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Everything Good To Go

Posted by delta on 5th December 2016

So, finally got everything moved from Maui to Virginia…  My cousin, Mark, was moving his Mom to Florida at the same time – so we put all our stuff and all her stuff on a 16′ POD and sent it to San Diego.  Mark and I decided to save a few thousand a piece and drive it all cross country.  We met the POD in San Diego, loaded it all on to a Penske and took a drive…

3,347 miles, 12 states and 53 hours of driving (72 hours total) and it was all done…

Now we’re hanging out in Florida waiting to go to DC for a show which I am just hoping comes off without a hitch…  It’s a 24 hour one off that starts at 15:00 on the 7th, loads in overnight and roles straight into the show the next morning – then we strike right after it.  So my show crew is going to get no sleep for 24 hours…  Right now, the best I can hope for is that everything made it on to the truck (which is on the road as I write this) so we have everything we need from the get go…  The local Branch office will be closed and the VER warehouse will be closed by the time we start – so we have only what comes off the truck to work with (no back up for anything)…

…and away we go…

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September 2008 News

Posted by delta on 24th September 2008

Things that make you go HMMM…

09-03-08 eWeek – FCC Wants Wireless Mics Out Of 700 MHZ – ATTN! AV GUYS!

09-04-08 ABC – Is Your Name Attracting Spam

09-04-08 BBC – Zombie Plague Sweeps The Internet

09-04-08 CNN – eBay Launches Socially Conscious Retail Site

09-04-08 eWeek – FCC Wireless Mic Inquiry No Surprise – ATTN! AV GUYS!

09-04-08 National Geographic – Strong Hurricanes Getting Stronger

09-09-08 CNET – Google Cuts Data Retention Time In Half

09-10-08 CNET – U.S. Text Usage Hits Record Despite Price Increases – Data from text messaging does absolutely nothing to a network guys, not even a blip on the radar.  We’re getting charged more because we are allowing them to do it to us.  When I went to get my iPhone I saw that they wanted to charge me extra for this service, I told them to block it – as a SysAdmin I know what’s up, and I’m not gonna give them money for doing nothing…

09-10-08 eWeek – Internet Attack Fears Keep It Security Spending On The Menu

09-10-08 eWeek – Text Messaging Rates Come Under Fire – Here’s another one you gotta read…

09-10-08 Fox News – Freshwater Fish On Rapid Decline In North America

09-11-08 CNET – iPhone iSpy

09-11-08 CNET – Mobile Payments Misunderstood In U.S. – Ya Think!?

09-11-08 Fox News – Social Networking Sites Not Just For Friends – If you didn’t know this, just give your computer to someone and don’t ever log onto the Internet again!

09-12-08 ABC – Cops Need Warrant To Get Cell Phone Tracking Data – Cool!  But it’s not the cops I’m worried about guys!

09-12-08 Technology Review – Solar Roofing Materials

09-15-08 BBC – Big Bang Experiment Is Hacked – He-He-Funny.  So, we’re letting these guys run this experiment, one that can potentially open a black hole and destroy our planet (no one really knows, guys!), and they can’t even secure their network?

09-15-08 Technology Review – Plastic e-Reader Debut

09-15-08 Technology Review – Safe Transactions With Infected PCs

09-15-08 Technology Review – Turning Social Networks Against Users

09-15-08 USA Today – Best Buy Will Acquire Napster For 121M

09-18-08 Fox News – How An Eggbeater Could Power The Future

09-19-08 ABC – Arabs Denounce Fatwa On Immoral TV

09-19-08 CNN – Planet Is Running Out Of Clean Water – Ya Think?!  I was wondering when someone was going to start paying attention!

09-19-08 LA Times – FDA Proposes Approval Process For Genetically Modified Animals – This is scary stuff!  Add to it that we’re running out of water and you just have to consider that we may have an over population of people.  Just consider it, a little…?

09-21-08 ABC – Plastic- Munching Bugs Turn Trash Into Cash – Hey!  A good idea?!

09-22-08 ABC – First Clean Coal Plant

09-22-08 Technology Review – New Route To Hydrocarbon Biofuels

09-23-08 CNET – Infected U.S. PCs May Have Attacked Georgia

09-23-08 Fox News – Cheating Death Is Easier Than You’d Think – Whatdya know?  A real-life-long-term study…

09-24-08 BBC – Public Must Assert Data Rights

09-24-08 BBC – Users Fail To Spot Fake Pop-Ups

09-24-08 CNN – A New Era For Wave Energy

09-24-08 CNN – Shipping Containers Could Be Dream Homes For Thousands

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January 2008 News

Posted by delta on 31st January 2008

01-02-08 eWeek – Cell Phone Users Tie Up Traffic

01-02-08 National Geographic – Arctic Warming Faster Above Ground Level

01-02-08 NY Times – Oil Hits $100 A Barrel For The First Time

01-02-08 OC Register – Teaching Dispute Leads To Parent Picketing, Student Walkout

01-02-08 SF Gate – California To Sue EPA Over Greenhouse Gas Regulations

01-03-08 SF Gate – Rivalry Over Wireless High-Def TVs

01-04-08 Wired – Scientists Use Sunlight To Make Fuel From CO2

01-08-08 SF Gate – Baltimore Sues Wells Fargo, Accused Of Creating Subprime Crisis

01-09-08 SF Gate – Who Is Likeliest To Get Audited

01-10-08 LA Times – Airwave Auction May Miss Targets

01-10-08 SF Gate – Countrywide Home Loan Delinquencies Rise
01-10-08 SF Gate – Recession Fears, Rising Oil Prices Send Markets Into Tailspin
01-10-08 Wired – Steal This Wi-Fi
01-11-08 CNN – New Rules On Licenses Pit States Against Feds
01-11-08 LA Times – B of A Is In Talks To Buy Giant Lender
01-11-08 SF Gate – B of A Reportedly In Talks To Buy Countrywide
01-11-08 SF Gate – Citi, Merrill On Hunt For More Capital
01-11-08 SF Gate – Fed Ready To Cut Interest Rates Again
01-11-08 SF Gate – Housing Slump, Credit Woes Were Death Knell For Countrywide
01-11-08 SF Gate – Insurers Rip Off Consumers
01-11-08 SF Gate – Unpatched Software Flaws Put PCs At Risk
01-13-08 SF Gate – Odds Are Growing For Economic Recession
01-13-08 USA Today – Childhood Obesity A Lifetime Of Danger
01-13-08 USA Today – FBI Housing Scams More Than Double
01-14-08 National Geographic – Antarctica Ice Loss Faster Than Ten Years Ago
01-14-08 National Geographic – Northeast US Winters Warming Faster Than Other Seasons
01-14-08 SF Gate – Bidders Set For Airwaves Auction
01-14-08 SF Gate – Oil Price Above $94 A Barrel In Asia
01-15-08 CNN – FDA OKs Meat, Milk From Most Cloned Animals
01-15-08 CNN – US Baby Boomlet Bucks World Trend
01-15-08 USA Today – 2007 Was The Warmest On Record For Earth’s Land Areas
01-16-08 SF Gate – Citigroup Posts $10 Billion Loss
01-17-08 SF Gate – Americans Pay For Housing Boom’s Excess
01-17-08 SF Gate – Home Construction Plunged In 2007
01-17-08 SF Gate – New Cyber-Security Rules For Power Cos
01-17-08 SF Gate – Wells Fargo’s Profit Slips To 6-Year Quarterly Low
01-18-08 Wired – The 33 Things That Make Us Crazy
01-20-08 NY Times – Timber Thieves Strike At Heart Of Lands Held Dear
01-21-08 SF Gate – Is A Recession On The Way
01-22-08 LA Times – Stocks Plunge Worldwide
01-22-08 NY Times – World Markets Plunge On Fears Of US Slowdown
01-23-08 CNN – Biofuels May Threaten Environment
01-23-08 National Geographic – Acoustic “Invisibility” Cloaks Possible
01-23-08 National Geographic – Most Captive-Born Predators Die If Released
01-23-08 USA Today – Diabetes Costs USA More Than Wars, Disasters
01-23-08 USA Today – National Parks Robbed Of Heritage
01-24-08 SF Gate – FCC Broadband Spectrum Auction Starts Today
01-25-08 CNN – Researchers Study Coral Threats
01-25-08 LA Times – Big Loans Could Get Cheaper
01-25-08 Technology Review – How To Build A Bionic Eye
01-28-08 CNN – Wall Street Jitters As Uncertainty Continues
01-28-08 SF Gate – Firefox Rises From Ashes Of Abandoned Netscape
01-30-08 eWeek – Clearwire Declares Progress On Sprint WiMax Deal
01-30-08 NY Times – UBS Takes A $14 Billion Write-Off
01-30-08 SF Gate – Climate Change May Cost $20 Trillion
01-30-08 SF Gate – Sprint To Continue IDEN Network
01-30-08 USA Today – Warming Atlantic Worsens Hurricanes
01-31-08 CNN – Internet Failure Hits Two Continents
01-31-08 National Geographic – Warming May Cause Crop Failures
01-31-08 SF Gate – Beware Of Rebate Scams That Seek Personal Data
01-31-08 Technology Review – Cheap Hydrogen
01-31-08 Technology Review – The Rise Of Systemic Financial Risk
01-31-08 Wired – Climate Change Escalating Severe Western Water Crisis

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December 2007 News

Posted by delta on 31st December 2007

12-02-07 CNN – Numbers Drop For Civilian Deaths, Foreign Fighters In Iraq
12-02-07 OC Register – GLOBAL WARBLING
12-02-07 SF Gate – Oil Prices Rise In Asian Trading
12-02-07 USA Today – Most Recalled Meat Is Never Recovered
12-03-07 CNN – Jubilant Chavez Opponents Revel In Referendum Defeat
12-03-07 National Geographic – Climate Change Pushing Tropics Farther, Faster
12-04-07 Technology Review – The Feel Of Cancer Cells
12-07-07 National Geographic – Amazon Could Lose More Than Half Its Forest
12-07-07 NY Times – Tanker Spills Oil Off South Korea
12-07-07 SF Gate – Dollar Drifts Lower To Pound, Euro
12-07-07 Wired – Cybercrime Stormed The Net In 2007
12-08-07 LA Times – New Virus Extends Geographic Reach
12-10-07 CNN – Ecuador Threat To Drill Jungle Oil
12-10-07 NY Times – Flying Humans, Hoping To Land With No Chute
12-11-07 LA Times – Study Finds Humans Still Evolving, And Quickly
12-11-07 National Geographic – Human Evolution Speeding Up
12-11-07 Technology Review – The Guts Of A Cell, Frozen In Time
12-12-07 National Geographic – Arctic Sea Ice Gone In Summer Within Five Years
12-12-07 Technology Review – Higher-Density Data Storage
12-13-07 NY Times – Countrywide Subpoenaed By Illinois
12-14-07 National Geographic – Warming Oceans Contributed To Record Arctic Melt
12-14-07 SF Gate – Palo Alto Firm To Build Solar Thermal Equipment Factory In Nevada
12-17-07 Technology Review – Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel
12-19-07 National Geographic – Ancient Warming Caused Huge Spike In Temps
12-25-07 Epoch Times – 8,000 Chinese Farmers Demand Reclamation Of Stolen Land
12-26-07 Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Kona Lab Is Aquaculture Central

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November 2007 News

Posted by delta on 30th November 2007

11-01-07 Los Angeles Times – U.S. Looks To Move From Internet Slow Lane
11-01-07 SF Gate – Forum To Focus On Online Privacy
11-01-07 San Jose Mercury News – U.S. Tops Survey Of Most Competitive World Economies
11-01-07 USA Today – Nuclear Plant Contractor Had Pipe Bomb
11-01-07 Wired – Google Aims To Break Open The Closed World Of Social Networking
11-01-07 Wired – How Will Apple Spend Its Cash
11-01-07 Wired – Superfast Laser Turns Virus Into Rubble
11-01-07 Wired – Vroom, Vroom-Formula 1 Orders Teams To Go Green
11-02-07 eWeek – Sprint Considering Changing Course On WiMax
11-02-07 National Geographic News – One In Three European Freshwater Fish Face Extinction
11-02-07 New York Times – Employment Report Shows 166,000 Gain In Jobs
11-02-07 NOAA – NOAA Launches National Marine Debris Education Effort
11-02-07 San Jose Mercury News – Payrolls Grow By 166,000 In October, Jobless Rate Holds Steady
11-03-07 Maui News – Plan Would Cut Fees, Boost Affordable Housing
11-03-07 USA Today – Cargill Recalls 1 Million Pounds Of Beef
11-03-07 USA Today – States Need New Place For Radioactive Waste
11-04-07 Maui News – Judge To Be Asked To Let Ship Sail Ferry
11-04-07 Maui News – Renewable Not The Same As Sustainable
11-04-07 New York Times – Devices Enforce Cellular Silence, Sweet But Illegal
11-05-07 National Geographic News – Volcano Theory Of Dino Die-Off Gets New Support
11-05-07 SF Gate – Google Dialing For Dollars With Free Cell Phone Software Package
11-05-07 SF Gate – Tech Has Taken Off In The Past Decade
11-06-07 CNN – Cops Find Themselves In Arms Race With Criminals
11-06-07 Los Angeles Times – Google Hopes To Conquer The Wireless World
11-06-07 Maui News – Governor Signs Bill For Ferry To Sail
11-06-07 National Geographic News – Fish Lives In Logs, Breathing Air, For Months At A Time
11-07-07 Maui News – Preliminary Round Today In Superferry Legal Wrangle
11-07-07 New York Times – Causes Of Death Are Linked To A Person’s Weight
11-07-07 SF Gate – Former AT&T Worker Details Federal Internet Spying In S.F.
11-07-07 SF Gate – New Record Low For Dollar
11-07-07 SF Gate – Quality Inspector Sues GM, Toyota Over Retaliation In Fremont Plant
11-07-07 USA Today – Free Online Materials Could Save Schools Billions
11-07-07 USA Today – Sen Grassley Probes Televangelists’ Finances
11-07-07 Wired – Enviros Challenge Dumping Urea In Ocean To Sink Carbon
11-08-07 CNN – Changing Media Landscape Takes Center Stage In Strike
11-08-07 eWeek – Businesses Still In No Rush To Upgrade To Windows Vista
11-08-07 Maui News – Pipe Oozes Oil In Harbor
11-08-07 New York Times – Fed Chairman Says Economy Likely To Slow
11-09-07 CNN – Oil Discovery Rocks Brazil
11-09-07 eWeek – Hackers Scam Thousands With Bogus Anti-Spyware Offers
11-09-07 Los Angeles Times – Oil Oozes In San Francisco Bay After Ship Hits Bridge
11-09-07 Men’s Health – Stop Blaming Saturated Fat
11-09-07 New York Times – Rising Demand For Oil Provokes New Energy Crisis
11-10-07 Los Angeles Times – Clearwire, Sprint Cancel Wireless Deal
11-10-07 Los Angeles Times – Security Consultant Admits To Hijacking PCs To Use In Crimes
11-12-07 CIO Insight – Cyber Bullies On The Prowl
11-12-07 eWeek – Botnet Herder Pleads Guilty To Massive PayPal Scam
11-12-07 National Geographic News – Oil Spill In Black Sea Strait May Be Worst In Years
11-12-07 USA Today – UN – Ignoring Global Warming Is Criminally Irresponsible
11-13-07 eWeek – SCO Guilty Of Lying About Unix Code In Linux
11-13-07 Maui News – Panel OKs Bill To Waive Fees On Affordable Housing
11-13-07 Maui News – Zoning For Hospital Site On West Side Recommended
11-13-07 National Geographic News – Hydrogen Gas Made From Renewable Organic Material
11-13-07 New York Times – After Fires, Homeowners Feel An Insurance Pinch
11-13-07 New York Times – Bad Behavior Does Not Doom Pupils
11-13-07 Technology Review – Stopping Cars With Radiation
11-14-07 CNN – Researcher Sets Saltwater On Fire
11-14-07 eWeek – Thousands Of Unprotected Databases Litter The Internet
11-14-07 SF Gate – Ripple Effect Of Foreclosures Touch Entire Communities
11-14-07 Technology Review – Carbon-Dioxide Plastic Gets Funding
11-14-07 Technology Review – Improving Fuel Cells For Cars
11-15-07 Maui News – Cardoza Clears Ferry’s Way
11-15-07 National Geographic News – Cooling Begins For “Doomsday” Seed Bank
11-15-07 Wired – Did NSA Put A Secret Backdoor In New Encryption Standard
11-15-07 Wired – Hackers Use Banner Ads On Major Sites To Hijack Your PC
11-17-07 Maui News – Coast Guard Looking Into Loose Barge
11-17-07 National Geographic News – Dire Global Warming Forecast Issued By UN Panel
11-17-07 Wired – Welcome To The Age Of Genomics
11-18-07 San Jose Mercury News – ‘Sense Of Urgency’ On Global Warming
11-18-07 San Jose Mercury News – Japanese Whaling Industry Struggles As Hostility Grows
11-19-07 eWeek – Vista Worries Cause Businesses To Consider Macs And Linux
11-19-07 New York Times – Critics Assail Weak Dollar At OPEC Event
11-19-07 OC Register – HB Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
11-19-07 Technology Review – A Wiring Diagram Of The Brain
11-19-07 Technology Review – Superstrong Carbon-Nanotube Fibers
11-20-07 eWeek – Senators Raise Google-DoubleClick Questions
11-20-07 SF Gate – Bay Area Real Estate Symposium Forecasts More Gloom
11-21-07 CNN – Apology As Data On Millions Lost
11-21-07 eWeek – Securing The Laptop – Mission Impossible
11-21-07 USA Today – MO City Passes Internet Harassment Measure
11-22-07 CNN – ‘Al Qaeda Rolodex’ Found In Iraq
11-22-07 CNN – Saudi Government – Rape Victim Had Illegal Affair
11-25-07 Maui News – Increased Security Too Late For Victim Of Attack
11-25-07 NY Times – As Democrats See Iraq Gains, A Shift In Tone
11-25-07 NY Times – In Broadway Dispute, Questions Of Fairness
11-25-07 USA Today – Saudis – Rape Victim Deserved Flogging For Adultery
11-26-07 NY Times – FCC Chief Seeks Votes To Tighten Cable Rules
11-27-07 LA Times – Stocks Plunge On Financial System Fears
11-27-07 SF Gate – Wells Fargo Plunges Into Mortgage Muck
11-27-07 Technology Review – Cleaner Nuclear Power
11-28-07 Baseline – Security Breach Costs Jump 30%
11-28-07 eWeek – Data Breaches Cost More Than Ever
11-28-07 LA Times – US Not Up To Speed On Broadband
11-28-07 National Geographic – Indonesia Planting 79 Million Trees
11-28-07 NY Times – Oil Producers See The World And Buy It Up
11-28-07 SF Gate – New Software Helps Internet Users Detect Web Interference
11-28-07 Technology Review – A Working Brain Model
11-28-07 Technology Review – The Longevity Pill
11-29-07 CIO Insight – World Faces ‘Cyber Cold War’ Threat
11-29-07 CNN – Teen Questioned In Computer Hacking Probe
11-29-07 National Geographic – Fever Outbreak In Italy Linked To Climate Change
11-29-07 National Geographic – Rats Wipe Out Seabirds On Alaska Island
11-29-07 SF Gate – Annual US Foreclosure Filings Nearly Double In October
11-30-07 CNN – Sudan Protesters
11-30-07 Mercury News – China Disputes McAfee Report Labeling It Cyber Warfare Instigator

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