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Starlink for Lahaina

Posted by delta on August 14th, 2023

So, we have folks going neighborhood to neighborhood and parking lot to parking lot getting needs from folks who will not leave their “area”. They are then driving back to this side with their lists and we all run around to find the stuff on the lists – they are not letting any supply vehicles in unless they are visibly full (so there’s a caveat to overcome). We usually load up any “not-full” truck with full gas cans, water, toilet paper, dry wipes and such…

If someone on the island could donate their Mobile Starlink for a few weeks or so they could let us know what they need as they are driving toward us and we can have it waiting for them when they arrive…

It would cut the resupply time from a day to a few hours…

Everyone is where they are going to be for a while (at this point). Those who made it to this side of the island are going to stay where they are and those who stayed on that side are going to stay where they are – so, for now, we just have to deal with “what is”…

It would be great if we could possibly setup a few “Starlink Centers” (with security of course) if we get more than a few donations – so the folks out there can have COMMS and call loved ones…

I made a list a few days ago of a few helpful items which can be used in case of emergency. If anyone thinks of something else can go on this list, let me know. These people are not survivalist – and many are not thinking straight – so the list needs to be “easy to use” items.
I’m not going to put anything on the list that can start a fire or potentially be a weapon (nothing that has a blade or shoots any projectile), and
I won’t put anything I haven’t used and had a good experience with on the list.

I added Starlink to it (but there’s a monthly bill for Starlink so I don’t expect that to go anywhere):

Rainman Desalination Kits – I would still run the water that came out of this through one or two of the filters below due to what is in the sea water right now – I’d run it through as many filters as possible (they all filter out more of this or that specific microscopic “blah-blah” that can make you sick)

Berkey Water Filters
The Water Machine
Sawyer Water Filtration Systems
LifeStraw Peak Series Water Filters

Advanced Elements Summer Showers – Mobile Shower
RinseKits – Mobile Shower

Go Sun Fusions – Mobile Baking – Solar
All American Sun Ovens – Mobile BBQ & Baking – Solar

Ready Wise – MRE’s
Patriot Supply – MRE’s
Sun KettleĀ® Solar Cooker – Solar water boiler for the MRE’s – I use them for coffee as well

Inergytek – Solar Panels w/ Solar Generator/Batteries
RockPals – Solar Panels w/ Solar Generator/Batteries
EcoFlow – Solar Panels w/ Solar Generator/Batteries

The PUC Expandable Lantern / Charger – best flashlight ever – I love these things!

Mobile Starlink

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