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  • Geneology – Ready, Aim…

    Posted by delta on July 3rd, 2007

    Man, this stuff is time consuming!

    I’m following my Granma’s family right now (my dad’s mom). I got her mother’s family down – not hard when you have the wills and birth certificates for 100+ years.
    My problem: no one knows the first name of her father – my dad never knew his real grandfather (he was out of the picture before my dad was even born). My Dad thinks his name was Samuel (Salzmann/Salzman was his last name). I have a Social Security record for a Samuel Salzmann (b. December 31st, 1888 and d. in Feb 1983) issued in Iowa. But I have no way of proving this was my grandmothers dad – this is the only info I can find on the guy.
    I do, however, have my grandmothers-grandparents names: Louis Salzmann and Maria Hoffman. I have the original baptism certificate from Rock Island, Illinois, that states the birth of Roy Louis Salzmann on December 26, 1892, and his baptism on February 12, 1893. I believe this man to be my Granma’s uncle Roy (who she always said I was built like)…
    I have, and can find, no other records of these people – if anyone out there can help, please slip me an email…
    My next move is to send my Birth Cert, and my fathers to Rock Island and request my grandmothers (her parents should be listed, hopefully)…

    Another snag, which occured when I was dealing with the above issue, is that a fellow geneologist has come across papers which may prove that David H. (my grandfather’s grandfather) Hakes’ father was not Holmes Hakes, but the adopted son of Holmes. The papers she has, which she is sending to me as I write this, may solidify something I have been trying to figure out for 20 years. I kinda always suspected that Almeda Riggs could have been David’s mom. It is now fact that she had a previous marriage to a Samuel Tisdale, they divorced rather quickly, and then she had a baby. The info is unclear at this point – I’ll have to read the documents once I get them.
    She is also sending me the Wills of both Holmes and Almeda – and, she said, by the way they are written it appears that David was not Holmes’ natural son and that he was in fact Almeda’s natural son…
    In any case, I had done some research on Samuel Tisdale previously. All I have on him is that he was married to Almeda Riggs (either Aug 2nd, 1838 or Jan 18th, 1839 depending on the source) and Susy Ann Swiney (Oct 8th, 1843) – I also have the divorce documents which will take me time to read the writting…
    He may be of the Cherokee Tisdale’s from Kentucky – I had come across this info when checking him out previously – but we’ll see…

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