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Symptom Suppressant or Symptom Inhibitor? Your Call

Posted by delta on 14th April 2021

Took a few days to find the data again – they are really trying to hide it! All my old links are broken! Anyway, all the data below can be found at: https://covidtracking.com/data/download/hawaii-history.csv… I found it as a link from: https://covidtracking.com/data/state/hawaii… Download it quickly! Before they take it down!

I saved the original cvs as a pdf (in case they take it down). All you have to do is highlight everything and copy it, then you can paste it into “Numbers” or whatever is it that you use for tables: https://covidtracking.com/data/download/hawaii-history.csv… I also truncated the data from the links at the top of the page so it’s easier to read: 12/01-03/07 COVID numbers

They are not testing for T-Cell Immunity or the presence of antibodies – so I took those columns out in the truncated version. That is something that totally makes you go “hmmm” – not testing a population which tests negative to the PCR test 97% of the time before administering a phase three drug into their body… I’m gonna start cussing soon… ah, hell, why wait… I’m definitely calling “BULLSHIT!”…

STATE OF HAWAII Mar 2020 – Nov 2020 Dec 2020 – Feb 2021
# of People 1,400,000 1,400,000
# of PCR Tests Given (673,164) 48% of HI Population (477,034) 34.9% of HI Population
Negative PCR Tests Results (655,413) 97.36% Healthy (466,558) 97.8% Healthy
Positive PCR Test Results (17,751) 2.6% (= “Cases”) (10,476) 2.2% (=”Cases”)
Positive PCR Test Results
(16,460) 93% of the 2.6% “Cases” (9,537) 91.04% of the 2.2% “Cases”
Positive PCR Test Results
(1,291) 7% of the 2.6% “Cases” (939) 8.96% of the 2.2% “Cases”
COVID Survival Rate 99.98% of 1,400,000 People 99.98% of 1,400,000 People
COVID Death Rate (244) .017% of 1,400,000 people (201) .014% of 1,400,000 people
COVID Death Rate of those
with Positive PCR Test Result
1.3% of the 2.6% “Cases” 1.92% of the 2.2% “Cases”

As more people are exposed, in the natural course of living and being human and building up our natural immunities to viruses, the # of “Healthy” individuals will gradually go up (as they are) and the # of “Cases” will gradually go down (as they are). If it is naturally occurring it would be a much quicker process – but if you take into account mask wearing, suggested distancing and mandated lockdowns, the process will be a trickle (as the numbers above show)…

My whole life, when I spent time around fresh cut grass my skin would break out and my sinuses went into overdrive. Really sucked for a rugby player. I learned to take “Contact” about a half an hour before I’d head to practice. It would clear me up so when I was exposed to the grass I wouldn’t spend the next few hours being miserable. If I didn’t take it I would be miserable from the moment I hit the grass until I cleared up my sinuses and took a shower (to “get it off me”)…


It’s just in the form of a shot. This is a “symptom suppressant shot”. This is a “symptom inhibitor shot”. I don’t care which you use – just stop calling it a “vaccine”!!!

After receiving your “symptom suppressant shot”, 5% of you will get the virus and 90% of that 5% will have few symptoms, if any… Wait! What’s the difference between that and how things were? 95% tested negative on average (across populations and borders)… of the 5% (or less) who tested positive, 10% (or less) were hospitalized and 20% (or less) of those hospitalized have died – we are still trying to protect the 20% of the 10% of the 5% of the population (which is 0.02%) by wearing masks and social distancing. Whether we get the “symptom suppressant shot” or not…

Since day one, ALL THE DATA presents that 95% of us are consistently testing negative and of the 5% who test positive 90% have no, or few, symptoms… Those have been the numbers from day one of this thing – they have not changed…

In Hawaii, we have year around sun and a nice consistent tradewind. So our numbers are better than most.

I would say that this should all trickle out and we could have had 99% immunity a while ago, but “they” can’t let that happen at this point. It would not allow them to do what they need to do to our Constitution and Government – so they need more time. If they roll other coronaviruses (and the “emergency mandates” that will ensue) into the first one, this can go on for as long as they want it to…

After the shot, you’re still told to wear a mask, you’re still told you have to distance yourself from others, you’re still told you can’t meet in large groups… Countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, are still going to lockdown their borders for the next few years – even after everyone has had the shot… States and Counties throughout the world are doing the same, to one extent or another…

To force, by emergency powers, a population to become part of a stage three drug trial due to a pandemic in which 95%-97% of the population consistently tests negative – I’m calling “Bullshit!” Prove it! Prove this is a pandemic! I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to the radio and I haven’t logged into any social media in months – I don’t want to hear anything come out of anyone’s mouth other than “these are the numbers, do the math yourself”. Show me your numbers! I’m providing mine – you can click on any link in this post to get them…

I don’t trust the left – I don’t trust the right – I don’t trust anyone who can’t do a simple math equation – give me the numbers, that is all I want… I don’t need to hear a word – just direct me to the numbers…

Now, I’m not saying this flu isn’t contagious as hell or that it doesn’t suck once you get it. It is contagious and it does suck! As does any virus if you’re medium to high risk due to preconditions (whether you are aware of the preconditions or not)! What I am trying to convey to you is that, statistically speaking, the “Symptom Suppressant Shot” will most likely have more negative effects on the population than COVID-19 itself. We won’t be able to get the data for 5 years or so – if at all – but the math really doesn’t lie. Check it out:

  • This virus has been shown to be completely treatable, but for some reason doctors and hospitals have been told not to treat it. Doctors who do treat are losing their licenses and practices. The presstitutes have been told and convinced there isn’t a treatment… and, the presstitutes have (in turn) convinced YOU…
  • By abusing the word “pandemic”, they have been able to talk you all into running a “live phase three test” for a treatable virus, on an already healthy population (which, when tested, has been 95% immune from day one) with no control group whatsoever…
  • They have changed the definition of Herd immunity – it was typically considered 60% to 70% of a population being unable to pass a disease off to another person – they have now set it to an unattainable goal. By the new definition, we can not achieve herd immunity. Worldwide we have been at 95% (Negative for PCR Test) and within the State of HI we have been at 97% (Negative for PCR Test) from day one.
  • This is the first “pandemic” in the history of the world in which mass people were tested who presented absolutely no symptoms (drive up testing) – I’m not sure if this was happening in other countries or not – normally, people are tested when they show up at the hospital or clinic with symptoms…
  • The PCR test wasn’t even designed for this – a few extra (accidental) spins of the machine and “voila” case numbers goes up…
  • From the start, if they wanted a higher “case” count, all they had to do was test more people – they wouldn’t tell you that no matter how many they tested they got X.XX% every-time – they would simply tell you how many “New Cases” there were today – and you ate it up… Now, they need the “case” count to drop – in a few months, they will halt wide spread testing and only test those who show up at the hospital with symptoms – that will dramatically change the “Case” count in the coming months…
  • By abusing the word “vaccine”, they are creating a group of people who can have a full on bout with COVID-19 (not just a trickle, but full blown), who feel they can walk around as if they are invincible (because they got a “Symptom Suppressant Shot”) and pass it on to others
  • As everyone stood by false science and disregarded actual science for a year, telling people that antibodies were not enough protection, “they” have painted themselves into a corner – how can they now talk that back? How can they now tell people that antibodies are what we are shooting for when they are still giving a shot to those who have already had this flu and already have high levels of antibodies? They are giving shots to those who already have the antibodies! This is crazy!
  • There is no control group to distinguish between those who can not get it, those who have had it and those who got the “Symptom Suppressant Shot” (and the specific data from that)… They are giving everyone a shot – no control groups, no pre-testing to see if anyone has T-Cell Immunity or Antibodies BEFORE giving the shot… There is no scientific method being applied to this rollout whatsoever
  • It is being reported that: some people who have antibodies are getting negative reactions when they get the shot – why would they not test for antibodies before sticking a needle in your arm…?
  • I can not say this enough: They are doing all of this without a control group. Any scientific research needs a control group for proper data. If they truly felt that this was a pandemic and they truly felt that they needed to protect people and they truly felt it was important to get people “vaccinated” safely – if they truly felt that it was important enough that they had to shorten the stage three cycle by years, then they would want a control group for that data…
  • If you download the data from VAERS you can see that in the period from January 1st to April 1st, there were 1,157,732 reported adverse reactions to the various shots. Of the 1,157,732 reported adverse reactions, 2,237 folks died (that count may be more, I was scrolling down and counting by hand and may have missed a few hundred) – and the numbers appear to get bigger as time continues (for example: January Reported Deaths were 479, February Reported Deaths 777, March Reported Deaths 940 and on April 1st 41 Deaths were reported)…
  • If there are 325,000,000 Americans and 30% of them had at least one shot – 97,500,000 Americans have had at least one shot. If 1,157,732 reported an adverse reaction then 1,187 of every 100,000 is having a bad day… and this is just the initial reactions for the first 90 days – we’ll see how this thing does over time – no one knows how these shots will affect your body 6 months down the line… 12 months down the line… 24 months down the line…
  • The freakiest thought of the numbers in the last two points is that typically only 10% or less are reported for various reasons or another – VAERS site says that it may be as low as 1% of all adverse reactions being reported… Half of those not reporting issues being folks too embarrassed to report issues after pushing everyone around them to get it…
  • This is a Stage Three Test of Experimental drugs being rolled out and run “Live”… Why would they give the shot to Low Risk, or No Risk, Groups? Why aren’t they testing people for T-Cell Immunity before giving them the shot…? Why aren’t they testing people for antibodies before giving them the shot…? Why are they giving shots to people who are known to have already had it…? Why are they giving shots to people who can’t get it…?
  • The creation, initial tests and rollout of these “Symptom Suppression Shots” cost the governments of the world ALOT of money, doesn’t it make fiscal sense to only give the shot to those who need it so that all of the poor countries of the world can get their supply sooner rather than later…? Yes! Absolutely give the shot to those High Risk individuals who need their symptoms suppressed (it will save the hospitals and families a lot of grief)… But, everyone in the neighborhood does not need it, give it to those who need it!

You will read over some of the points above and think “Hmmm, good point, maybe I need to check this out for myself…” and other points, you’ll read and say “ah, he’s just blathering on” – at least you’re thinking… If you need links to anything, or the downloads from anything, just let me know – I’ll send them to you (completely unedited and unfiltered)…

Do you realize that every country/state/county that has locked down has way more issues than those who are open/free…? Don’t watch the news! Do the damn numbers yourself! Seriously, this is really easy math people…! You’re sitting on your ass in your house anyway – do something productive with your time!

The only numbers you’re given are “Cases”, “Hospitalized” and “Deaths” – with no other references to any other data nor how this data is determined – and you’re happy with that?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?

Let’s play a game called “Trigger Words”. Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you read/hear the following words:

You probably think the person speaking or writing is attempting to “be careful” (or politically correct) while talking or writing of something, yeah? In many cases, you may not know what this person actually thinks about what they are talking about – they may simply be repeating something or reporting something…

Now, add the trigger word “False” in front of any of the words above, such as:
False Allegation
False Assertion
False Assumption
False Belief
False Claim
False Conspiracy
False Justification
False Opinion
False Presumption
False Rationalization
False Speculation
False Theory

This person is now attacking an idea, group or person – exuding their prejudice/s and you know exactly what they (truly) think of the situation (the idea, group or individual)… They have lost their credibility to be an honest broker of intelligent conversation… The funny thing is, they have now just worked their way into the bubble of prejudice – often while speaking of that very topic… Very Ironic… I’ve always told my kids that “an ignorant person is one who throws their mind in your face and the arrogant one does it again tomorrow”…

Reporters, Teachers, Instructors, Coaches – Report! Teach! Instruct! Coach! I don’t give a crap what you think about anything! Just do your damn jobs!

The moment an individual listening to, watching or being taught by a reporter, teacher, instructor or coach knows that reporter, teacher, instructor or coaches political affiliation or social ideology is the day the reporter, teacher, instructor or coach needs to find a new gig. They have failed at their job by not doing their job. Their job is not to tell anyone what to think. Their job is not to belittle any one because they do not hold “common” beliefs. Their job is not to teach anyone to be prejudice against those who do not think the way they do. Their job is to present the facts as they know them within the confines and context of being a reporter, teacher of…, instructor of…, coach of…

It is your right as an American to turn off the damn TV. It is your right as an American to write the school board if a teacher crosses the line. It is your right as an American to write the president/board of a college if an instructor goes over the line. It is your right as an American to have the coach fired for doing anything other than coaching. It is not just a right, it is a responsibility…

Do not let anyone tell you what to think! Don’t let me tell you how to think! Find the information yourself! Do the math yourself! Think for yourself!

Don’t yet believe you are in an experiment??? This is just news from the last week:
2021/04/11 – Chinese vaccines’ effectiveness low, official admits
2021/04/12 – DARPA Biochip to Save Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA
2021/04/12 – It’s too late for vaccines to save Michigan, CDC director explains
2021/04/13 – Australian travel could be shut down for years despite Covid vaccines with border closed
2021/04/13 – CDC Studies ‘Breakthrough’ COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated
2021/04/13 – Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine: CDC and FDA recommend US pause use of vaccine over blood clot concerns
2021/04/13 – People Who Had COVID May Have Worse Vaccine Side Effects
2021/04/13 – Why Mammograms Show False Positives After COVID Vaccine

You are part of a live experiment – there are no “facts” – there is just “data” – and that takes time… You are only seeing what they want you to see… The moment you hear anyone on TV proclaim “False…”, turn the channel (or just turn off the TV) and don’t ever listen to, read, or watch, that person again… There are no facts… There is only data… and there is definitely not enough data to proclaim ANYTHING “False”… Either that person doesn’t have the mental capacity to know this or they do – if they do, then they’re prejudice is too reckless to expose yourself (or your loved ones) to…

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