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Aquaculture Cages & Info

Posted by delta on 14th June 2007

Here are the cages which interest me the most:
Farmocean Off Shore Fishfarming Cages
OceanSpar SeaStation

Here’s a few random pdf’s for info:
10 Year Plan For The NOAA Aquaculture Program
Aspects Of Coastal Aquaculture Development
Best Management Practices for Hawaiian Aquaculture
Offshore Aquaculture Project Yields A Traditional Hawaiian Delicacy
UNH Working On Offshore Fish Farming

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Posted by delta on 19th May 2007

I’ve been really looking into it recently. I got my Dad interested as well – it looks like I may be getting into the business a lot sooner than I was planning. Things are looking up, and the more we look into it, the more “do-able” it looks…

So, cool!

Oh, one cool thing I wanna tell you about is this feature you can get when you sign up for a Google account. You can have Google send you new submissions for different keywords daily. For example, I want to know any new information out there about aquaculture and am an avid rugby fan – so I get the newest submissions for both sent to me daily. Very cool, any time an article is written, or webpage is submitted, online I get it sent to my computer…
You can do it with anything, anyone, or any place – really cool…

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Posted by delta on 2nd March 2007

When I got out of the Navy in 1993, I got lost everywhere I went for the first three months. I was home, in Orange County (California), but so many new buildings and streets were constructed since I had been gone that the place wasn’t recognizable to me anymore.

Neither was the beach, it was nasty. My old dive spots were now dry. I had a thought back then: “at the rate we are going the only fish in the ocean (that we can eat) will come from ‘fish farms'”. I saw all the farm land in Orange County go away in my lifetime. I saw all the beauty of the beaches go away in my lifetime. I saw all the spots I use to fish when I was a kid, dry up, in my lifetime. Scary thing about it was, at the time, I was only 24 years old.

So I went to school to be a fish farmer. I figured it was the next evolution of the market. How many cows do you see in the world? How many of those cows are free (meaning anyone can go up to them and shoot them, clean them, cook them, and eat them). Not one I’ll bet. Every cow in the world is owned by someone.

Chickens…almost the same thing.

Pretty soon (within my lifetime), the only fish (that we can eat) will come from fish farms. I wanted to get a jump start on the market, while it was still pretty inexpensive to get in…

I got an A.A. in Oceanography, and then transferred to C.S.U.M.B. to get my Bachelors degree. They started out with a decent program. Many of the relevant computer and science classes. The first year was fine.

The second year, they dropped the program because they couldn’t find anyone to teach the upper classes (it was a new college). Bummed, but not beaten, most of us just decided to stick it out and get our degree in Computer Science (since we had already been going in that direction anyway)…

Anyway, that lead to all sorts of “sidetracks”, but my heart (and my head) are still headed in the direction of Aqua Farming. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do – addicted to it actually – but I want to leave something for my children and grandchildren to make a living off of. I will have to learn the business (Aquaculture) the hard way, they will grow up with it, and know it before it is their turn to take it over…

My idea is to buy an old oil drilling facility (one that looks like a startfish from over head and has at least 10 decks below the water line), put netting all around it (from arm to arm – each section can be a different type of fish), get the permits to put it out as far off land (but within U.S. waters) as possible, and “go for it”…

There’s a lot more to it than that, but that is the short version of it…

One of the drawbacks of the “sidetracks” mentioned above, is that, I have no education or experience in the field. So, I’m gonna have to earn the money to do this myself (no one is going to give me money for this venture). I will, of course, hire experienced people once I have the money and the gear, but just getting to that point will take a long-long time…

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