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  • Archive for April, 2007

    April 2007 News

    Posted by delta on 30th April 2007

    04-02-07 CNET – The Feds Weigh In On Windows Security
    04-02-07 eWeek – AJAX Apps Ripe Targets For Javascript Hijacking
    04-02-07 Time – Oil Prices Edge Higher
    04-02-07 Washington Post – The Decoy Effect Or How To Win An Election
    04-03-07 BBC – UK Hacker Loses Extradition Fight
    04-03-07 Business Week – Will The Apple-EMI Deal End DRM
    04-04-07 BBC – Talking CCTV Scolds Offenders
    04-04-07 CNET – Cursor Flaw Gives Vista Security A Black Eye
    04-04-07 eWeek – ACID Engine Scans Web For Pirated Multimedia
    04-04-07 Reuters – Movie-Like Effects Change Shape Of New York Stage
    04-04-07 TechRep – Forcing Windows XP’s Disk Cleanup To Delete All Temporary Files
    04-05-07 Business Week – Apple Stokes A Digital Music Standards War
    04-05-07 CNET – Patch Tuesday Resumes With Critical Windows Fix
    04-05-07 CNET – VeriSign To Raise Domain Fees
    04-05-07 CNN – Why Asian Oil Firms Are Likely To Be First At Iraqis Oil
    04-05-07 Computer World – 490 IRS Laptops Lost Or Stolen Over Nearly Three Years
    04-05-07 Computer World – Harris Poll Users Balk At Vista Upgrade
    04-05-07 Computer World – Lawsuit Spotlights Vistas Hefty Hardware Needs
    04-05-07 eWeek – How Can We Take Domains Down Faster
    04-05-07 eWeek – The Final Final Nail In WEP’s Coffin
    04-05-07 Information Week – ICANN Weighs Recommendation To Go Private
    04-05-07 Information Week – IRS Fails Security Audit 490 Computers Missing In 3 Years
    04-05-07 Information Week – Only 12% Of Computer Users Plan Windows Vista Upgrade In 07
    04-05-07 Information Week – UCSF Break-In Puts Info On 46,000 At Risk
    04-05-07 Information Week – Utah Ban On Trademarked Keywords Rankles Groups
    04-05-07 Internet News IRS Audits Self Into Data-Theft Hot Seat
    04-05-07 NY Times – Discovery To Start Channel Focusing On Green Movement
    04-05-07 NY Times – Immigration Raid Yields 62 Arrests In Illinois
    04-05-07 NY Times Why That Hoodie Your Son Wears Isn’t Trademarked
    04-05-07 Washington Post – Climate Panel Confident Warming Is Underway
    04-05-07 Washington Post – IRS Found Lax In Protecting Taxpayer Data
    04-05-07 Yahoo! – Retail Trade FBI Fight Organized Theft
    04-06-07 Business Week – UN Report Confirms Climate Change
    04-07-07 Wired – Birth Of That Thing We Call The Internet
    04-25-07 News.com – Web Threats To Surpass E-mail Pests

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    Lottsa stuff hapnin’

    Posted by delta on 16th April 2007

    My Mac is in the shop right now – this will be my second logic board in so many months. I keep telling them that it’s my Mother Board or RAM (total heat issue), but they simply won’t listen to me. As a guy who fixes computers, it’s frustrating. But if I try to do it myself I’ll lose my warranty…

    Maybe they’ll finally listen to me the next time it happens. I’m just hoping that it happens before my warranty runs out – maybe that’s why their putting it off, I don’t know…

    Got a full on Weight Gym in my Workout Room now. Very stoked to be lifting again, maybe I can get back into rugby shape. Actually I will, but I don’t think anyone will let me play (had an issue a few years back that may prevent an “ok” from a doctor). Besides, I just hit 38 – I’d be at least 10 years older than the second oldest guy out there…

    Got a lot of shows coming up in the next few weeks, and a lot of news stories to put up – so the next few weeks there will be plenty to read here boys and girls…

    I just had an interesting show the other day, but I’m not gonna write anything about it till I get permission…

    Man, it really sucks being without my main computer! The two things that are killing me (I can live without the rest if I have to) is that I can’t update my online calendar, and I have to check all my email addresses seperately (one at a time) online. It really sucks! Very time consuming…

    Oh, and once I get my Mac back, I’m gonna try a different kinda thing here with the “News” section.  I’m gonna do a short video synopsis of the stories and then provide the stories directly below the video.  We’ll see if you guys like that format…

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