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October 2007 News

Posted by delta on October 31st, 2007

10-03-07 Technology Review – Deciphering Human Differences
10-10-07 New York Times – AT&T To Pay $2.5 Billion For Wireless Spectrum
10-11-07 Time – US Foreclosures Nearly Double
10-12-07 Time – Pollution Dangerous To Joggers
10-15-07 Time – The Ethics Of Erasing A Bad Memory
10-16-07 Smart Money – Will Your Social Security Benefits Be Taxed Again
10-17-07 BBC – Last Rites For A Marine Marvel
10-17-07 Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Legislature Keeping Ferry Bill In Tow
10-17-07 New York Times – Apple To Open iPhone To Developers
10-17-07 New York Times – MySpace And Skype To Announce Partnership
10-17-07 NOAA – Arctic ‘Report Card’ Shows Continued Climate Changes
10-17-07 Time – The Global Warming Learning Curve
10-17-07 Washington Post – New Home Construction Plummets Again
10-17-07 Washington Post – Paulson, Bernanke Say Housing Woes May Last
10-23-07 Los Angeles Times – iPod Seekers Become Macintosh Believers
10-23-07 Los Angeles Times – Microsoft Ends 9-Year Battle With European Regulators
10-23-07 Los Angeles Times – Unwanted E-Mail Now Comes In Audio Format
10-23-07 SFGate.com – Apple’s Revenue Is Soaring, Lifted By iPod’s Appeal
10-23-07 Wired – Behind Enemy Lines With A Suburban Counterterrorist
10-23-07 Wired – The Best Conspiracy Theories
10-23-07 Wired – The Great Firewall
10-23-07 Wired – What’s Inside NyQuil, Fortified With Powerful Narcotics!
10-24-07 CIO Insight – Peripherals Sell The PC, Not Vice Versa
10-24-07 Technology Review – Decoding The Human Eye
10-25-07 Technology Review – Rating Facial Expressions
10-26-07 CIO Insight – 94 Million Credit Accounts Potentially Exposed
10-26-07 CIO Insight – Critical Business Information Goes Unsecured
10-26-07 CNN – NASA’s High-Tech Wildfire Weapons
10-26-07 eWeek – Google’s Reputation System Roils Web World
10-26-07 eWeek – Three Sentenced To Prison In Microsoft Fraud Case
10-26-07 eWeek – US Senate OKs 7-Year Internet Tax Ban Extension
10-26-07 eWeek – Valuable Business Information Going Unsecured
10-26-07 National Geographic News – Primates In Trouble
10-26-07 Technology Review – Next-Generation Sports Doping
10-26-07 Wired – IMAP, YouMAP, WeMAP Mail Protocol’s Proponents Argue For Better Support
10-28-07 Maui News – Board Urges Mandatory Cuts, But Water Director Holds Off
10-28-07 SFGate.com – Cepheid Inc. Of Sunnyvale To Help Defeat Dangerous ‘Superbug’
10-29-07 eWeek – New Group Joins Russians In Evil PDF Attack
10-29-07 eWeek – Price Of MIT Professor’s ‘$100 Laptop’ Hits $200
10-29-07 New York Times – Hulu Readies Its Online TV, Dodging The Insults
10-29-07 New York Times – Supreme Court To Review Damages In Oil Spill
10-30-07 New York Times – Study Looks At Suicide In Veterans
10-30-07 USA Today – Exercise Builds Strong Brains, Too
10-30-07 USA Today – Standardized High School Exit Exams Put States To The Test
10-31-07 eWeek – Google’s Dataspaces Technology Dings PageRank
10-31-07 eWeek – Tech Bills Advance In Congress
10-31-07 Los Angeles Times – Bogus E-mail Seeks Contributions For Fire Victims
10-31-07 San Jose Mercury News – Privacy Groups Challenge Social Networking Plans
10-31-07 Technology Review – Terabyte Storage For Cell Phones
10-31-07 USA Today – Fire Charges Considered Against Calif Boy
10-31-07 USA Today – Sex Offenders Claim Homeless Status, Bypass Calif Law
10-31-07 Wired – Privacy Groups Ask For Online ‘Do Not Track’ List

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