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Came across some old “stuff”

Posted by delta on April 10th, 2022

I was searching some old articles, info and data I had been saving over the years over the last few weeks. Found some interesting stuff… I don’t know if most of this can even be “found” online anymore…

1994/12/08 – Is military research hazardous to veterans health?
2005/10/19 – Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights: UNESCO
2008/08/15 – Deaths from Bacterial Pneumonia during 1918–19 Influenza Pandemic – Volume 14, Number 8—August 2008 – Emerging Infectious Diseases journal – CDC
2008/10/01 – Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
2009/11/12 – Population Reduction – Globalist Endgame Begins
2009/11/19 – Mad Science? Growing Meat Without Animals
2010 – The U.S. Military and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918–1919
2010/09/02 – World Bank Threatens “Drastic Steps Necessary” if Nations Refuse Population Reduction Implementation
2011/05/04 – US Tells Russia That Time For “Apocalypse Equation” Is Now
2011/05/28 – CDC admits flu vaccines don’t work (which is why you need a new one every year)
2011/08/22 – New Data Spill Highlights Risk Of Online Health Records – let me be clear on this, nothing has been done to secure your health records since 2011. As a matter of fact, the API’s which enable phone/web apps to work with your data actually made your information less secure…
2011/12/31 – Obama signs NDAA into law, dismantles Bill of Rights
2017/12/12 – Who Does the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act Protect?
2018/02/17 – Citizen surveillance: What does the US Government know about you?
2018/11/13 – Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?
2019/01/02 – Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”? Part 2

I am a retired Production Manager and Technical Director. I have worked all over the U.S. and (due to my previous security clearance) I worked in D.C. and was able to tech/produce in rooms that “normal people” and “the press” simply do not have access to – as such, I can not divulge anything that has been said or presented in my presence over the years – I managed to get through 30 years without signing a single “waver” but it would destroy the credibility of everyone who came after me if I ever “talked specifics”. I was one of the three Production Managers for the IMF Events (which happened every year in March and September) in D.C. right until the day of my retirement (it was actually my last show). I can say this: This was not unplanned… and their awareness of the general populations willful ignorance is high…

Going back to the Surgeon General stating that smoking was good for you. They let that go for 50 years – it took years for the data to come out against that – even then, many people did not believe the data over the press. We didn’t learn anything…

A little more news since my last post (relevant to the above “older stuff”):
2022/02/05 – Four drug makers raked in $14 billion in sales of COVID-19 treatments in 2021. How will they do this year?
2022/02/05 – Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump
2022/02/05 – Washington state agency says data of hundreds of thousands of professionals may have been breached
2022/02/20 – Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians
2022/02/20 – The Secret to Congress’s Success Is Secrecy
2022/02/21 – CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for those aged 18-49 – oh yeah, would you expect anything else…?
2022/02/22 – Americans across the political spectrum want more transparency in drug approval decisions from FDA
2022/02/25 – Can Canada, the U.S. freeze the assets of protestors?
2022/03/04 – ‘Truly Frightening:’ Feds Give Tech Companies Until May 2 to ‘Turn Over COVID-19 Misinformation’ – hmmm
2022/03/04 – U.S. Homeland Security Department Issues Terrorism Advisory to Include Vaccine Dissent – hmmm
2022/03/08 – Judges Rules Blanket Cellphone Location Tracking Is Unconstitutional
2022/03/10 – First on CNN: Biden administration set to extend travel mask mandate for another month
2022/03/12 – Kids and the Coronavirus: Unintended Consequences Two Years Later
2022/03/13 – House Progressives: Screw it. Let’s have Biden do everything by executive order
2022/03/13 – New polling confirms Democrats’ left-leaning policies are out of touch
2022/03/14 – Bloomberg editors: Say, where did all the trillion$ in COVID funding go, anyway? – this is both sad and funny at the same time – takes me back to the bank bailouts – the government has to know that the money rarely gets to where it’s suppose to – that have to know that, right?
2022/03/14 – DCCC chair to Dems/ Let’s face it, we’re the problem
2022/03/14 – Get ready: Here comes the Biden recession
2022/03/14 – ISO: A Democratic message for 2022
2022/03/14 – Will the US Have a Cryptocurrency? What to Know About Biden’s Bid for a Digital Dollar
2022/03/15 – CRISPR cattle cleared for the first time by FDA – they really slipped this one in under the radar, eh…?
2022/03/17 – Beef from gene-hacked ‘super cows’ can now be sold in the US
2022/03/18 – Remain Skeptical My Friend – this is a BIG TIME “HMMM”
2022/03/19 – Complete COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Athlete Injury:Death List To-Date: 779 Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 500 Dead – THIS IS INSANITY!!!
2022/03/19 – Power is in Tearing Human Minds to Pieces
2022/03/22 – Older Americans are given the wrong idea about online safety – here’s how to help them help themselves
2022/03/22 – The coming federal weaponization of banking
2022/03/23 – OSHA Reopens Rulemaking for Public Comment for Healthcare Workers – it’s a good time to set this up (when no one is looking)
2022/03/25 – Johns Hopkins economist: 8 million more Americans in poverty than government count – more than 10% of Americans live in poverty, hmmm…
2022/03/25 – Kansas’ Wolf Creek nuclear power plant hack serves as a warning
2022/03/25 – White House and EU reach agreement on trans-Atlantic data sharing – this is the best way to subvert our constitution, send American data elsewhere where it’s not protected by our constitution
2022/03/28 – Bill Gates: It’s time to go to 100% synthetic beef – I’m really surprised his own security team hasn’t turned on him yet
2022/03/29 – Fauci Says We May Never Know if Costs Outweigh Benefits – of course we know, you just don’t want us to…
2022/03/30 – Biden’s looming prescription drug pricing dilemma
2022/03/30 – Test it Yourself: See How COVID Jabbed Are Emitting Bluetooth Codes
2022/03/31 – Biden’s spending plan will further fuel inflation
2022/03/31 – Democrats need to get out of their own way
2022/03/31 – Democrats’ midterm anxiety spikes after brutal NBC News poll
2022/03/31 – Explainer: What is the SPR, the emergency oil stash Biden is tapping?
2022/03/31 – Here’s *exactly* why Joe Biden’s poll numbers aren’t getting better
2022/03/31 – The Kamala Harris soundbite of the day
2022/03/31 – Voter Enthusiasm for Republicans in the Midterms Highest Since 2010
2022/04/05 – Is a fourth COVID shot necessary?
2022/04/07 – FDA expert advisors wonder: Why did the FDA approve a second booster before consulting us?
2022/04/08 – Is a global recession coming? In US, China risks are mounting
2022/04/06 – How many people have Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J&J really killed with their experimental Covid-19 Injections?

I think the biggest problem at the moment is that everyone thinks (or at least is acting as though) this is all over – they don’t realize it is just starting and the politicians are just lowering the awareness until this election cycle is over… On Maui, folks are still walking around and driving with their masks on – not joking – you can literally tell who the card carrying liberals are just walking down the street… The politicians, Big Tech and Big Pharma are still playing the game behind the smoke screens they’ve created… and, I think most people (at least on the mainland) are catching on – which is why it looks like the dems are going to lose it all in November…

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