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Fear and Willful Ignorance

Posted by delta on August 8th, 2022

Ever hear someone say “I fear no man” – sure they do. If someone is holding a gun to their mother, wife or kid…? Stupid thing to say…

When you tell a smoker that smoking will kill them someday and they say “I’m not gonna live in fear” – they are living in fear:  fear of their life without cigarettes and all that entails for them…

When you tell an alcoholic (or drug addict) they are killing themselves, or may kill someone else, and they respond “I’m not gonna live in fear” – they are living in fear:  fear of withdrawals, fear of the urge not being fulfilled, etc…. What they are saying is “I don’t care, I have a hunger and I’m gonna fill it”…

Totally off topic, but when I was in college I totally got a kick out of the tree huggers who smoked non-filtered cigarettes and drove beater-gas-guzzling cars – it was the funniest thing in the world to me…

There are certain things in life that are oxymoronic.  Usually, when someone responds to something with “I’m not gonna live in fear”, they essentially mean they want to live in willful-blissful ignorance because they live in fear of losing what they have and/or hunger for.

When you tell someone they should consider moving because where they live may not be safe in the here and now and definitely isn’t a conducive environment for their children’s future and they say “I’m not going to live in fear” – they are living in fear.  They are living in fear of leaving their comfort zone – personal history, friends, family, church, etc.  They are living in fear of losing their income.  They are living in fear of losing their home.  They are living in fear of finding an income, home and comfort zone “over there”.

It’s the very definition of “Willful Ignorance”

When someone says “I’m not going to live in fear” they are simply saying “I’m not going to give up my things.  I’m not going to give up my income.  I’m not going to give up my comfort zone.  I’m not going to give up my history.  I fear my life without them.”  It’s completely about pride and control.

WWJD…?  Better yet – what would He have YOU do if you asked Him…?  Pray On It.

The only person who lives without fear is the person who does not fear death – the person who is willing to give it all up right here, right now – the person who literally believes there’s a place better than this one and looks forward to being there as quickly as possible…

As I wrote the post above, I kept thinking of this not-so-funny old “joke”:


In the midst of a heavy hurricane season, a small town in Florida is alerted as likely to be hit very hard by one particular storm. An emergency notice it sent out to evacuate the town in anticipation of major flooding. One man in the town, Steve, refuses to leave his house, claiming, “I have no fear. God will protect me.”

Well sure enough, it starts raining heavily right on schedule. Early in the storm, the local fire department sends out their trucks to find anyone who hasn’t evacuated. With a river of water running several inches high in the streets, a fire truck stops at Steve’s house and asks him to come with them to safety. Steve proudly informs them, “I have no fear. God will protect me.”

The next day, Steve is now confined to the top floor of his house due to several feet of water flooding his house. Looking out his window, he meets the glance of a young fellow floating by in a rowboat. The fellow rows over to Steve’s house and says, “Gee mister, I’m sure glad I came through to check for anyone left behind! Hop in and we’ll get you to safety!” Steve confidently responds, “I have no fear. God will protect me.”

The next day, Steve’s house is mostly under water, and he’s left stranded on his roof. Along comes a chopper scanning for anyone in need. They find him and throw down a ladder, insisting that he comes aboard, to which Steve replies, “I have no fear. God will protect me.”

Well, not long later, our boy Steve finds himself facing Saint Peter at the pearly gates of heaven. Peter is surprised to see him, saying, “Steve? Is that you?! You weren’t scheduled to arrive for another 35 years!” Steve replies, “Yeah, let’s talk about that. I’ve devoted my whole life to God! How could he let me just die in a flood? I’m only forty years old!” Peter, equally confused, opens a book and starts flipping through it. After a minute, he turns to Steve and says, “I’m so sorry this happened, there must have been a clerical error. It says here we were supposed to send a firetruck, a rowboat, and a chopper to save you! I don’t know what went wrong!!”


God will protect you – in His way, in His time. I think our problem is that we presume to know what that means… We assume He wants for us what we want for us – in the time we wish for – in the way we wish for… We attempt to lead Him in the direction we want our lives to go instead of following what He leads us toward because it’s not what we want to do or not “the right time” in our little brains…

To deny oneself…

I see a lot of people who try to control God’s input in their lives through “being too busy” so they can redirect the guilt they feel for not following Him… Or, they simply say, they “haven’t heard Him in a while” as a redirect because He has not told them what they wanted to hear…

To deny oneself…

“God wouldn’t do that to me” – who said…? Ever hear of Job…? No where in the Bible does it say this life is going to be easy – in fact, it says the opposite…

There is nothing easy about denying yourself, picking up a cross and following Him…

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July Updates

Posted by delta on July 23rd, 2022

I spent the last month updating links and other parts of this website – so I apologize for not posting lately. The updates from the last week may be something you would appreciate reading however, so:
Catchin’ Up?
Home Admins
New Amendments

I’ll post something soon – hey, email me and let me know if you would like something consistent… Like a post every monday with links every friday or something like that…

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Lead… Follow… or Watch…

Posted by delta on June 24th, 2022

The Supreme Court did not say abortion was illegal – they simply said that they (The U.S. Supreme Court) had no business regulating it. It is not mentioned in the Constitution and never was. The Supreme Court does not amend nor enforce the Constitution – they simply interpret it and how it applies to the case before them…

I keep hearing/reading that they have taken away a constitutional right. They have not. Only Congress can create or negate a constitutional right – read the damn Constitution! I guess they don’t go over it anymore in High School Civics classes…?

If it would have been an Amendment to the Constitution then it would have been the law of the land. It’s the job of Congress to amend the Constitution. Congress had 50 years to legally secure it as a right by amending the Constitution – they didn’t. 50 years – they didn’t touch it… They simply sat on it hoping another case wouldn’t come along to challenge the validity of the original decision… Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was such a case…

So as the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution says – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” – the subject is a state issue, not federal…

The largest immediate hypocrisy we are going to see is states who create laws which allow freedom of choice for abortions but no freedom of choice for the jab. The hypocrisy of those who are fine with exterminating a viable defenseless human inside the womb yet will go above and beyond defending/protecting an animal or criminal who attacks or kills another viable human outside the womb. The masses bloviating about rights and freedoms who have never once voted. Hypocrisy… Incompatible Ideologies… False Virtue… Each individual state WILL pick and choose which “freedoms” and “right to privacy” you have to “choose” from…

“MY BODY, MY CHOICE” has been the mantra for 50 years. It’s been used for all types of campaigns – even other countries have made use of it. We, in America, can no longer assume we have freedom of choice… FOR ANYTHING…

It’s done – it was inevitable – now what…?

I’m no longer talking about abortion at this point.

Each state will do what they should do – govern – and it will be up to all of us to move to a location in which we mostly agree with the laws and established “freedoms” within… or take the time to attempt to change the laws where we live now…

“My Body, My Choice” was never a Constitutional Right (again, only Congress can create or negate a Constitutional Right), but it was a solid assumption based on precedent based on a judicial decree – now, it’s just a slogan based on a negated judicial decree…
Holding up the sign at an anti-jab rally just isn’t gonna make the same impression as it did yesterday…

Remember, I’m no longer talking about abortion at this point.

Freedom to choose whether or not you want the jab
Freedom to choose whether or not you can obtain, or refuse, ANY medical procedure
A doctors freedom to choose whether or not he/she can perform a medical procedure
Freedom to choose several things for your children

All “freedom of choice” arguments not associated with First Amendment Religious Freedoms are deeply associated with the “My Body, My Choice” argument…

“Right to Privacy” is a null and void argument. There is no such thing. Let me explain:

No American who uses any type of social media or keeps any data of any kind online has a right to privacy (YET) – YOU essentially wave YOUR rights when YOU agree to the “Terms of Use” for that platform (no one reads what they are getting into before clicking that button)…

All of this data is harvested and can be sold to anyone – including law enforcement – so essentially, you have no right to privacy – anyone can simply buy your data (without just cause and without a warrant)… YOU specifically need to check if the company has a government contract of any type – large or small, local or federal. If they do, part of the fine print of their contract is that they must voluntarily share data with government agencies… No need for just cause or a warrant… So far, these contracts have not been knocked down by the judiciary, but many companies are cancelling their contracts once they see what is happening with the data…

The Fourth Amendment covers you in your home and the physical “persons, houses, papers, and effects” – so they need a warrant to search your house, car, computer or phone – but at this point, most people have more information about themselves online than they do within their physical property.

Here’s the kicker, deleting an app on your phone does not delete the data from the company server online. You have to contact the company directly and ask them if they will delete your digital profile from their server/s and/or database/s – THIS IS NOT A JOKE! As an added bonus, the caveat to the “kicker” is that they have no control of deleting your digital profile from who they have already sold your data to – those who have already bought it can do whatever they want with it. The data most people think is on their phone isn’t actually on their phone. Their phone is a “portal” to the data/information which is actually stored on several servers in another state/country which is being sold to companies you will never hear of and stored on their servers in other states/countries

Here’s something even farther down the rabbit hole… and you never agreed to the “Terms of Use” for this:
Thinking locally, all the new cameras being put on the traffic lights – do you really believe you have a right to privacy…? They know exactly who is going where and when with no probable cause for a warrant. They simply harvest the data, store it directly to a data farm with no probable cause for a warrant. They can then mine, scrape and forage the data – at their own discretion – to “find” probable cause for a warrant after the fact. The whole thing is ass-backwards legally…

The new assumption here is that EVERYONE is guilty until proven innocent. Like I said – ASS-BACKWARDS

Your “freedom of choice” now depends on where you are as you read this – what are the laws in your city, county or state? If you wanted to change the laws, how hard would it be? How long would it take? What would YOU have to do? Are you a lone conservative surrounded by liberals? Are you a lone liberal surrounded by conservatives?

Every state is different – each county within each state is different – you need to know the differences!

According to your city, county or state charter/constitution – who has more “juice”? The legislature or the executive? Who are these people? Do they agree with you on the issues? Do the voters in the area agree with them?

Always go with a strong legislature who carries the same ideology as you – preferably a two-thirds majority to over-ride any potential veto from the executive. Legislatures make laws, laws are hard to overturn because it takes longer to get a group of folks to modify or negate (for several reasons). Executives can only make mandates (or executive orders) and those can be quickly overturned by legislation, the judiciary or the next individual to hold that particular executive office. The only durable power an executive has (in most city, county and state scenarios) is the veto of (potential) legislation that crosses his/her desk…

You will continue to read, watch and hear that the majority wants this or that according to “such and such” survey or poll. Really…? Is that really the case in your area…? Local politics in the U.S. is representative of the local population – if the majority of voters in this city, county or state wanted this or that then they DO vote people into office to make this or that happen. It really is as simple as that. Have they done it yet…? Are you aware of the real needs and wants of the voters in your area…? Look at the people they voted into office past and present – it’ll give you a good idea…

If you live in an area in which the local politics and laws have always left your stomach churning then maybe it’s time to move on… Moving somewhere that has a historical pattern of supporting your personal beliefs or principles will be much more agreeable to your psychological and physical health… Then again, some of us just want the fight… Some people crave the potential martyrdom as well… Hey, we need those folks too! They’re stories raise awareness to things we may have never considered!

Many are upset because it now requires them to actually do something… They actually have to get off their ass and out of their little bubble and do something… Most people don’t even vote, so getting them to actually do something other than simply sit there and complain is a lot!

I’m hoping that this political climate will force many to consider their local politics head on. Force everyone to dig into their local statutes, read them, understand them, consult a lawyer for assurance and decide whether or not THIS is somewhere they want to live. Most will do nothing but complain, a few will try to change things locally and many will move to a state which already supports their values.

In any case, you can’t just be an “armchair quarterback” and “hope” for change… You can’t just sit there watching the news or waste away reading about it on social media – if you want change, you have to do something outside your comfort zone… NOW

If you don’t have kids, you probably have no concept of what I’m saying. For those of you who do, is this the world you want to leave them…? Is this the State, County, City or Political Atmosphere you want them growing up in…? Raising your grandchildren in…?

How free do you think they’ll be in your present location 20-40 years from now…? Will the occupation they have always longed for even be available locally by the time they finish their schooling…? What bits of freedom will they have to surrender to complete their schooling…? What bits of freedom will they have to concede to get that first job…?

Some people want things to happen; some make things happen; most wonder what happened – which are you…? Which do you want to be…?


Whatever you find the problem to be today…

Trying to fix the blame is nothing but a waste of time and money – in the meantime the problem gets bigger, grows more tentacles and becomes harder to fix…

I wrote something related to this in August 2020:
After a ton of research – what I found…
and another one about SCOTUS the past January:

We all must cultivate the Capacity to find the Truth (not our own truth – the actual truth), the Integrity to tell it (no matter how much it hurts), the Presence to make people listen and the Character to do something about it (even if it means suddenly moving to where the action is) – no matter the consequences…

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A little news from May

Posted by delta on May 29th, 2022

1st Amendment “News”:
2022/05/09 – Attorneys General sue Biden over suppression of free speech
2022/05/18 – The Disinformation Governance Board Is Dead. Here’s The Right Way To Fight Disinformation.
2022/05/18 – Three-week-old Biden disinformation task force ‘paused’
2022/05/24 – Americans blame publishers more than tech companies in free speech battle

Here’s the thing about disinformation. It is defined by who is in charge – so if Trump is the next president… You get where this can go if we even allow it to start…? Of course, Trump would probably dismantle it, but if it was someone like him (either liberal or conservative) who would use it to their benefit… You always have to think about who the next person will be in that chair; you always have to anticipate what can happen once these people are no longer there…

4th Amendment:
2022/05/11 – Some Top 100,000 Websites Collect Everything You Type—Before You Hit Submit
2022/05/12 – The Use of Software & AI to Assess Job Applicants & Employees
2022/05/16 – What to Do If Police Ask to Search Your Car
2022/05/17 – You Can Block Those Annoying Cookie Banners on Every Website
2022/05/24 – Alibaba is Creating a Digital ID Carbon Footprint Tracker
2022/05/24 – EEOC Released TAD About Technology And Disability Discrimination
2022/05/24 – She thought a dark moment in her past was forgotten. Then she scanned her face online
2022/05/25 – Politicians Get Tech Wrong
2022/05/26 – Here’s What Hackers Are Really Doing With Your Info
2022/05/26 – How to delete what Google knows about you

Do you really trust any of these people with your data…? Do you…? Really…?

Good Predictions…?
2016/11/11 – America’s dominance is over. By 2030, we’ll have a handful of global powers
2021/11/15 – Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats
or a “Master Plan”…?

Things that make you go “hmmm”:
2022/05/06 – Pfizer is looking beyond the COVID-19 market, aiming to be the ‘partner of choice for biotech’
2022/05/10 – Drug Company Contracted to Produce Covid Vaccines Hid Evidence of Quality Issues
2022/05/11 – Biden likely to arrive at his own global Covid-19 summit empty-handed
2022/05/11 – Did Anthony Fauci & Francis Collins Receive Royalty Payments From Drug Companies?
2022/05/20 – As Team Biden Tries to Turn the Page on COVID, Top Doctors Object to New Approach
2022/05/24 – CDC warns of ‘Covid-19 rebound’ after taking Paxlovid antiviral pills

Things that make you go “did they really do that and not think it was a bad thing to do before they did it…”:
2022/05/10 – China ‘deeply alarmed’ that SpaceX is giving the US space dominance through Starlink
2022/05/24 – China, Russia fly warplanes in military drill during Biden trip to Japan
2022/05/24 – North Korea fires missiles hours after Biden leaves Asia
2022/05/24 – Proposed US crackdown on ‘Big Tech’ has one winner: China
2022/05/24 – US strategy to portray China as aggressor over Taiwan | South China Morning Post
2022/05/25 – Biden admin: How could we possibly have known how badly the Afghan withdrawal would go?
2022/05/25 – China launches bid to control the Pacific
2022/05/25 – China military must be able to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites if they threaten national security: scientists
2022/05/25 – China-tied surveillance AI firm Remark Holdings U.S. deals
2022/05/25 – Five things we learned about China’s ambitions for the Pacific from the leaked deal
2022/05/26 – The Mystery of China’s Sudden Warnings About US Hackers
2022/05/26 – UK and US warned Beijing will not back down after Ukraine war as tensions boil
2022/05/26 – Your move, Beijing: U.S.-China trade rivalry intensifies after Biden launches Asian economic pact
2022/05/27 – China is planning the invasion of Taiwan
2022/05/27 – China Launches Drone Ship That Acts As Mothership For More Drones
2022/05/28 – China launches empire building exercise in Pacific theatre
The war over resources is gonna be ugly. Everyone is moving their chess pieces now… poking for weak spots as they try to contain/surround the other side before hostilities actually begin… There will be no winner/s when all is said and done – just a survivor or two…

Things that make you go “REALLY!?!?! Didn’t see that coming?!?!”:
2022/04/22 – COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? – notice the URL this is coming from…
2022/05/09 – FSA Scrap Radioactivity Rule To Allow Food Grown Around Old Fukushima Nuclear Plant To Be Sold Freely In UK
2022/05/10 – Big meat is gobbling up fake meat companies
2022/05/21 – Are Americans Getting Richer or Poorer? US $5 Trillion ‘Wealth Shock’
2022/05/23 – See How Close You Live to the ‘Threat Radius’ of an Oil & Gas Site
2022/05/24 – The Depressing Statistic That Shows Where Harvested Food Really Goes
2022:05:24 – The price we pay for global supply chain
2022/05/24 – European fruit with traces of most toxic pesticides ‘up 53% in nine years’
2022/05/26 – Activists fear a new threat to biodiversity—renewable energy
2022/05/26 – Microplastics in sewage: a toxic combination that is poisoning our land
2022/05/26 – Soaring fertiliser prices force farmers to rethink
2022/05/29 – Fish off the coast of Florida test positive for pharmaceutical drugs
2022/05/29 – Biden’s latest economic headache: China’s Covid lockdowns – so, it’s ok that the rest of the world locks down and loses their economies, but not China… Put all your eggs in one basket (the basket of one of your greatest adversaries) and…

Surprise…? Not Really… These people will eat their own – if they’re not spoon fed something “good” then they may actually write something worth reading once in a great while:
2022/05/19 – Beltway’s big question/ Biden’s not really running again, is he?
2022/05/20 – American Democracy Isn’t Ready for Online Voting
2022/05/20 – Is Congress more dangerous than the southern border?
2022/05/23 – No One Has a Position on Speech Anymore
2022/05/24 – America’s common ground: Democrats and Republicans alike want transparent, objective elections
Well, maybe some of that was spoon fed to them…

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May 11th, 2022 Global Covid Summit

Posted by delta on May 11th, 2022

I produced the Global Covid Summit Maui on January 29th, 2022 – that was a full day of continuing education for doctors. Very gritty and a lot of data. I will (if they will allow me) put it up on this site if/when the final edit has been completed – it was 6-8 hours and could probably be edited down to (4) to (5) 1 hour videos…

Anyway, this happened today. I heard the white house is trying to either steal the name “Global Covid Summit” or they are simply trying to pretend they are involved with these folks, so getting it out that they are not the same thing today is pretty important…

or, go to:
or, click on the play button below…

Several people are watching it, so it will take some time to load… Just click on the play button, go make some coffee and a sandwich and when you hear the intro happening come back to the screen…

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