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Posted by delta on August 22nd, 2021

I believe in the freedom to worship as I want, say what I want, do what I want, live where I want, be what I want and raise my kids as I want without government interference, surveillance, influence or coercion…

You do you, I’ll do me and we’ll just leave each other alone… Stay out of each others way…

I’m not liberal – I’m not conservative – I do not affiliate with any political party – I do not vote “against” any candidate…

I start with questions, gather data, think, gather more data, think some more, gather more data, and so on, and so on until making up my mind. I trust nothing said by anyone in power, or the press, until I’ve seen and analyzed the data myself – data, unfortunately, takes time…

When it comes to voting, I lean toward smaller government (leave us alone to raise our families as we choose), stewardship of the environment (we have to stop trashing it) and Native American issues (I care as much about other minorities as they do about us). I do not care what the platform is for the Dems or Republicans because I know it is all just to demonize the other side to get elected – I’m done with that BS…

I do not consider voting for anyone who has not served in the military. Whether someone served for only a few years on an Airforce base in Okinawa or spent a few years as a Boatswains Mate in the Navy or served in USNAVSPECWAR or some other SF – every vet, when they signed that piece of paper and raised their right hand to take the oath, had no idea what their actual job would be, where they would end up, the dangers they would face or whether they would survive it. Every vet took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States at the expense of their own rights and life; every vet became an indentured slave to protect the rights of others; every vet has an idea of the potential ramifications of an order (both “insignificant” and “significant”) and that you have to be able to take one to give one; the list goes on… If you haven’t served, you’ll never get my vote – I won’t give you, your platform, your promises or your party a second thought… I’m not voting against you, you simply don’t exist to me – You Are Not An Option…

Before we dig into the BS that really doesn’t matter, let’s get into some old fashioned IF/THEN logic… I’m a coder, so my brain works this way… Nothing below this box really matters if you’re able to think things through with a little common sense. I really only look up information and data so when someone asks me “how many…?” or “what type of…?”, I can direct them to the information or data they are looking for… Here we go!

IF everyone who wants to be vaccinated is vaccinated, and these vaccines were actually as effective as they claim, THEN why would they need to concern themselves with anyone else? Seriously, IF someone is that concerned THEN they can go get the vaccine and they would have nothing to worry about, right? I mean, IF it actually is so effective…

My body – my choice, right? That’s been your mantra for 50 years… You do you – I do me…

In this climate, most people who remain unvaccinated are not going to go to the hospital if they have a cold, they are going to stay home so they don’t get discriminated against by the hospital staff. They will stay home to assure they don’t get put on any segregation list/s, for future use, that may be accumulating out there. So they are not going to be a burden on the health care system… and within a few weeks they will have much better immunity than those who were vaccinated…

As a Christian, let His will be done. Either way, I’m good with whatever His plan for me is – whether I’m here tomorrow or not. It’s up to Him… My trust is in Him and whatever He has planned for me… He made me and there is absolutely nothing that anyone in this world can do if He wants to take me home…

So what’s the problem here? Are the vaccines effective or not? IF they are effective THEN what the hell are you worried about? You’ve got your protection! Live your life and let me live mine! You do you, I’ll do me… IF they’re not effective, THEN stop pushing something that doesn’t work…
That’s it… That’s all… All the data, information, scare tactics, news coverage, social media, mandates, peer pressure – it’s all BS… If the damn thing works, then live your life free of worry and leave me alone; if it doesn’t, then live your life in misery until you find something that makes you feel safe… but, leave me alone…

After talking to your doctor or pastor for an exemption for a medical or religious reasons, you will have superiors standing by to try to change your mind with scare tactics and other types of coercion. If the simple logic above doesn’t stop them in their tracks then they are to afraid, or otherwise deficient, and can not be dissuaded – you need a new boss – get as far away from them as fast as you can and don’t ever look back…

This is insane. Lockdowns. Mask Mandates. Anti-Social Distancing Mandates. Phase Three Live Trial of Vaccines with no Control Group to an entire civilization regardless of their immunity status. Forced Vaccinations. Proof of Vaccination.

Thing is, both sides did this. They both did it.

To start, I can’t believe that the Dems are jumping all over a vaccine that was developed and pushed through by a Republican President who they thought was the devil incarnate. Now that’s funny…

…and… to top that off…

Common Sense ain’t so common no more…

The head of the CDC has stated that there is no proof that masks stop the virus whatsoever – none – so, they are just “playing it safe” by recommending masks. Tell you what. I’m remodeling a house right now and can tell you flat out that no mask I have tried can stop sawdust from getting in my nose and mouth. Sawdust is way thicker than any virus particles. What does that tell you? So, I know it doesn’t keep anything out. Now, use a little common sense and think about it. What does this mask I’m wearing keep in? How much? How is that affecting me? How is it going to affect me over time?
Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
In gathering data I came to the conclusion that, if one is sick, wearing a mask can help if someone sneezes or coughs while wearing the mask and covering it with their hand (it can catch A LOT while used for this purpose) – other than that, it is completely useless. I now believe that masks are recommended simply because the powers that be do not trust you to cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough nor do they trust you to wash your hands right after if you do… If I really think about it, I don’t trust you to either

Plexiglass in stores. These people are behind them all day and there is no airflow. Their gloves touch the items to be “rung up” and the card or money to pay which is given to them by the customer. They have the gloves on all day, so everything they touch is passed from customer to customer but what they do not realize is that it is in the booth with them, on everything they touch and not able to escape. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it, right?
The CDC first initiated this protocol because businesses were going nuts to stay open. After six months or so the data came in – it’s safer for everyone if the plexiglass is not there – airflow is more important for everyone’s safety. Anyone with common sense knew this the moment they saw the plexiglass in their favorite store – especially when they realized that these people did not change out their gloves…
Leave If You See COVID Partitions Inside Any Business Right Now

Children are being crushed psychologically – they can’t see whole faces nor hear variations in tone through masks – they can’t learn nor discern, on a subconscious level, tone of voice and micro-expressions to fully understand jokes, concepts or ideas someone may be trying to communicate to them. Words themselves are only 7% of communication – so they simply are not “getting” what is being said nor learning how to communicate properly themselves…

There has also been a mass psychological unfolding of the “grown ups” – this has become the “Age of the Hypochondriac” as we “Manufacture Victims” en masse day by day. The media, social media and peer pressure have folks so on edge that they go to the ER at the first sight of flu symptoms. Once at the hospital, even if you test negative and have the slightest flu symptoms, you are immediately taken to the “Covid Wing” whether you like it or not – even if you were just trying to get medications and go home to self quarantine…

…and the lies are mind boggling…

There has actually been only one person I was able to find under the age of 18 who died “from” COVID-19 with no co-morbidity in the entire United States – every other child/kid had a serious health condition and any flu/cold would have been serious… This completely makes the idea that our active military needs to be vaccinated – kids in the prime of life, with no co-morbidities, who work out everyday and eat right – null and void… I think this gentlemen said it best: Melquíades
Brown U. epidemiologist finds zero hospitalizations from 26,000 positive COVID tests for college students

From day one, this group of viruses has been shown to be completely treatable. Doctors were told not to treat it. Entire healthcare organizations were banned from treating it. Doctors who decided to “do no harm” were fired or put under investigation. I would hope that we would all lose our job before letting someone die… To do nothing? Insanity…
Oxford-led international research finds hydroxychloroquine safe in over 130,000 patients
Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19
Randomized Controlled Trials of Early Ambulatory Hydroxychloroquine in the Prevention of COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Death: Meta-Analysis
HCQ for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 281 studies
HCQ for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 344 studies
FMTVDM Quantitative Nuclear Imaging finds Three Treatments for SARS-CoV-2
Monoclonal antibody treatment available for early COVID-19 at Stanford Health Care
Harvard.edu – Treatments for COVID-19
Japanese medical association chairman tells doctors to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID
Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection
Inhaled budesonide in the treatment of early COVID-19 (STOIC): a phase 2, open-label, randomised controlled trial
The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article
Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19
Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection
Better Data on Ivermectin Is Finally on Its Way
Did you know that the EUAs for the vaccines were illegal if there was an adequate, approved, and available alternative? I didn’t know that… So, based on the law of the land, all vaccine mandates are illegal because there should have never been EUA approval because there are several treatments that can keep you from going to the hospital in the first place – they just blocked treatment and went straight for the vaccine…? Hmmm… I didn’t go to the hospital when I had it. I did what I do with any flu/cold – I took three Emergen-C’s in my shakes three times a day (that’s 9,000 mg of vitamin C per day) – no problem… That is not doctor approved – it’s just what I do when I feel something coming on – so far it has worked for me (and I’m 52 years old)…

From day one to today, from all the data I have collected for various geographical regions, on average 95% of those who take the PCR test randomly are negative and all other data was consistent with a common flu. Want to know why the financial market hasn’t collapsed? They have very smart guys doing the numbers on the actual data, not what is being reported to you. Here’s a little something that got buried a year ago:
Up to 90% of PCR Tests for COVID-19 May Be False Positives
Common Sense would conclude, by every definition on any website before March 23rd, 2020, were are already Herd Immune… Mysteriously, the definitions of Herd Immunity have been re-written since…

Keep in mind that, today, the original SARS-COV-2 is gone – no longer exist. Herd Immunity killed it. The powers that be just had to push the vaccine to everyone though – including those who already had COVID-19 and therefore T-Cell Immunity… Why would they vaccinate those immune to it? What the hell do they think these bodies would do with the vaccine?
People Who Had COVID May Have Worse Vaccine Side Effects
Nobel Prize Winner Reveals Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’
Fauci ADMITS “antibodies” from COVID-19 vaccines actually make the virus stronger

Only 6% of all vaccines ever sent for FDA approval are ever approved. Of those, the best are only around 40% effective. Suddenly, there were claims that these vaccines were effective 95% of the time – the same number that has consistently tested negative to the PCR test before a single vaccine was given…

Research and researchers have been stifled/muzzled by a single person who controls basically all of the research funding in the U.S. If they speak out against him they lose their funding. The research has not stopped, but you really have to dig to get to it… and, you have to go out and find it because no one is going to report it…

What about “Informed Consent”? When a doctor is about to do a procedure, vaccinate or medicate you they are required to tell you the plus’ and minus’ of what can happen to you due to the procedure, vaccination or medication – both short term and long term. You and your doctor can then have a conversation. This process has been completely corrupted. Have you seen the inserts for any of these EUA vaccines? Tell you what, kinda funny, there can be no informed consent for any of these vaccinations because the inserts are blank and the doctors have no data to give you. They have no data to give you – they have no information – THE INSERTS ARE BLANK…

I was instantly smiling from ear to ear on May 16th when I heard the new Director of the CDC say that we have to determine between dying ‘from’ the virus and dying ‘with’ it. All that data that those hospitals now had to go through for REAL accuracy. I found it hilarious that no one in power, or the press, had made this distinction before. I dug into that and my laughter was instantly crushed when I found that, as of May 1st, the CDC no longer accepted PCR testing data for the vaccinated. As such, American hospitals stopped gathering data from vaccinated people…


We don’t want data on who of the vaccinated has tested positive on the PCR test, but we do want to make the distinction between those who died “from” COVID-19 and who died “with” it? How would this data provide accuracy?

I had to dig deeper on this because it just seemed way too hinky to me. I have many friends, family and customers in healthcare fields and when I asked each of them about this they had no idea what I was talking about. Many asked their chain of command – turns out it is absolutely true. Just when I found this out the press started reporting the inaccurate data – blew my mind…

So, with our U.S. data being so out of wack I searched for and found the best data sets available – Israel keeps the best records by the way. Guess what I found? B.1.617.2 (the Delta “Variant”) is completely impervious of the vaccine – cuts through it like butter. 98.8% of hospitalizations are B.1.617.2 at this point. As a matter of fact, in every dataset that I found in which EVERYONE was tested (vaccinated and unvaccinated) there were far more people hospitalized and dying from B.1.617.2 who were vaccinated…
Most covid deaths now occurring in “fully vaccinated” people
Mainstream media beginning to question effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines
Holes in reporting of breakthrough Covid cases hamper CDC response
Breakthrough Covid cases: Data shows how many vaccinated Americans have tested positive
Health Ministry says COVID vaccine is only 40% effective at halting transmission

Keep in mind that, to most folks, B.1.617.2 is “just a cold”…

As I was looking for better data sets I also found that the press is simply lying about the numbers vaccinated as well. Not nearly as many folks are vaccinated as is being reported…

So, why are “they” lying? Do they know they are providing inaccurate information? Are they being fed small pieces of data instead of real/raw data? Is someone else writing their copy? Are they unaware? Are they indifferent? Are they just trying to keep their job?

It appears as though decision makers and members of the press do not have the data they need to make informed decisions nor to provide accurate information to their constituents. They have the data they are given and they make the best call they can based on those half baked data sets. That is how most people work – lazy, but it is what it is… It is really hard to find the data because once you write about it the data suddenly disappears from the internet. I had that problem in the last year, finding the data I needed to do the math for the posts below, the data was never in the same place twice – I had to dig for it.

I can almost understand folks who are “willfully ignorant” of the real data – I don’t know how they possibly got to where they are in life, but at least I know they are not evil. The problem is the few who know the data, can do the math, understand it and still do the wrong thing. I wish I could tell one from the other but these folks seem to be really good at blending in with their comrades…

It comes down to this: What is actually in it? Why are they pushing it?
Why are they vaccinating those who are already immune? Why are they forcing a vaccine that doesn’t work on a population that, for the most part, tackles this as nothing more than a cold? Why would they do that? Are they trying to force it before folks start having delayed adverse reactions in large numbers?

As for the folks who may soon force vaccinate my daughter with an order – I want names. I want the name of every individual in that chain of command – from where the order originated to the person who gives the shot – I don’t care if they are “just following orders” or not. I want to know who in my government is going to force vaccinate a Native American women against her will and against her religious beliefs. She doesn’t have the options I have. She doesn’t have the autonomy I have. She doesn’t have the code I have. To you, she’s just a test subject; to me, well, that’s my daughter. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

If my daughter is reading this – if they make it an order, just walk away. You are in training to be an officer in the U.S. Navy and, eventually, a lawyer. You are in training to be a leader of leaders. To be an effective leader, you have to live your life as the example for those you lead. As a leader, you have to stand for something. If you don’t stand for something then you will fall for anything. Would you give this order to 5,000 people? Think about it – really think about it. If it is an order you would NOT give then it is definitely NOT an order you should follow. There are more people watching and waiting to see what you do than you could possibly fathom. In the next ten years or so, there will be several “tests of courage and character” – this is just the first one. To be the person you want to be, to accomplish the things you want to accomplish, to help the people you want to help and to be the example you wish to be you must be more willing to die on your feet than live on your knees. Never give in nor assimilate when you know it is wrong – no matter how hard they squeeze. If they give an order to force vaccinate a healthy population for a virus that no longer exists – a vaccine which has no effect on its new variant, has no data nor information for Informed Consent – then this is not a country worth fighting for anymore. At that point, America is an idea that Americans have destroyed – The Grand Experiment, failed… Game Over…
Biden will NOT mandate COVID-19 vaccines, White House confirms
Rep. Mark Green Passes Amendment to Protect Discharge Status for Active-Duty Troops who Refuse the COVID Vaccine
Military Policy Gives Soldiers A Chance to Opt Out of the Vaccine, But The Biden Regime Is Blocking Information To The Troops

You’ve lived in a bubble for the last year being bombarded by nothing but incorrect data based on “new science” based on “new math”. What the hell does that mean? It means they are guessing, or simply making it up, because they do not want to take the time to gather REAL DATA based on actual research (in which the scientific method is utilized) which has been peer reviewed and published. The perfect example of this is the Natural Immunity vs Vaccine Immunity “debate”…
Natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity
How Long Do Vaccine Protections Last? Science Can’t Say for Sure

There are many types of people you have to steer clear of in this day and age, but the two types we really have to keep our eye out to avoid in this situation are: Those who do what they know is questionable as they say to themselves “well… if I don’t make money off of this then someone else will… may as well be me” and those do what is questionable “just to make life easier”… Life ain’t easy – it’s H-A-R-D… As I said before, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything…

I need to setup the next parapgraph with this sidenote because you need to know the general “feel” of the folks around here…

We live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When we locked down everyone began thinking about getting rid of, or at least limiting, tourism all together and going back to being a farming community.

Tourists, I’ll tell you what, after having the island to ourselves for almost a year (without you), everyone realized they they don’t want you here. They will die broke and in debt as long as they don’t have to deal with you.

As we opened back up to tourists, the hotels were running on skeleton crews (so about 50% of our population is still at home and not working), the rental car companies sold most of their vehicles, at least half of the restaurants were closed down (and the ones who managed to stay open can not find employees to work) and the upcountry area actually was not on water rationing (they built the South Maui tourists area in the desert and redirect the upcountry water to these areas).

Within a week, the locals decided they don’t want you back and within a month the Mayor did the same. Our Mayor is asking the tourists to stop coming and the airlines to stop bringing you here. True story.

Survey finds tourism frustration: A majority of residents favor limiting the number of visitors
Maui mayor asks airlines for fewer tourists amid travel boom
Maui mayor: no fly zone, please
Maui water restrictions lead to debate about tourism in Hawaii
A Wave Of Entitled Tourists Shows The Need For Action

Yes, it has a little to do with the virus – but mostly, it is because they saw what it was like without you here for a year and discovered it’s pretty damn nice…

Then the governor get’s into the fray:
Hawaii Governor To Tourists: Stay Away
Counties consider new policy to curb COVID-19 infections in Hawaii

To top it off, our politicians are in a power play cause the governor put out a few months ago that the mayor’s could do nothing without his approval – in response, our Mayor did this:

Today, just as stores are finally taking down the mask signs and 1,200+ Emergency Responders are suing over vaccine mandates (here’s the link: 1,200 first responders will file lawsuit against COVID vaccine mandate ), our State Government is considering “proof of vaccination” to enter almost all “indoor” businesses (link: Hawaii considering proof of COVID-19 vaccination for restaurants, bars and gyms) – the Lt. Governor thinks he can introduce it and get it passed within a few weeks. Of course, by the time this thing gets passed we will all be herd immune from B.1.617.2, but these are the most fear driven people you can imagine… So afraid that they can not think…
At the same time our State is considering the above, the U.S. House of Representatives is considering H.R. 4980 (link here: HR4980) which will require proof of vaccine to go through security in any U.S. airport – no one is reporting on this by the way, the press is in cahoots with the politicians on this one and they are trying to “slip it through” while we’re looking in the other direction… At the same time, three airlines have stated they will not mandate shots for their workers, here’s that link: 3 major US airlines will not mandate shots for their unvaccinated workers


In just a few weeks/months, half the people on this island (in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) MAY be unable to shop, unable to go to school, unable to do business, unable to get a job or go back to work if they get called back in…

…and, we can not leave because we will be unable to get through security at the airport… Out-of-state residents will not be able to return, and no tourist will be able to come here, without a vaccine passport…

I’ve heard many people say this over the last year and cringed every time – I never thought I’d say this, but can you say “MARK OF THE BEAST”…?

It’s like they’re intentionally trying to push this thing to Rebellion at this point… Once folks realize what the future holds for their children… Tell you what, if I can’t find a leader worth following then I’ll find followers worth leading…

The day after this post was put out live on the Internet, the FDA approved the Pfizer Vaccine. Nope, it’s not going to stop folks. Every time, it looks like it can’t get any worse – it does… Every time you think to yourself “they wouldn’t do that” – they do… Well, Americans are never really happy unless there is an enemy to discriminate against and segregate from… They now have the key to unlock the door of extreme prejudice…

They passed this thing through with absolutely no data for the “Delta Variant” B.1.617.2, no data for pregnant women, how it effects their milk and no data on what it does to the reproductive organs – there’s not just “No Data Available”, they didn’t study it at all… Here’s the insert from the FDA website from Monday, August 23rd, 2021:
COMIRNATY Package Insert
Even more humorous is that the vaccine they passed is not available in the U.S. and will not be until they get medical wavers assuring they can not be sued for giving you this drug. Until they have this waver, you will continue to receive the drug that is still under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization – the one that has the waver…
A few days after I wrote the line above, these came out:
2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine
FDA “full authorization” of Pfizer covid vaccine BROKE THE LAW in numerous ways, agency now complicit in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

Weird thing happening in the stock market. You’d expect everyone to be buying into Pfizer right now, but they are doing the opposite. Pfizer stock is dropping like a brick – well, those with the money seem to know something the rest of us don’t…

Now, I have more questions… Some of the top virologists in the world are saying that everyone who gets the vaccination will be dead within a few years. I kinda put that aside, didn’t give it much credence and didn’t look into it at all – but, usually it would take the FDA a few years to give a vaccine approval – what’s the rush?

My mind goes first to: “who is going to be the first to be force vaccinated…?” Healthcare workers, Military, Teachers, Emergency Responders… Hmmm… If someone wanted to have a very easy time in taking over America, these are the very people they would need to take out of the equation… Oh man… Now, more questions to be answered…

We all must cultivate the Capacity to find the Truth (not our own truth – the actual truth), the Integrity to tell it (no matter how much it hurts), the Presence to make people listen and the Character to do something about it (even if it means suddenly moving to where the action is) – no matter the consequences…

A little more “News” for ya:
COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Jump by 27,000 in One Week, FDA Pulls ‘Bait and Switch’ With Pfizer Vaccine Approval
Open Letter To America – Dr. Steven Hatfill

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EVENT 2021

Posted by delta on June 7th, 2021

This is the most important presentation most of you will ever see. It happened this past Saturday (June 5th). I’m not going to intro anything, this man’s has put it all on the line for the truth, the sooner you watch it the sooner you will be blown away:

If it doesn’t play for you, go to:

A few pdf’s for you:
Dr. Fleming – Event 2021 Slides
FMTVDM Quantitative Nuclear Imaging finds Three Treatments for SARS-CoV-2
Design and Analysis of Shedding Studies for Virus or Bacteria-Based Gene Therapy and Oncolytic Products

These slides stood out to me within his presentation:


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News Since Last Post

Posted by delta on May 31st, 2021

Taking it all back to the last post – yes, this is a live phase three test run completely illegally. Only 2.5%-5% ever tested have been positive for this flu (95%-97% have consistently tested negative) and of the 2.5%-5% who have tested positive less than 10% have been hospitalized. In the history of getting vaccines pushed through to approval, only 6% of all vaccines have been approved. Phase Three trials typically take 3 to 5 years to collect data on how it effects the candidates over time (not 6 months)…

No one knows anything yet – they are still collecting data… For any individual or organization to say definitively “this is true” or “this is false” before December 2026 would be extremely dangerous…

I am really getting a kick out of how they are claiming anything to be 95% effective when that is the same number who consistently test negative anyway…

This is news from April 15th to May 30th that will probably get deleted in the next few months:

2021/04/19 – North Carolina pharmacy mistakenly gives saline shots instead of COVID-19 vaccines
2021/04/19 – Pfizer vs. Moderna Vaccines: Side Effects, Efficacy and More
2021/04/20 – Scientist who helped develop Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine agrees third shot is needed as immunity wanes
2021/04/21 – FDA inspection found problems at factory making J&J vaccine
2021/04/21 – Nearly a third of service members given COVID-19 vaccine
2021/04/21 – Now the CDC wants to shut down ‘hygiene theater’
2021/04/21 – Pfizer confirms fake COVID vaccines found in Mexico, Poland black markets
2021/04/21 – Pfizer Identifies Fake Covid-19 Shots Abroad as Criminals Exploit Vaccine Demand
2021/04/21 – The U.S. Is About to Run Out of People Who Want the Vaccine
2021/04/21 – The US is vaccinating Americans at a record pace. But here’s why Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are up
2021/04/21 – UK Researchers Will Try to Reinfect People With the Coronavirus, for Science
2021/04/27 – CDC Eases Face Mask Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated People Outdoors
2021/04/27 – Green: Herd immunity for state possible in 8 weeks
2021/04/27 – Miami school bars vaccinated teachers from seeing students
2021/04/27 – Most counties in Iowa decline COVID vaccines as demand slows
2021/05/01 – State to keep mask mandates in place despite CDC guidance
2021/05/05 – Can you be fired for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine? America is about to find out
2021/05/05 – Covid: Reused nose swab scam busted in Indonesia airport
2021/05/05 – Millions staring at famine as food insecurity soars
2021/05/05 – NC bill bans retaliation vs state workers over COVID vaccine
2021/05/05 – US judge throws out pandemic-related moratorium on evictions
2021/05/06 – Island hospitals shift strategies as vaccine interest slows
2021/05/06 – Labor shortage solution is to stop paying people not to work: Economics professor
2021/05/13 – Ige: State to continue mask mandate for now
2021/05/13 – Pentagon Surveilling Americans Without a Warrant, Senator Says
2021/05/14 – Biden will NOT mandate COVID-19 vaccines, White House confirms
2021/05/14 – Costco Won’t Require Masks for Vaccinated Customers in Some States
2021/05/14 – Employment attorney weighs in on rights of workers to refuse mandated vaccinations
2021/05/14 – Share COVID jabs instead of vaccinating kids, WHO urges
2021/05/14 – Some immunocompromised people still need to wear masks despite new CDC guidance
2021/05/14 – The CDC’s New Mask Guidance Was Based On Science
2021/05/14 – What’s the science behind CDC’s decision to say fully vaccinated people don’t need masks?
2021/05/15 – CDC’s Big Mask Change Went From Science to Secret to Surprise
2021/05/16 – CDC director criticized for now differentiating between dying ‘from’ vs. dying ‘with’ COVID-19
2021/05/20 – Big gaps in vaccine rates across the US worry health experts
2021/05/20 – How Long Do Vaccine Protections Last? Science Can’t Say for Sure
2021/05/24 – Hawaii is the only state requiring and spending millions on COVID-19 testing
2021/05/25 – First man to get jab William Shakespeare dies of unrelated illness
2021/05/25 – Woman, 35, dies from rare stroke after AstraZeneca Covid vaccine jab
2021/05/26 – Indiana AG says university mandating vaccines violates new state law
2021/05/26 – Old Lyme Teen Shares Story of Heart Problems After 2nd Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine
2021/05/27 – State Senate passes bill to establish ‘medical freedom’ from vaccination
2021/05/28 – Facebook whistleblower says he has been suspended by the tech giant after leaking internal documents
2021/05/28 – One in 10 cancer patients didn’t have a high antibody response after getting their second Covid shot

No one knows what the hell they’re talking about at this point – they throw all these numbers at you which show that these “vaccines” may need a bit more data before exposing the public to them and at the very end of the article they suggest you get the shot anyway…

Here’s a little something I thought I’d throw in – specifically “§46.116 General requirements for in-formed consent”:
Code of Federal Regulations – TITLE 45 PUBLIC WELFARE – Department of Health and Human Services- PART 46 PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS

You may find this a little informative as well – everyone seemed to gloss over it when it came out:
CBO Economic Outlook

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Symptom Suppressant or Symptom Inhibitor? Your Call

Posted by delta on April 14th, 2021

Took a few days to find the data again – they are really trying to hide it! All my old links are broken! Anyway, all the data below can be found at: https://covidtracking.com/data/download/hawaii-history.csv… I found it as a link from: https://covidtracking.com/data/state/hawaii… Download it quickly! Before they take it down!

I saved the original cvs as a pdf (in case they take it down). All you have to do is highlight everything and copy it, then you can paste it into “Numbers” or whatever is it that you use for tables: https://covidtracking.com/data/download/hawaii-history.csv… I also truncated the data from the links at the top of the page so it’s easier to read: 12/01-03/07 COVID numbers

They are not testing for T-Cell Immunity or the presence of antibodies – so I took those columns out in the truncated version. That is something that totally makes you go “hmmm” – not testing a population which tests negative to the PCR test 97% of the time before administering a phase three drug into their body… I’m gonna start cussing soon… ah, hell, why wait… I’m definitely calling “BULLSHIT!”…

STATE OF HAWAII Mar 2020 – Nov 2020 Dec 2020 – Feb 2021
# of People 1,400,000 1,400,000
# of PCR Tests Given (673,164) 48% of HI Population (477,034) 34.9% of HI Population
Negative PCR Tests Results (655,413) 97.36% Healthy (466,558) 97.8% Healthy
Positive PCR Test Results (17,751) 2.6% (= “Cases”) (10,476) 2.2% (=”Cases”)
Positive PCR Test Results
(16,460) 93% of the 2.6% “Cases” (9,537) 91.04% of the 2.2% “Cases”
Positive PCR Test Results
(1,291) 7% of the 2.6% “Cases” (939) 8.96% of the 2.2% “Cases”
COVID Survival Rate 99.98% of 1,400,000 People 99.98% of 1,400,000 People
COVID Death Rate (244) .017% of 1,400,000 people (201) .014% of 1,400,000 people
COVID Death Rate of those
with Positive PCR Test Result
1.3% of the 2.6% “Cases” 1.92% of the 2.2% “Cases”

As more people are exposed, in the natural course of living and being human and building up our natural immunities to viruses, the # of “Healthy” individuals will gradually go up (as they are) and the # of “Cases” will gradually go down (as they are). If it is naturally occurring it would be a much quicker process – but if you take into account mask wearing, suggested distancing and mandated lockdowns, the process will be a trickle (as the numbers above show)…

My whole life, when I spent time around fresh cut grass my skin would break out and my sinuses went into overdrive. Really sucked for a rugby player. I learned to take “Contact” about a half an hour before I’d head to practice. It would clear me up so when I was exposed to the grass I wouldn’t spend the next few hours being miserable. If I didn’t take it I would be miserable from the moment I hit the grass until I cleared up my sinuses and took a shower (to “get it off me”)…


It’s just in the form of a shot. This is a “symptom suppressant shot”. This is a “symptom inhibitor shot”. I don’t care which you use – just stop calling it a “vaccine”!!!

After receiving your “symptom suppressant shot”, 5% of you will get the virus and 90% of that 5% will have few symptoms, if any… Wait! What’s the difference between that and how things were? 95% tested negative on average (across populations and borders)… of the 5% (or less) who tested positive, 10% (or less) were hospitalized and 20% (or less) of those hospitalized have died – we are still trying to protect the 20% of the 10% of the 5% of the population (which is 0.02%) by wearing masks and social distancing. Whether we get the “symptom suppressant shot” or not…

Since day one, ALL THE DATA presents that 95% of us are consistently testing negative and of the 5% who test positive 90% have no, or few, symptoms… Those have been the numbers from day one of this thing – they have not changed…

In Hawaii, we have year around sun and a nice consistent tradewind. So our numbers are better than most.

I would say that this should all trickle out and we could have had 99% immunity a while ago, but “they” can’t let that happen at this point. It would not allow them to do what they need to do to our Constitution and Government – so they need more time. If they roll other coronaviruses (and the “emergency mandates” that will ensue) into the first one, this can go on for as long as they want it to…

After the shot, you’re still told to wear a mask, you’re still told you have to distance yourself from others, you’re still told you can’t meet in large groups… Countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, are still going to lockdown their borders for the next few years – even after everyone has had the shot… States and Counties throughout the world are doing the same, to one extent or another…

To force, by emergency powers, a population to become part of a stage three drug trial due to a pandemic in which 95%-97% of the population consistently tests negative – I’m calling “Bullshit!” Prove it! Prove this is a pandemic! I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to the radio and I haven’t logged into any social media in months – I don’t want to hear anything come out of anyone’s mouth other than “these are the numbers, do the math yourself”. Show me your numbers! I’m providing mine – you can click on any link in this post to get them…

I don’t trust the left – I don’t trust the right – I don’t trust anyone who can’t do a simple math equation – give me the numbers, that is all I want… I don’t need to hear a word – just direct me to the numbers…

Now, I’m not saying this flu isn’t contagious as hell or that it doesn’t suck once you get it. It is contagious and it does suck! As does any virus if you’re medium to high risk due to preconditions (whether you are aware of the preconditions or not)! What I am trying to convey to you is that, statistically speaking, the “Symptom Suppressant Shot” will most likely have more negative effects on the population than COVID-19 itself. We won’t be able to get the data for 5 years or so – if at all – but the math really doesn’t lie. Check it out:

  • This virus has been shown to be completely treatable, but for some reason doctors and hospitals have been told not to treat it. Doctors who do treat are losing their licenses and practices. The presstitutes have been told and convinced there isn’t a treatment… and, the presstitutes have (in turn) convinced YOU…
  • By abusing the word “pandemic”, they have been able to talk you all into running a “live phase three test” for a treatable virus, on an already healthy population (which, when tested, has been 95% immune from day one) with no control group whatsoever…
  • They have changed the definition of Herd immunity – it was typically considered 60% to 70% of a population being unable to pass a disease off to another person – they have now set it to an unattainable goal. By the new definition, we can not achieve herd immunity. Worldwide we have been at 95% (Negative for PCR Test) and within the State of HI we have been at 97% (Negative for PCR Test) from day one.
  • This is the first “pandemic” in the history of the world in which mass people were tested who presented absolutely no symptoms (drive up testing) – I’m not sure if this was happening in other countries or not – normally, people are tested when they show up at the hospital or clinic with symptoms…
  • The PCR test wasn’t even designed for this – a few extra (accidental) spins of the machine and “voila” case numbers goes up…
  • From the start, if they wanted a higher “case” count, all they had to do was test more people – they wouldn’t tell you that no matter how many they tested they got X.XX% every-time – they would simply tell you how many “New Cases” there were today – and you ate it up… Now, they need the “case” count to drop – in a few months, they will halt wide spread testing and only test those who show up at the hospital with symptoms – that will dramatically change the “Case” count in the coming months…
  • By abusing the word “vaccine”, they are creating a group of people who can have a full on bout with COVID-19 (not just a trickle, but full blown), who feel they can walk around as if they are invincible (because they got a “Symptom Suppressant Shot”) and pass it on to others
  • As everyone stood by false science and disregarded actual science for a year, telling people that antibodies were not enough protection, “they” have painted themselves into a corner – how can they now talk that back? How can they now tell people that antibodies are what we are shooting for when they are still giving a shot to those who have already had this flu and already have high levels of antibodies? They are giving shots to those who already have the antibodies! This is crazy!
  • There is no control group to distinguish between those who can not get it, those who have had it and those who got the “Symptom Suppressant Shot” (and the specific data from that)… They are giving everyone a shot – no control groups, no pre-testing to see if anyone has T-Cell Immunity or Antibodies BEFORE giving the shot… There is no scientific method being applied to this rollout whatsoever
  • It is being reported that: some people who have antibodies are getting negative reactions when they get the shot – why would they not test for antibodies before sticking a needle in your arm…?
  • I can not say this enough: They are doing all of this without a control group. Any scientific research needs a control group for proper data. If they truly felt that this was a pandemic and they truly felt that they needed to protect people and they truly felt it was important to get people “vaccinated” safely – if they truly felt that it was important enough that they had to shorten the stage three cycle by years, then they would want a control group for that data…
  • If you download the data from VAERS you can see that in the period from January 1st to April 1st, there were 1,157,732 reported adverse reactions to the various shots. Of the 1,157,732 reported adverse reactions, 2,237 folks died (that count may be more, I was scrolling down and counting by hand and may have missed a few hundred) – and the numbers appear to get bigger as time continues (for example: January Reported Deaths were 479, February Reported Deaths 777, March Reported Deaths 940 and on April 1st 41 Deaths were reported)…
  • If there are 325,000,000 Americans and 30% of them had at least one shot – 97,500,000 Americans have had at least one shot. If 1,157,732 reported an adverse reaction then 1,187 of every 100,000 is having a bad day… and this is just the initial reactions for the first 90 days – we’ll see how this thing does over time – no one knows how these shots will affect your body 6 months down the line… 12 months down the line… 24 months down the line…
  • The freakiest thought of the numbers in the last two points is that typically only 10% or less are reported for various reasons or another – VAERS site says that it may be as low as 1% of all adverse reactions being reported… Half of those not reporting issues being folks too embarrassed to report issues after pushing everyone around them to get it…
  • This is a Stage Three Test of Experimental drugs being rolled out and run “Live”… Why would they give the shot to Low Risk, or No Risk, Groups? Why aren’t they testing people for T-Cell Immunity before giving them the shot…? Why aren’t they testing people for antibodies before giving them the shot…? Why are they giving shots to people who are known to have already had it…? Why are they giving shots to people who can’t get it…?
  • The creation, initial tests and rollout of these “Symptom Suppression Shots” cost the governments of the world ALOT of money, doesn’t it make fiscal sense to only give the shot to those who need it so that all of the poor countries of the world can get their supply sooner rather than later…? Yes! Absolutely give the shot to those High Risk individuals who need their symptoms suppressed (it will save the hospitals and families a lot of grief)… But, everyone in the neighborhood does not need it, give it to those who need it!

You will read over some of the points above and think “Hmmm, good point, maybe I need to check this out for myself…” and other points, you’ll read and say “ah, he’s just blathering on” – at least you’re thinking… If you need links to anything, or the downloads from anything, just let me know – I’ll send them to you (completely unedited and unfiltered)…

Do you realize that every country/state/county that has locked down has way more issues than those who are open/free…? Don’t watch the news! Do the damn numbers yourself! Seriously, this is really easy math people…! You’re sitting on your ass in your house anyway – do something productive with your time!

The only numbers you’re given are “Cases”, “Hospitalized” and “Deaths” – with no other references to any other data nor how this data is determined – and you’re happy with that?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?

Let’s play a game called “Trigger Words”. Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you read/hear the following words:

You probably think the person speaking or writing is attempting to “be careful” (or politically correct) while talking or writing of something, yeah? In many cases, you may not know what this person actually thinks about what they are talking about – they may simply be repeating something or reporting something…

Now, add the trigger word “False” in front of any of the words above, such as:
False Allegation
False Assertion
False Assumption
False Belief
False Claim
False Conspiracy
False Justification
False Opinion
False Presumption
False Rationalization
False Speculation
False Theory

This person is now attacking an idea, group or person – exuding their prejudice/s and you know exactly what they (truly) think of the situation (the idea, group or individual)… They have lost their credibility to be an honest broker of intelligent conversation… The funny thing is, they have now just worked their way into the bubble of prejudice – often while speaking of that very topic… Very Ironic… I’ve always told my kids that “an ignorant person is one who throws their mind in your face and the arrogant one does it again tomorrow”…

Reporters, Teachers, Instructors, Coaches – Report! Teach! Instruct! Coach! I don’t give a crap what you think about anything! Just do your damn jobs!

The moment an individual listening to, watching or being taught by a reporter, teacher, instructor or coach knows that reporter, teacher, instructor or coaches political affiliation or social ideology is the day the reporter, teacher, instructor or coach needs to find a new gig. They have failed at their job by not doing their job. Their job is not to tell anyone what to think. Their job is not to belittle any one because they do not hold “common” beliefs. Their job is not to teach anyone to be prejudice against those who do not think the way they do. Their job is to present the facts as they know them within the confines and context of being a reporter, teacher of…, instructor of…, coach of…

It is your right as an American to turn off the damn TV. It is your right as an American to write the school board if a teacher crosses the line. It is your right as an American to write the president/board of a college if an instructor goes over the line. It is your right as an American to have the coach fired for doing anything other than coaching. It is not just a right, it is a responsibility…

Do not let anyone tell you what to think! Don’t let me tell you how to think! Find the information yourself! Do the math yourself! Think for yourself!

Don’t yet believe you are in an experiment??? This is just news from the last week:
2021/04/11 – Chinese vaccines’ effectiveness low, official admits
2021/04/12 – DARPA Biochip to Save Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA
2021/04/12 – It’s too late for vaccines to save Michigan, CDC director explains
2021/04/13 – Australian travel could be shut down for years despite Covid vaccines with border closed
2021/04/13 – CDC Studies ‘Breakthrough’ COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated
2021/04/13 – Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine: CDC and FDA recommend US pause use of vaccine over blood clot concerns
2021/04/13 – People Who Had COVID May Have Worse Vaccine Side Effects
2021/04/13 – Why Mammograms Show False Positives After COVID Vaccine

You are part of a live experiment – there are no “facts” – there is just “data” – and that takes time… You are only seeing what they want you to see… The moment you hear anyone on TV proclaim “False…”, turn the channel (or just turn off the TV) and don’t ever listen to, read, or watch, that person again… There are no facts… There is only data… and there is definitely not enough data to proclaim ANYTHING “False”… Either that person doesn’t have the mental capacity to know this or they do – if they do, then they’re prejudice is too reckless to expose yourself (or your loved ones) to…

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Social Media Perception Management

Posted by delta on February 10th, 2021

First thing one needs to realize is that none of the companies who are now surveilling or editing our lives are actually private companies with no motive for what is occurring – they are in direct collusion with the government, politician’s and political parties. These institutions are not simply “paying customers”, they have many contracts worth billions of dollars with these institutions and , in some cases, got their start with venture capital from these institutions. Folks think that the Constitution is “still safe” because “it is not the government doing this” – they think it’s “all good” because “private companies can do what they wish”. We in the tech world call this “Willful Ignorance” – and it is usually characterized within the context of addiction (EX: those who smoke know smoking is bad for them and will most likely kill them but they do it anyway). Willful ignorance keeps you consistent and makes you predictable – and that is exactly what the algorithms (AI) need to serve up a better product – not for you, but – for the customer.

I feel it is important, at this point, to explain what I mean by “ignorance”. Turns out there are several definitions and synonyms – some more harsh that others – so, I feel I should clarify exactly what I am saying. By “ignorant” I mean “unaware”, “unconscious”, “unfamiliar” and “innocent” – Willful ignorance is the act of intentionally keeping oneself “unaware of…”, “unconscious of…”, “unfamiliar with…” and “innocent of…” – it’s the adult equivalent of a child plugging their ears, closing their eyes exclaiming “La-la-la-la-la!” at the top of their lungs so they can’t hear a discussion in the room or a teenager rushing into their room and blasting the music so they can’t hear what their parents have to say…

Let’s say I’m a customer for a social media platform. I go to them and say “I need to sell this… Help me out”. The platform then creates a few eye catching banners and quickly sets an algorithm which will pick out 10,000 people on the platform who WILL (without a doubt, based on their data) check out the product. Those 10,000 people then tell their (200 to 500) friends by posting, or texting/emailing family and friends about this “product”… Now, if this customer/product is a news article, political agenda, political party, political organization, PAC or a any type of Fake/Controlled “Opposition” to a social agenda – Game Over – within 30 days, that original 10,000 sets of eyes becomes a social movement of 1,000,000+…

Again, let’s say I’m a customer for a social media platform and I need to accomplish something so I ask them specifically for “a large group of people who would take to the streets and assemble for ‘redress of grievances’ to assure our Constitutional Rights are not being revoked”. Once I have that data, I could easily create a few fake social movements to control both sides of an issue. I could bombard each side from their own perspective and feed them with what “they should” fear for a few weeks. People fear what they do not understand and if one could make the issue complicated beyond their comprehension fear will turn to hate – if you can mentally “get them in the corner” so “there’s no way out” you got them. Once everyone is properly riled up, tell them, “but don’t worry… we got this… stay home… be safe… and wait… we got this… don’t come out…” All I have to do is create a problem, assure it is too complicated for most people to comprehend, make them fear it, have a solution for it and they will stay home and wait… and wait… and wait…

Actually, now that I think about it, that is how facist regimes come into power. “Easy Solutions” for “Big Problems” which put the publics fears at ease, as long as they are willing to trade their freedoms and assimilate… Of course, in the digital age, they can do it without a single shot being fired…

You are not the customer, you are the product… Algorithms (AI) feed you what it thinks you are going to be interested in. As you scroll, click, read or post – the algorithm takes that data and serves you more feeds/banners based on your growing profile… As you make more choices and the algorithm loops, it gets to “know you better” and can then serve up what the customer wants you to see in the way YOU want to see it – your perception of the world can be changed and managed without your knowledge or consent due to the way the algorithms are framing your online experience… One term for this is “Impression Management”, the Department of Defense calls it “Perception Management”…

If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product. Your information, your data, your desires, your fears and your personality traits are the product – a social media platform can create, change, block, delete or otherwise manage an entire social agenda within any geo-political context in 30-90 days, dependent on what the customers marketing budget is. If you are not worried about it, then either you are too ignorant to understand, too deep into the rabbit hole to lend a hand or too cowardly to take a stand – the algorithms can differentiate which within a few mouse clicks – and this information is also passed to the customers…

…and… ALL of this information is piped to the government – EVERYTHING. There are a few direct pipes to the NSA but these pipes tend to be “mushy” because they send straight (unformatted) data that is not usable or searchable without a lot of effort. To have data transmitted to them in usable format the government uses the data obtained by the companies supported by the venture capital group In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel is wholly owned by the CIA and they support approximately 80 companies, almost all of these companies are AI/algorithm products or services for harvesting your data and putting that data in a usable format for ease of use…

One with major means/money can also use companies such as the now defunct SCL Group (Cambridge Analytica) to get extremely formatted data with very specific profiles for very specific operations… If you get nothing else out of this post, you need to check out what this company was able to do in the past… Through social media they were able to locate groups of individuals, discover EVERYTHING about them and target them specifically (in both war and politics)… Look it up yourself! If they hadn’t done it in the U.K. (where they have laws protecting each individuals digital data), they would still be in business today…

I have found, knowing what I know, that it is simply a moral imperative to shut down all my social media accounts and to call for everyone else to do the same. Being liberated from unrestricted surveillance and calculated conditioning allows you to gather your own thoughts without being perpetually bombarded by what the algorithm (AI) of the site you’re visiting directs you to see… Privacy allows you to have your own thoughts, conversations and debates without fear of reprisal from some future source/force (which may not even exist yet)… Have we spent so much time online, being fed only that which perpetuates our prejudices, that we can no longer debate…? Is the fear of being questioned or having an honest dialogue so far out of the range of our human interaction at this point…? Are we that far gone already…?

Both sides of our existing social dilemma are being manipulated to extremes. Those of us watching it happen from the outside of either sphere are literally waiting for war. Both sides believe everything is going to go back to what it was before – they just need to destroy the other side first. Seriously, that is the gist of their conversations – to “get rid” of the “other side”. Oh yeah, if you hear them talk about the future, they actually believe it will go back to how it was – both sides – ironically, the more I listen to them the more I find their rhetoric to be a “distinction without difference”…

On Monday 27 February 1933 the German Parliament Building in Berlin was burned down – the “Reichstag Fire”. Most people believe this was a “false flag operation” by the Nazi Party itself. Due to this fire, the Nazi Party was able to suspend civil liberties for the public and make mass arrests of all political rivals of the Nazi Party. Within just a few short months, there were nothing but empty seats in parliament – the Nazi’s filled these seats with their own which gave Hitler’s facist regime complete legal power of the government.

Does this spark any scent of familiarity to any recent events lately? Have we learned nothing from history?

Each person cherry picks what they are exposed to so they can create a narrative in their head that “feels good” and “loads them up” with “what they need” to convince others of their version of history. Did you know that, as you are reading this, there are tens of thousands of Native Americans on reserves living in complete poverty? In areas with no economy… no jobs… no decent land for farming… no natural resources… no hope… Poverty which, if known, would make any other social agenda crumble in comparison. Not only have Native American past been written out of history, their present situation is being completely excluded. NO ONE wants to have THIS conversation! …even other minority groups! If the condition of LIVING Natives was known to the public, no other social group could justify the persona of victimization for themselves or of generations past. Three living generations of Americans who “know nothing” of the plight of our Natives simply because it has been written out of our history books and no one who knows the PRESENT SITUATION wants this conversation “out of the bag”…

Speaking of writing things out of history, I was talking to a group of folks the other day who knew nothing of the “Red Scare” or the “blacklist” from our own history. I was stunned – no one knows history anymore…

“Judge not, they say, but they consign to hell everyone who stands in their way”. This is heading toward what can be called nothing other than “The Digital Red Scare of the 21st Century” – if we don’t stop it now, there will be another “blacklist” and with the technology we have today it won’t be 10 people – it will be 10 million. This time, there will be no trial, there will be no commission and there will be no publicity. They can manipulate any digital data on anyone – they can make anyone disappear from “the books” as if they never existed. Suddenly, the folks on the “losing side” won’t own anything, they won’t be able to buy anything and they won’t be able to get a job… no one will know who “did it”… no one will know how to “undo it”…

Do you know what your “digital profile” is? Do you know what your “digital assets” are?

This needs to stop. Everyone needs to unplug, leave their cell phones at home and go to the nearest coffee shop and just talk to one another. No recording, no tracking devices, no posting of what takes place or what is said – just honest, open dialogue…

It sounds stupid, but I think we will find that there is more to unite us than divide us… Is that what the powers that be fear? Do they fear us being united so badly that they need to force feed us hate, to keep us divided, to assure their rule over us?

I honestly don’t know if it’s possible at this point… Everyone thinks everyone else is an idiot… Lifelong friends and “tight” families aren’t even able to sit down and talk at this point… If you know your history, you know that that’s when society breaks down… Instead of depending on family and friends to have our backs we stay away from them because either they (intentionally or unintentionally, through mouth or their digital activity, respectively) or their digital devices (via tracking, microphone or camera) are going to turn “informant”… Thing is, they don’t even have to do it intentionally – most often, they won’t even know they did it – that is how willfully ignorant people are at this point… This is a really bad path we’re heading down…

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