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My Dad’s Grandfathers Grandfather was Samuel Tisdale (Holmes Hakes adopted his son, David, into the Hakes family) – Samuel was a Cherokee who settled in Missouri after the Trail of Tears took him out of his homeland. My Mom is only a few generations from our slavery in California (as a Chumash), so the tree doesn’t go back that far (about 7 Generations). I’m really wishing they were from below the border (the Spanish kept good records) cause I’d be able to go back further than when the Spanish started exploring California…

This data is for my cousins, nieces and nephew. Go to My Family Site Here for more info than is supplied below…

And here’s a few “quickies”:
175 A.D. -> Dubun ap Eugein
326 A.D. -> Procopius, Eastern Roman Emperor
347 A.D. -> Marcomer, Duke of Eastern Franks
354 A.D. -> Genebald, Duke of Eastern Franks
360 A.D. -> Gjúki, King of the Burgundians
370 A.D. -> Hermeric, Suevic King of Galicia
370 A.D. -> Walia, King of the Visogoths
380 A.D. -> Flavius Anthemius, Praetorian Prefect of the East
387 A.D. -> Apollinaris, Praetorian Prefect of Gaul
405 A.D. -> Flavius Magnus, Praetorian Prefect of Gaul
405 A.D. -> Tonantius Ferreolus, Praetorian Prefect of Gaul
435 A.D. -> Bisinus, King of Thuringii
439 A.D. -> Elesa
455 A.D. -> Sigobert, King of the Franks
513 A.D. -> Athanagild, Visogothic King of Hispania & Septimania
555 A.D. -> Charibert de Haspengau
555 A.D. -> Richemir de Orleans, Patrician of the Burgundians
590 A.D. -> Wandregisis
595 A.D. -> Erlebert de Therouanne
600 A.D. -> Sigismund
605 A.D. -> Theodo IV, Duke of Bavaria
654 A.D. -> Bernardus De Septimania
669 A.D. -> Gotfrid, Duke of Alemania
720 A.D. -> Thierry IV, Count of Autun & Toulouse
750 A.D. -> Boso I, Count of Italy
750 A.D. -> Cadell ap Elisedd, King of Powys
750 A.D. -> Isanbart, Count of Saxony
776 A.D. -> Welf I, Count of Altdorf
780 A.D. -> Hugh, Count of Tours and Sens
780 A.D. -> Oslac of Hampshire
795 A.D. -> Gerard, Count of Auvergne
800 A.D. -> Renaud d’Herbauges, Count of Herbauges, Poitiers & Nantes
810 A.D. -> Kenneth I, King of Pictland
846 A.D. -> Rollo, Duke of Normandy
850 A.D. -> Ingelger, Count of Anjou
850 A.D. -> Murchadh mac Maenach, King of Maigh Seóla
850 A.D. -> Reginar, Duke of Lorraine
858 A.D. -> Dietrich, Count of Westphalia
900 A.D. -> Cennétig mac Lorcáin, King of the Dál gCais
920 A.D. -> Judicael Berengar, Count of Rennes
922 A.D. -> Ordgar, Ealdorman of Devon
930 A.D. -> Murchad mac Finn, King of Leinster
970 A.D. -> Geoffrey, Count of Gâtinais
978 A.D. -> Crínán of Dunkeld