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Bad Misdirect

Posted by delta on March 8th, 2022

So, “they” did such a great job of manipulating the American brain over the last two years with their “COVID Theater” False Flag Operation which led to the Mandates that everyone is now freaked out because the CDC has dropped “case count” and is now using “hospitalizations” as the new standard for local mandates. Hospitalizations should have been the standard all along – as I stated in September of 2020 – Hinky Data. They’re now saying that suddenly and mysteriously 90% of Americans no longer have to worry about wearing masks or social distancing and it’s really throwing some folks for a loop. Even in Hawaii, the COVID theater will be “turned off” on March 25th – poof, no longer a threat (because they have an election to win in November)…

You know when to tell if there’s actually an emergency? Watch the stock market… If there’s no extreme prolonged dip then there’s no REAL emergency – it is a FALSE emergency perpetuated for reasons we will never know by a handful of people we will never know.

Now, parts of the U.S. Government are trying to bypass the 4th Amendment by asking (not requesting) Big Tech for ALL data accumulated over the last few years so “they” can see who posted and who read what “they” deem to be False Information. “They” already have the information – “they” just want to see which companies will comply and it allows “them” the luxury of not having to show probable cause to get a warrant. “They” can not do this in the legal realm because it is against the Constitution, so “they” are simply asking for the data.
“They” (without a warrant) are now trying to make “it all”, and everyone who wrote or read about it, “go away” in the digital realm. “They” are looking to shut down digital profiles with no just cause and no warrant. I’ve posted before (History of Modern “Assimilation”) that “they” can simply make anyone’s digital profile disappear and all “they” have to do is not take credit for it – no one will know who did it or how to fix it. Banking history, employment history, medical history, schooling, credit card history, VA history, Home Ownership – “they” can make it all disappear for any individual and there’s nothing anyone can do about it

Some of these people need to get re-elected in November, so they need to change the story. They need us all to think it is over. They need us all to think it won’t happen again. They do not want us to “do something” to assure it never happens again. They need to get our minds focused off of Bad Local Issues and need to find something that can unite enough of us to maybe turn the tide of the coming election. They need to get the American mind off of:

  • the fact that it was not COVID that killed our economy, it was the reaction to it from the politicians and media
  • the flip from COVID theater to restrained, controllable “normalcy”
  • the fact that the new restrained, controlled normalcy is not constitutional – the lightening of restrictions and mandates are to be seen as “privileges” we earned for being good boys and girls, but if we’re “bad” then we’ll be restricted again
  • the illegal data they have on all of us and what they are going to do with it
  • the fact that the simple accumulation of this data with no probable cause and no warrant was unconstitutional to begin with
  • what they are deeming FALSE Information, why and how they are cancelling it
  • the fact that anything they do to muzzle or cancel your freedom to say, write or read whatever you want is unconstitutional – to muzzle debate is unconstitutional
  • what happened to Fauci? – they are cancelling him out as well
  • what happened to the CDC – they will make them irrelevant and cancel out any new data released

They need to keep a strangle hold on all data gathering sources so that no past, present nor future scientific research about the last two years can get to the general public for longer than a few hours and they need to keep us all distracted with something huge while they’re doing it. They think there’s a slight chance that they can come out of this election cycle still in charge, as long as they have this hope they need COVID Theater and all relevant data and people to be “Cancelled”. Second thing they need to do is to assure no one has time to ask “where is Fauci?”, “where did this data come from…?”, “when was this data accumulated…?”, “how long have they been sitting on this data…?”, “can I believe anything anymore?”

What can be a bigger misdirect than a war…?

First off, if Russia wanted Ukraine, it would have been done by now. Russia is the best at making things and people disappear if they want them to disappear. The President of Ukraine and all other politicians who they would deem to be a problem, would have seized to exist before the first smart bomb was deployed.

Speaking of smart bombs, there hasn’t been any. No smart bombs, no drones – there’s no way Russia is going to send troops in until the area was ready to be secured. The Russian forces are too spread out throughout Russia to commit ground troops without first assuring minimal losses. They are not pulling troops from other areas of Russia – they can’t – Russia is huge and they simply can not cover the areas to be covered by pulling troops from one area to help out another. I also saw reports of Russian Mercenaries – no such thing. Russia has spetsnaz – no need for anything else – and if they’d been deployed this would already be over.

First thing Russia would have done is:

  • Take out any leader who would present any strength against Russia – this is how Russia operates
  • Take out all electrical in areas to be secured – there would be no power nor any way to charge anything, there would be no money as banks and ATMs would not work, there would be no refrigerated food, there would be no running water, phone service would not exist, there would be no internet, there would be no way for anyone to blog or report anything in Ukraine, all economic activity would be shut down and all military capabilities would be brought to it’s knees
  • Establish air superiority

There would be NO boots on the ground until the above had been accomplished – and none of this has happened. Ukraine is not Afghanistan – there IS a centralized government and the people are highly addicted to their electrical grid.

Pay Attention to History
Since Ukraine broke it off with Russia, Eastern and Southern Ukraine has been mostly Russian speaking people who identify as being Russian. Even as far back as 20 years ago (2001). Crimea (the southern “island” looking area) is basically Russia if you ask a local.

In 2014, Ukraine basically, unofficially, split. The people in Crimea voted that they did not want to be part of Ukraine and then Donetsk and Luhansk basically saw that and decided to do it themselves. The “conflict” started when the people of Donetsk and Luhansk voted to be uncoupled from Ukraine. The actual start date of this conflict was May 26th, 2014. Ukraine has been bombing and the “Rebels” have been retaliating ever since. This “war” has been going on for almost 8 years. It is a war between Ukrainians and Ukrainians who do not want to be Ukrainians…

Look at the whole picture…

I’ve seen reports of “death squads” – this is when I knew “stuff” was just being “made up”. “Ukrainian Rebels” are mostly Russian speaking, use the same ground weapons as the Russians, would not have smart bomb capabilities but would most likely have RPGs, canons and a few tanks.
Russia does not have “death squads”, Russia has a modern Army and Russia has Spetsnaz. Spetsnaz are perfect in their planning and execution. They do not quit. They do not miss. If Spetsnaz were deployed, this thing would have been over in a few days. Literally, two days…

What is clear is that this is not the Russian Government. The Russians would have overwhelmed Ukraine in a day or two by taking out specific targets with drones and smart bombs, taking out the electrical grid, establishing air superiority and then the tanks would have rolled in – none of this has happened… Russia would not simply send in troops in this modern age of warfare… I have no doubt they are supporting the Rebels in anyway they can – but we do that very same thing all over the world…

Everyone is going nuts because the Russians (not Putin, the Russian Legislature) are banning all misinformation from all media platforms and everyone is shutting down their operations and leaving because they’re afraid of the repercussions which may ensue if they “report” there the same type of bad journalism in which they pass off as journalism here. As such, no one outside Russia is going to hear anything that anyone inside Russia wants to get out. Big Tech and the American/EU media started “cancelling” all the above information out of existence the moment the politicians needed a redirect. They need a boogey man and they need him to be doing something huge so you don’t even think about anything above this sentence…

I’m not saying that Russia is hating what is happening in Ukraine or that they are not supplying or otherwise supporting the rebels – I’m simply saying that if Russia wanted Ukraine they would have taken it by now – it would be over… with the fake pressure being exerted on the Russian Government at this point, they may simply take it NOW, anyway – why not…? They know that everyone believes the American media so they have nothing to lose by jumping in and taking it at this point – they may as well get something out of it… Look for the big “Pull Out” of troops – Russia would have the rebels pull out before they start an actual Russian offensive of smart bombs on critical infrastructure…

Russian Fuel
China is loving it right now. They’ve been dealing with rolling black outs for the last year because they don’t have enough fuel to power full time electricity throughout the country. You see, the Chinese Government put a cap on how much the electric company can charge their customers. Prices went up. Now, the Chinese electric companies are upside down and they can’t afford to buy as much fuel as they could in 2019.
Russia doesn’t care who buys Russian fuel. If we stop buying Russian fuel, that simply means more for the Chinese.
We are playing right into the palms of their hand. In one foul swoop, we make our two largest adversaries much tighter while our American economy slides into deeper and deeper inflation…

But now we can blame it on the Russians instead of our politicians…

Look at the whole picture…

This is literally going to affect the price of everything. If gas at the pump goes up, so does the price of everything on the shelves in the stores. In the case of those on Maui, fuel supplies our electrical, so our electric bill goes up as well – it may even double…


Want another punch to the gut? We pulled out of Afghanistan just a few months ago and suddenly China has made a deal with the Taliban to mine Copper and Lithium throughout the country. China will control both markets soon, they are funding the Taliban (with sums of money that the Taliban has never before seen) and they are assuring the Taliban will never put their sites on China… still think that was a good idea?

Look at the whole picture…


To keep everyone on their seats so they don’t consider, or “figure out”, any of the above issues (because they know they can only take the Ukraine war so far before people figure it out) – they need to find a real war, or issue, somewhere… They are trying…

Israeli missiles in Iraq…? Iran bombing those missile sites…? The U.S. doing nothing about it…? They’re trying…

Look at the whole picture…


I’ll tell you what needs to happen – we all, EVERY DAMNED ONE OF US, has to adopt the mantra “NEVER AGAIN

We need to dwell on how this happened, gather information on how it happened, make sure it never happens again (through legislation) and then punish those who made it happen…

The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights within must never be skirted again… The world looked to us (the American people) to lead through the last few years and we let them down… We let each other down…

The power to shut down the economy of the United States must never be in the hands of 50 people, it must be left to the legislators of each state, not the states governors. This WILL happen again if we do not start now!

There is going to be a reckoning – it will happen soon – make sure you are where you need to be to get through it. You do not want to be in a community surrounded by those who oppose your morals and values. You do not want to be in a community who does not stand up for their rights if you’re someone who does. You do not want to be in a community who hides if you’re not one who hides. You want to be in a community who will have your back and who you in turn will feel proud to have theirs. Think hard…

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Freedom Convoy

Posted by delta on February 21st, 2022

Here’s the thing. “They” are preparing for this and that – blah, blah, blah – sells newspapers and draws attention to your T.V. and whichever social media platform you use. Simply bloviating…

Just the act that leads to all these truckers not working for a week or two is a thing. Talk about a supply chain disruption. Wait till you see what the store shelves look like at the end of march…

Just the act that leads to everyone along the route witnessing the pure numbers of cars and trucks taking part in this convoy is a thing…

Just the act that leads to all folks along the route witnessing and taking part in the freedoms that have been taken from them at gas stations, rest stops, convenience stores and restaurants along the way is a thing… the conversations… the debates…

Just the act that leads to the pure numbers of people utilizing the gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants along the way is a thing. What happens when they run out? Whose going to supply them? When will the next supply run be?

Just the act that leads to everyone seeing each other and cheering each other on from bridges and road side is a thing…

The convoy can simply drive to DC, drive around it a few times and back to Seattle. They would, of course, have to take a different route back, because no one along the initial route would be able to supply them, but they don’t have to do anything else. They do not need to enter DC. They don’t need to stop in DC. They don’t need to meet with anyone. All they have to do is disrupt the supply chain for a few weeks and drive around cheering each other on… being Americans with no fear for week or two…

…and the more truckers and people who get involved, the more serious the disruption…

“They” don’t want Americans in solidarity… “They” don’t want to see us assembled in person in an uncontrolled environment… “They” don’t want us to see each other without fear… without masks… talking… debating… sharing information that “they” can not control the content of… sharing thoughts that “they” can not manage…

The act is the thing… and no one is seeing that… Perfect…

Shedding the media… shedding social networks… meeting together in person… breaking bread… sharing thoughts and information… for a few weeks… unobstructed… Perfect!

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Athlete Deaths

Posted by delta on February 15th, 2022

I spent the last few days skimming the internet for something completely unrelated and came across the following article yesterday. The author presents links to evidence within his writing – just as I do – it’s nice to know someone else out there is presenting evidence as they write instead of simply stating something and expecting you to believe it…

2022/02/14 – Lightning strikes twice – Two high schools sudden deaths on the same day

My actual numbers are a bit higher than these, but the author has specifically been looking into these events, so I’ll take his lower numbers over my higher numbers because my numbers will “turn you off” rather quickly. I multiply all VAERS data by 100 because I want real numbers and I believe VAERS when they say that only 1% is reported…

Key takeaways, since January 1st, 2020:

  • 649 athletes have “suddenly and mysteriously” collapsed
  • 404 athletes have “suddenly and mysteriously” died
  • 15 athletes died January 1st through March 31st
  • 30 athletes died April 1st through June 31st
  • 84 athletes died July 1st through September 30th
  • 206 athletes died October 1st through December 31st
  • 137 athletes died the first 6 weeks of 2022

There were zero young athlete deaths in 2020, these deaths only began once the vaccine program began. The cure is more deadly than the disease…

You always have to keep in mind that these kids have a 99.997% survivability rate for COVD-19 itself – it’s literally insane to even consider giving anyone under the age of 50 the jab (read my last post for more data)…

4 per 1,000,000 would be the typical year for myocarditis. There are approximately 160 million Americans under the age of 50. So the typical year would bring 640 cases out of the entire American population.
VAERS recorded 11,000 myocarditis cases due to the jab since January 2021. VAERS states that only 1% have been reported, which would bring tha actual number to 1,100,000 myocarditis cases due to the jab since January 2021.
So, we went from an average of 640 myocarditis cases per year to 1,000,000 cases in 2021…
Myocarditis kills suddenly and mysteriously…
Do you realize that, these numbers are more than those who have died from COVID-19 itself…? This is just one of the diseases folks are getting from the jab! One!
The cure is more deadly than the disease…

They are killing our young athletes. They are killing our kids.

…and no one seems to care… as a matter of fact, the ones who should care are often the ones pushing the jab to their own family members and friends… the world is upside down…

These numbers are staggering – have you seen them on any of the social media sites or news channels? I’m really asking because I do not have social media nor do I watch the news…

A few articles I’ve come across since the post:
2022/02/07 – Matt Le Tissier sounds the alarm on sudden soccer deaths
2022/02/07 – Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Seeking to Reinstate School Mask Mandates
2022/02/08 – Biden urged to roll back COVID restrictions after FOUR Dem governors announced end to school masking
2022/02/08 – College players sue to be classified as school employees
2022/02/08 – Dr. Fauci and Our Pandemic of Distrust
2022/02/08 – Journalist George Packer says thousands of at-risk Afghans left behind are getting almost no help from the U.S. government
2022/02/08 – Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine becomes highest-selling drug ever
2022/02/09 – As school masking debate rages, doctor recommends looking at hospitalization rates
2022/02/09 – Blue states move to drop mask mandates
2022/02/09 – Here are the states that are lifting their indoor mask mandates
2022/02/09 – Pressure builds for Biden, Democrats to move past COVID
2022/02/09 – White House faces new pressure to back lifting mask rules
2022/02/10 – OSHA Withdraws the Vaccination and Testing ETS
2022/02/11 – Congress might try to force Facebook to change its newsfeed algorithm
2022/02/11 – Covid-19 vaccine authorization for younger children delayed as FDA seeks more data
2022/02/11 – Defense Department needs to start following the law
2022/02/11 – Farmers brace for more drought conditions as unusually warm weather continues
2022/02/11 – Fate of Wild Horses in Limbo as Overgrazing, Drought Decimate the West
2022/02/11 – Is Your Neighbor A Covid-Information Terrorist? Are You?
2022/02/11 – World’s damaged supply chains brace for painful recovery

Here’s a question for ya? I’m only asking because I have many friends who are doctors – both MD’s and researchers – and I happen to know that, when they have an issue, they talk to each other to figure it out. The last thing they would ever do is look to the government for ideas because they don’t practice medicine daily… So, when did the CDC shift from a purely advisory role to a policy role…? When exactly did that happen…?


I don’t want to repeat myself and I’m getting a lot of questions about a few things, so I’ll post the links again:

About a year ago, I wrote a nice little ditty on how we are being surveilled 24/7/365 from the devices we take with us everywhere – http://dhakes.com/2021/02/10/social-media-perception-management/ – it’s probably worth another read as all this information is now coming out in the mainstream news… They get some of it right, some of it wrong, but at least their reporting it:
2022/02/11 – Declassified documents reveal CIA has been sweeping up information on Americans
2022/02/11 – New spying revelations prove once again Edward Snowden was right
2022/02/15 – 6 Things We Know about the CIA’s Secret Mass Surveillance Program

As far as what the Canadian government is doing to the truckers “Freedom Convoy” at this point, I wrote in January of last year explaining how and why this is done:

And I’ll repost the link to this one as well:
it’s important to show that if you simply look at the data, this was all predictable – my ten year old could look at the data and predict all of this…

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DOD Data

Posted by delta on February 4th, 2022

Found the DOD data! Keep in mind that these kids are in shape, eat three squares a day and have very few co-morbidities so they don’t represent the average American community. They just happen to have the most accurate medical database – everything they do is input into the system the moment it is done…

This is the data itself:

It was found as a link from this webpage:

Here we go:

2,129.6% Increase in High Blood Pressure Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 2,360 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 53,846 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 11,801 to 53,846 for one year


671.6% Increase in Rhabdomyolysis Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 713.2 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 5,162 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 3,566 to 5,162 for one year
614.3% Increase in Multiple Sclerosis Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 404.4 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 2,750 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 2,022 to 2,750 for one year

520.0% Increase in Guillain-Bare Syndrome Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 73.2 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 403 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 366 to 403 for one year

494.1% Increase in Acute Transverse Myelitis Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 44 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 202 new reports in the year 2021

476.7% Increase in Malignant Neoplasms (Cancer) for Digestive Organs from 2020 – went from an average of 650.6 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 4,060 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 3,253 to 4,060 in one year

468.8% Increase in Neoplasms for Breast Cancer from 2020 – went from an average of 813.6 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 4,357 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 4,068 to 4,357 for one year

419.4% Increase in Female Infertility Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 2,273.6 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 11,748 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 11,368 to 11,748 for one year

351.7% Increase in Migraine Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 16,271.4 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 73,490 new reports in the year 2021

320.4% Increase in Male Infertility Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 2,130.6 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 8,365 new reports in the year 2021

299.8% Increase in Ovarian Dysfunction Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 934.6 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 4,086 new reports in the year 2021

297.9% Increase in Neoplasms for Testicular Cancer from 2020 – went from an average of 959.8 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 3,537 new reports in the year 2021

297.6% Increase in Seizure Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 149.4 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 489 new reports in the year 2021

226.5% Increase in Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrage Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 171.6 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 640 new reports in the year 2021

221.5% Increase in Dysmenorrhea Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 3,566.2 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 12,539 new reports in the year 2021

218.0% Increase in Neoplasms For All Cancers from 2020 – went from an average of 38,678.2 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 114,645 new reports in the year 2021

204.1% Increase in Blood Disorders Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 11,341.6 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 34,486 new reports in the year 2021

There’s approximately 3,200,000 people working for the DOD – that’s 1% of the U.S. population. The above numbers are about 160,000 with adverse reactions – that is 5% of the DOD!
Like I said earlier in this post, these are the folks who (for the most part) live clean lives, work out everyday and eat three squares a day…
The other 99% of our population is pretty sedentary and has a terrible diet…
Doesn’t really take a genius to figure out where all this is headed…

So… Nothing wrong with the Gene Therapy Jab, eh…? You really going to say that after looking at these numbers? This is just the first year of this Phase III Trial Run! These are still the short term numbers! What the hell is it going to look like 2 to 5 years from now…? They’re using these kids as guinea pigs!!!

…and it’s not working out to well for the test subjects so far…

Aside from the physical, their mental well being from EVERYTHING else is also in play:

2,360% Increase in Anxiety Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 37,091 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 931,791 new reports in the year 2021 – went from a five year TOTAL of 185,455 to 931,791 for one year – This is 29% of the 3,200,000 who work for the DOD – Complete Insanity

226.9% Increase in Suicide Reports from 2020 – went from an average of 501 new reports yearly from 2016-2020 to 1,798 new reports in the year 2021

Like I said in my last post, I’m not holding back anymore. They’re disabling the physical and mental capacities of our youth. They’re killing kids. The Gloves ARE Off!!!

You have to see that, by now, after two years of this crap, most people have their minds made up on what they believe and each looks for that which will perpetuate their existing prejudice. I know if you are reading this, you most likely love real data. You may not agree with what I’m saying but the data is getting you pumped. If the data above didn’t appeal to you then you’re not reading at this point – these are the people with their head buried in the sand and we really need to pray for them – whether we agree with them or not we are the ones who will have to stand in front of them when the bullets begin. They won’t stand for themselves, so we have to stand for them. It’s not worth your time and effort to “turn them” – there’s too much other stuff to prep for – just know that you will be the one to defend them when the time comes and prep for that…

People send me stuff all the time. Here’s a little something from the last few days:
2021 – Med Check
2021/12/10 – On COVID vaccines- why they cannot work
2021/12/28 – Bhakdi:Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine
2022/02/01 – Denmark Covid restrictions lifted despite increase in cases
2022/02/01 – Leaked document reveals Biden’s Afghan failures
2022/02/01 – State Says It Shouldn’t Be Held Liable For Pandemic Harm Including Inmate Deaths
2022/02/01 – U.S. national debt exceeds $30 trillion for first time
2022/02/02 – Service members seeking religious exemptions to vaccine punished by Navy in violation of court order, Texas lawyers say
2022/02/03 – Johns Hopkins professor blasts his college and media for downplaying study on COVID lockdowns
2022/02/03 – US trucker convoy coming: Joe Biden will ignore protests at his peril
2022/02/03 – What the Constitution Doesn’t Say

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Where Is Your Line…?

Posted by delta on February 3rd, 2022

When I was 18 years old I raised my right hand and swore to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies…”… I have never stopped believing that the Bill of Rights were worth fighting and dying for – Liberty or Death… I also believe that the rights and freedoms I have studied and stood for my entire adult life do not end where your fear begins…

I will not, without a fight, hand off to my children less freedom than I have enjoyed in my lifetime. I will defend their liberties (and, by extension, yours) with my life – make no mistake about that…

I believe that ANY individual American, ANY team of Americans, ANY American Company and/or ANY American Corporation who attempts to take ANY right/freedom from ANY Law Abiding American is an enemy of the state… I believe that NO RIGHT/FREEDOM can be taken from ANY American without court involvement – PERIOD!

I believe that ANYONE who has taken the oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies…” and does not do so, has no honor. That is the one thing you simply do not do – you do not follow nor give an order which is in direct conflict with the Constitution…

I also believe that, unless you are one of the 5% who have taken the oath yourself, most people (the other 95% of you) will think I’m nuts… That’s ok – it’s your right to believe that…

Our economy is toast – 30 Trillion Dollars Toast. Does anyone realize that if our truckers decided to do in America what the Canadian truckers are doing in Canada, we’re going to have a serious supply chain issue on top of the one we have right now? Empty shelves and rising prices…

Where is your line in the sand? What rights do you care about? At what point do you stand up? After they have stolen your identity? Your job? Closed your bank accounts? How far do you have to be pushed before you see what’s going on here? Will it be too late by then?

The person who says, “I must do something” will always do more than the person who says “something must be done”… If not now, when? If not me, who?

Historically, when a freedom is taken away it is not given back. You may think that it’s alright for now, but what about 5-10 years from now…? What legacy are we leaving for our kids by submitting and complying?

Britain – OPEN
Chile – OPEN
Denmark – OPEN
France – OPEN
Findland – OPEN
Ireland – OPEN
Norway – OPEN
Portugal – OPEN
South Africa – OPEN

In the meantime, tens of thousands of Canadian Truckers (with another tens of thousands of civilians following them), in the freezing cold, are standing up for the rights of all – while American media is completely silent. Americans don’t even know…

Throughout Europe, Natural Immunity is now fully recognized and they are cancelling all vaccine, masks and anti-social distancing mandates – American media, again, silent… Americans aren’t even aware…

All the countries coming out with data saying that the vaccines are doing more harm than good – that the cure is more dangerous than the disease. Where is the American Media…?

America, the one place that everyone was watching and waiting to be their hope amongst all of this – A JOKE

When are we, in America, going to tabulate those who die FROM COVID-19 from those who died WITH it (from something else)? Will we ever?

Have you seen Britains data? Israels? Scotlands? It’ll scare the hell out of you… The cure is more dangerous than the disease…

As such…

…you want safety and security? You want sanctuary? I have a place that’s perfect for you. Free security force for your own personal 24/7 protection, free food, free healthcare, free clothes, free gym membership, free cable, free water, free electricity, free rent and all the necessities of life… You can live in the great society you always wanted as everyone owns nothing, consumes for free and works minimally… It’s called Prison – the only cost is your freedom… As long as you (appear to) comply – you’ll have it made… As long as you (appear to) agree with what is going on – you’ll have it made… As long as you never speak up, you’ll have it made… As long as you never question the authorities, you’ll have it made…

After spending 2 years studying the COVID-19 data and 1 year studying the Vaccine data – I’m done. I’m not going to be PC anymore. I’m not going to be nice anymore. I crave debate. I crave the data. If you can’t back up your words with three sources then shut the hell up – If you can, then let me see the data…

I know that many are scared and will never hear anything said, see anything done nor believe anything that does not come from their bubble of social media, friends or family (who agree with them). They will only look for that which perpetuates their existing prejudice. This all needs to end – NOW!

This is about our kids! Not me! Not you! The kids! What are we leaving them…?!?!?

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