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  • Everything Good To Go

    Posted by delta on December 5th, 2016

    So, finally got everything moved from Maui to Virginia…  My cousin, Mark, was moving his Mom to Florida at the same time – so we put all our stuff and all her stuff on a 16′ POD and sent it to San Diego.  Mark and I decided to save a few thousand a piece and drive it all cross country.  We met the POD in San Diego, loaded it all on to a Penske and took a drive…

    3,347 miles, 12 states and 53 hours of driving (72 hours total) and it was all done…

    Now we’re hanging out in Florida waiting to go to DC for a show which I am just hoping comes off without a hitch…  It’s a 24 hour one off that starts at 15:00 on the 7th, loads in overnight and roles straight into the show the next morning – then we strike right after it.  So my show crew is going to get no sleep for 24 hours…  Right now, the best I can hope for is that everything made it on to the truck (which is on the road as I write this) so we have everything we need from the get go…  The local Branch office will be closed and the VER warehouse will be closed by the time we start – so we have only what comes off the truck to work with (no back up for anything)…

    …and away we go…

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