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Military Readiness…?

Posted by delta on 3rd November 2021

OK, serious question here… Please email me directly if you have an answer…

All U.S. Data (if there is any) is under lock and key by the companies making the products while ALL Media proclaims what they wish with absolutely no data to back the words coming out of their mouths. The only data anyone can get is from other countries. The hysterical, almost amusing (if we weren’t talking about people’s lives), part is that even if they had the numbers at this point, the media would still try to explain it away as if they know what they’re talking about – these are not scientist and there is not enough data for anyone to draw a conclusion about anything. These people should be held accountable for their lack of even looking for (at least) three sources of data for anything they say or write. Then again, if they did that their paper would not clear a single story they wrote…
The CDC itself says they can not prove a single case in which they can proclaim an unvaccinated individual infected a vaccinated individual because they are not taking “those numbers”… Why the F wouldn’t they be “taking” ALL numbers? Is it because then the presstitutes would actually have real data to report and turn on them?
After talking one on one with several doctors in the last year and a half, the common consensus among doctors who actually treat patients is that most of the unvaccinated have likely gotten the flu, passed it and are immune to it at this point. They can no longer get nor pass to others ANY Coronavirus – how exactly is this a pandemic of the unvaccinated? Show me the data or shut the hell up!!!
UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of COVID deaths are among the vaccinated… COVID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine wave
Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America

Truck drivers – America’s life blood – are about to walk off the job. We’re already massively short numbered on truck drivers but they still manage to transport 71% of goods throughout America… Have a nice Christmas people. Food, fuel, gifts, solar panels, cars, emergency equipment, medical equipment, seed, ammunition, camping equipment – the list goes on and on – what does America look like when no product is moving? Do you (right now) have enough food to get through Christmas in your backyard or cellar? Do you (right now) have enough salt to keep all your meat if electricity goes down? Do you (right now) have enough fuel to power your generator for a few weeks (or months)? Do you (right now) have a stocked “go bag”? The typical American family is not ready for any of this – even after the last year and a half…
If Truckers Resist, Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Could Tank The Economy
Companies mull ending government contracts over vaccine mandate
Could Vaccine Requirements For Truck Drivers Blow Up US Supply Chain And Economy?
How trucking became the weak link in America’s supply chain
More companies hiking prices as inflation, supply chain woes continue

Due to an illegal mandate to try and force folks to become part of an illegal experiment, the armed forces are losing approximately 200,000 of 1,346,000 active duty service members in the next few weeks. That is 15% of our active duty personnel. We have never lost that many service members in such a short amount of time in the history of our armed forces…
U.S. federal appeals court freezes Biden’s vaccine rule for companies
Biden vaccine mandate is on hold. Here’s why employers should still comply.

Sidenote: I’ll tell you what they should have done. They should have just given the jab to those who wanted it so there would be a control group (the “unjected”) – it would have been easier to study the actual effects of the jab and the data would have actually meant something – without a control group, the data means nothing; without a control group, it is not science…

Of those who are Pilots, Marines, Air Force Special Forces, Army Special Forces or USNAVSPECWAR – those who did receive the vaccine can not do their jobs without seriously considering certain factors. These folks have enough on their minds while training and working and should not be burdened with the idea that, due to the vaccine, there is a high potential for blood clots (and other serious adverse effects) which may effect flight crews and SF Teams out in the field to the point where they may not be able to complete their objective/s. Many, if not most, will not report adverse reactions which (when they go down) will put their teams in further jeopardy out in the field. These folks are all insanely awesome athletes who need to keep in top form year around – most athletes train to “peak” at certain times of year, these folks need to stay at peak year around – that is really hard on the body. There is also no data whatsoever on what will happen to these folks if they push too many hours in the cockpit, dive too often (or too deep) or jump out of perfectly good airplanes one too many times…
Just from surfing the net for a few hours the other day, I have counted 75 athletes from the ages of 17 to 27 who have suddenly and mysteriously died during training or matches since January 1st, 2021… The ones caught on camera are simply devastating… There has never been anywhere near this many athletes who have died in just 11 months – not even close to these numbers – AGAIN, this is an insane number of athletes to die within this amount of time… Other than being young, in their prime and in training for the sport they loved, the only thing any of them have in common is that they got the jab…
Army flight surgeon says pilots risk ‘sudden cardiac death’ from COVID vaccine side effect
Pedro Obiang: 29-Year-Old Professional Footballer Suffers Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccines, Possible End of Career
Cienna Knowles: ‘Healthy’ 19yo blames Pfizer Covid vaccine for blood clotting disorder

Sidenote: If you start digging through the data you will see that those who are mysteriously dropping dead with no prior health issues are under 29. These are folks who, even if they get the flu, have a 99.997% chance of surviving it. I’m trying to figure out why the jab is effecting kids and not older folks. Is it because older folks are more sedentary and, therefore, using their hearts less? Is it because older folks are already taking blood thinners and medications which counteract the effects of the jab? Is it because the high risk older folks have pace makers? What is it? Is anyone studying it yet? Does anyone care yet? How many have to die? How long until someone actually says that the jab is more dangerous than the flu? Will they ever?

In the meantime, China needs fuel for their electrical needs – BIG TIME. We have what they need. We have several other mining operations in Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas and a few other states that they would love to get their hands on for other raw materials. We have what they need…
Military and Security Developments Involving The People’s Republic of China 2020

…and, we’re trying to prep for “something”…
Army Holds Large-Scale Readiness Exercise In Hawaii For The First Time

Please answer this for me: How safe do you feel with our military readiness (today) at this point? How do you feel about YOUR readiness (today) at this point?

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