-20-07 CNET – Homeland Security IT Chief Blamed For Cyberwoes
06-22-07 BBC – Cyber Attack On Pentagon E-mail
06-26-07 BBC – Two-Tiered Net Could Be Coming
06-26-07 Business Week – The Worth Of Open Source
06-27-07 BBC – Private-Eye Hackers Are Convicted
06-27-07 CNN – Screening System Protects Ports From Deadly Cargo
06-28-07 CNET – National ID Plan May Have Killed Immigration Bill
06-28-07 Time – New Dangers Of Secondhand Smoke
06-30-07 Time – “I Take The iPhone Home”

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Kickin’ Back…

Posted by delta on 28th June 2007

The number one question I get from the guys I work with is: “When do you take time off?”

Well, the answer is “NOW”…

I usually get a month or two off during the summer. This year it looks like the season will be starting up again in August, so I have 5 or so weeks to play…

The second most frequent question is: “What do you with your freetime?”

I get a jump start on the ” busy season” by catching up on cleaning up my rental gear, check out and buy new peripherals that I may need when we start up again, contact people for shows that are coming to the island to answer any questions they may have, and I work out like a mad-man…

So basically, even when not working, I’m working. I’m just doing it from home…

Why work out like a mad-man? Try loading a truck at the docks, unloading the truck on site, setting up the show, putting a D-35/D-50 on your shoulder for 2-3 hours, then striking the show, and loading the gear back into the truck. That is what we call a one-off (set,show,and strike in one day)…

I do a lot of one-offs – I had one run that went for a few months one time. Your typical “Roadie” does this all the time, but they do it with drugs, I don’t take drugs. If I hadn’t have been in shape, there’s no way I could have done it…

Another thing I do on occassion is double/triple “dip” – which means working for 2-3 companies in the same day. This year alone, I’ve done a few of these which kept me up for 3-4 days at a time…

I wanna be in this business for a long time to come – so being in shape is kinda important…

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Aquaculture Cages & Info

Posted by delta on 14th June 2007

Here are the cages which interest me the most:
Farmocean Off Shore Fishfarming Cages
OceanSpar SeaStation

Here’s a few random pdf’s for info:
10 Year Plan For The NOAA Aquaculture Program
Aspects Of Coastal Aquaculture Development
Best Management Practices for Hawaiian Aquaculture
Offshore Aquaculture Project Yields A Traditional Hawaiian Delicacy
UNH Working On Offshore Fish Farming

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Found it!!!

Posted by delta on 4th June 2007

I finally got enough info from my inlaws to do their family tree, and got enough from my dad to do my grandma’s side of the tree…

Looks like my grandma’s family has actually been in America longer than my grandpa’s – kinda cool to know you have solid roots…

My wife’s family goes back almost as far, so my kids will know for sure that they are, in fact, completely American – none of that Irish-American, or German-American crap – once your family has been here for a certain amount of time, you’re just American!!!

I was stunned at how easy it was to find my wife’s descendant’s (the Sloan’s) – pretty crazy how some family’s simply keep up with it, and how freely they make the information available…

In 13 years my direct line, from Father to Son (as well as my Grandmother’s line), will have been American for 400 years. My Mom is Native American. So I’m nothing other than American…

Once I complete the tree for my kids, I’ll put it in .gpro format and put it up here for all to see. It’s amazing how far back most of our lines go – pretty impressive – I was really stunned…

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Worked with the boys!!!

Posted by delta on 1st June 2007

I got to do a setup at the Grand Wailea today and my boys were there!!!

I haven’t worked with Doug or Greg in a long time (since around September 11th, 2001) – so it was cool to have the team back for a day. It was really cool how we all just slipped back into it and got it all done – just like old times…

It was a totally easy video setup, and Greg and I jumped on the audio setup (to help Kevin out) after – easy day…

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