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  • Archive for September, 2007

    September 2007 News

    Posted by delta on 30th September 2007

    09-01-07 BBC – US Court Allows Navy To Use Sonar
    09-02-07 CNN – Iran ‘Reaches Nuclear Target’
    09-02-07 New York Times – North Korea To Disable Nuclear Facilities By Year’s End, U.S. Says
    09-06-07 Technology Review – Animation For The Masses
    09-07-07 eWeek – Office Open XML Down But Not Out
    09-10-07 Business Week – Apple Eyes The Wireless Auction
    09-14-07 Business Week – How Solid Is Your Brand
    09-14-07 CNN – The End Of Oil
    09-14-07 Information Week – Hacker Gained Access To Data On Millions Of TD Ameritrade Customers
    09-14-07 Information Week – SCO Bankrupt
    09-14-07 Information Week – T.J. Maxx Fraud Ring Leader Gets Five Years In Prison
    09-14-07 Information Week – Teen Drivers Banned From Using Mobile Phones In California
    09-14-07 WebMD – Biking And Erectile Dysfunction
    09-24-07 CNET – Businesses Falling Short On Data Disposal
    09-25-07 CNET – Trojan Attack Targets Top Executives

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    iPod Touch

    Posted by delta on 14th September 2007

    They’re just not there yet for my taste…

    I want it to record audio and video without adding a single peripheral – for family (video) shorts at the beach, or (audio) recording a lecture…

    I want it to take pictures without adding a single peripheral…

    There’s no “Mail” App on this thing – what good is that? Giving me Wi-Fi without a Mail App!

    I want all of the above to sink to and from my computer with no issues – both ways, not one. As well as Address Book and Calendar syncing to go both ways – this may already be happening but I would want to have one in my hand to assure that I could edit the Calendar and Address book and it would sync to my computer (and vice versa)…

    The Hard Drive is too small – give me the 80GB or 160 GB HD in the iPod Touch’s body…

    It’s way too small – I want the width and height of a piece of regular paper (8.5X11). Actually, even half that size (8.5 by 5.5) would be great! Should have though of that before – 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches is the perfect size – take a piece of paper and fold it in half to see the size I’m talking about. It’s big enough to get some work done and small enough to fit in just about any bag…

    I’m bummed – so close, yet so far away still…

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    Workout Reloaded…

    Posted by delta on 14th September 2007

    I changed my workout a bit for this cycle. I found that, after the first few weeks, my body was able to adjust to the exercises much faster than before – to the point where I wasn’t getting a good workout. So I made a change-up. I don’t do the same exercises (for the most part), within a two week period. I work the same body parts on the same days as before, I just use different exercises…

    This workout is working so far – my body hasn’t had the time to adjust to any of the exercises yet. So it doesn’t have a choice but to get stronger and grow to make up for what it doesn’t know is coming next…

    Here’s the workout:
    New Cutting Workout

    The first, third, fifth, and seventh week are the first page; and the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth weeks are the second page. If I have to miss a workout (I tend to have a few 14-20 hour days every now and again), I just pick up where I left off on the following day. If I have to miss two, I try to do a two-a-day on the next day to keep on schedule. If I have to miss more than that, I pick up where I left off but take sunday off. So my Monday may begin with a total different body part than Chest, Delt, and Tri…

    Anyway, I try to get up early and do the workout beforehand on the days I suspect will be long one’s – so I never really have to worry about it…

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    Posted by delta on 7th September 2007

    The was in the same ballroom, with the same setup, as the Maui Writer’s Conference. Nice! No strike, no setup, just kept doing what I was doing…

    Two weeks of talking heads…

    Found out that my Clear Wire works really well in the Marriott ballroom though! 5 bars!

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    Maui Writer’s Conference

    Posted by delta on 3rd September 2007

    I was the A2 for this one – a week of talking heads. Pretty tough when you’re backstage with no vid monitor, but it was allright…

    They’re actually moving to a different venue next year – so we’ll see how it goes…

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