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  • Archive for September, 2008

    New Facebook App for iPhone

    Posted by delta on 29th September 2008

    OK, the regular GUI sucks when you log on via computer; but I’ve just spent the last few minutes playing with the new app on my iPhone (just downloaded the update 15 minutes ago) and it looks really promising so far…

    Think I’ll stick to using my iPhone to access facebook – the GUI is much nicer on the phone…

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    Blank @ The Blank

    Posted by delta on 29th September 2008

    I don’t know what to say… 

    If I could re-live this day over I wouldn’t have wasted it being where I was, doing what I was doing, for who I was doing it for…          

    We all (the techs) just felt that we needed a shower after this one. There’s really no other way to describe it – just felt dirty…

    Intentional…Fraudulent…Abominable…Prevarications – I need 5 showers, with a brillo pad, to get the goo off me…

    I wish I could write more…

    You have to understand something if you’re going to continue reading my posts, more than half of what I do (50-70%) I can’t say/write anything about.  Confidentiality is a big thing in our business…

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    Uluwehi Guerrero @ MACC

    Posted by delta on 27th September 2008

    Ran the preshow event for this one outside. The preshow ends at 19:00 (which is the same time doors open for the Castle show), so I have a half-an-hour to strike everything and get upstairs to run spot. After the show we struck and got out of there a little after 23:00…

    I didn’t get any shots of the show (that came out) cause all the dancers wore really bright colors which just turned them into (what looked like) candles when viewing the pics.  The best example of this would be to look at the bottom right pic below – the light in that pic is just about 10% of the light inside.  Two things I have found with the iPhone camera that bother me are a) any movement at all creates a blurry pic, and b) any light that is not natural tends to make the pic suck.  Here’s a few of the preshow – before and during…


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    AAST/JAAM @ The Grand Wailea

    Posted by delta on 27th September 2008

    Four days of nothing but fun! I ran Graphics/Video for this thing. Setup on Tuesday, 100+ presentations Wednesday-Saturday. Great group of people though! I really enjoy this group whenever they come to Maui…

    Here’s me and Mike screwing around – he was posing, not actually napping (but it would’ve been great if he was – I would’ve never let him forget it)…

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    Mick Fleetwood’s Blues Band @ MACC

    Posted by delta on 27th September 2008

    This happened lastnight.  I ran spot for the show.  I barely made it cause I’m on another show at the Grand Wailea right now and only had an hour (in traffic) to get there…

    Haven’t slept in a few days right now – had real early calls the last few days (05:00-05:30).  Yesterday I was at the Grand at 05:30 to 18:00 (running graphics/video for AAST/JAAM), made it to the MACC for this show (Mick’s show) at 19:00, got out of there at 01:15 this morning (after turning the theater around for tonight’s show), had to be back here (at the Grand) this morning at 05:30, will be here till around 14:00, have to be at the MACC to run preshow-outside sound by 15:30, have to run spot for the inside show (19:00-11:00), after the show tonight we have to turn the theater around for tomorrow’s show (probably get out of there around 01:00-02:00 Sunday/tomorrow morning), and tomorrow at 12:00 I have to run video for another show (can’t talk about this one)…

    As a freelancer you can’t say no to any show – you just don’t know when the next one will be…

    But this was a great show (really lifted me up from being stuck in meetings all week – little change of pace) – here’s a few pics from my iPhone. The pics suck, but I don’t care – the solo pic of Mick is almost ok…?

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