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August 2007 News

Posted by delta on August 16th, 2007

08-01-07 BBC – Russia Ahead In Arctic ‘Gold Rush’
08-03-07 BBC – Insurers Win Katrina Court Case
08-03-07 BBC – US Mortgage Lender Closing Down
08-03-07 BBC – Warning Of Webmail Wi-Fi Hijack
08-03-07 Computer World – IRS Security Vulnerable To Social Engineering
08-04-07 Information Week – Worm Threat Escalates
08-06-07 eWeek – Immunity Unleashes Automatic Exploit Tool
08-06-07 Technology Review – A 3-D View Of The Brain
08-06-07 Technology Review – Better Than High Definition
08-06-07 Time – Baby Einsteins Not So Smart After All
08-07-07 Information Week – IRS Employees Fail Password Audit
08-07-07 Information Week – JavaScript Flaws Ease Intranet Attacks
08-07-07 Information Week – U.S. Firm Says Outsourcer Holding Its Data Hostage Offshore
08-07-07 Information Week – VeriSign Worker Fired After Laptop, Employee Info Are Stolen
08-07-07 Internet News – Internet Pioneer Rolls Out Faster, Greener Router
08-07-07 Technology Review – Seals Gather New Ocean Data
08-08-07 WebMD – Move It! New Exercise Guidelines
08-10-07 Time – How A U.S. Credit Crunch Went Global
08-15-07 Business Week – Why Wi-Fi Networks Are Floundering
08-15-07 CNN – Ocean’s ‘Missing Link’ Discovered
08-15-07 Information Week – T.J. Maxx Security Breach Costs Soar To 10 Times Earlier Estimate
08-15-07 Time – What Your Cell Knows About You
08-16-07 Washington Post – Home Construction Down In July
08-17-07 eWeek – Trojan Hidden On Job Search Sites Steals Personal Data
08-17-07 Information Week – Government Busts Identity Theft Ring
08-17-07 Information Week – Phony Ad On Job Sites Leads To 100,000 Stolen Identities
08-17-07 Time – Trying To Save The Coral Reefs
08-20-07 Business Week – Did Big Lenders Cross The Line
08-22-07 eWeek – Spam Spreads Storm Trojan Across Internet
08-22-07 Forbes – America’s Hackable Backbone
08-24-07 BBC – Millions Hit By Monster Site Hack
08-24-07 Business Week – Sprint The Provider That Won’t Go Away
08-24-07 eWeek – Monster Took 5 Days To Disclose Data Theft
08-24-07 Information Week – ‘Money Mules’ Increasingly A Cog In Cybercrime Underground
08-24-07 Information Week – World’s Highest-Resolution Computer Display
08-27-07 Time – Global Warming’s Next Victim Wheat
08-28-07 Information Week – Data Losses Can Harm A Business Brand
08-30-07 The Seattle Times – Justice Department Declares Victory In Microsoft Antitrust Case
08-31-07 CNN – Inside The Nuclear Underworld Deformity And Fear

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