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April 2007 News

Posted by delta on April 30th, 2007

04-02-07 CNET – The Feds Weigh In On Windows Security
04-02-07 eWeek – AJAX Apps Ripe Targets For Javascript Hijacking
04-02-07 Time – Oil Prices Edge Higher
04-02-07 Washington Post – The Decoy Effect Or How To Win An Election
04-03-07 BBC – UK Hacker Loses Extradition Fight
04-03-07 Business Week – Will The Apple-EMI Deal End DRM
04-04-07 BBC – Talking CCTV Scolds Offenders
04-04-07 CNET – Cursor Flaw Gives Vista Security A Black Eye
04-04-07 eWeek – ACID Engine Scans Web For Pirated Multimedia
04-04-07 Reuters – Movie-Like Effects Change Shape Of New York Stage
04-04-07 TechRep – Forcing Windows XP’s Disk Cleanup To Delete All Temporary Files
04-05-07 Business Week – Apple Stokes A Digital Music Standards War
04-05-07 CNET – Patch Tuesday Resumes With Critical Windows Fix
04-05-07 CNET – VeriSign To Raise Domain Fees
04-05-07 CNN – Why Asian Oil Firms Are Likely To Be First At Iraqis Oil
04-05-07 Computer World – 490 IRS Laptops Lost Or Stolen Over Nearly Three Years
04-05-07 Computer World – Harris Poll Users Balk At Vista Upgrade
04-05-07 Computer World – Lawsuit Spotlights Vistas Hefty Hardware Needs
04-05-07 eWeek – How Can We Take Domains Down Faster
04-05-07 eWeek – The Final Final Nail In WEP’s Coffin
04-05-07 Information Week – ICANN Weighs Recommendation To Go Private
04-05-07 Information Week – IRS Fails Security Audit 490 Computers Missing In 3 Years
04-05-07 Information Week – Only 12% Of Computer Users Plan Windows Vista Upgrade In 07
04-05-07 Information Week – UCSF Break-In Puts Info On 46,000 At Risk
04-05-07 Information Week – Utah Ban On Trademarked Keywords Rankles Groups
04-05-07 Internet News IRS Audits Self Into Data-Theft Hot Seat
04-05-07 NY Times – Discovery To Start Channel Focusing On Green Movement
04-05-07 NY Times – Immigration Raid Yields 62 Arrests In Illinois
04-05-07 NY Times Why That Hoodie Your Son Wears Isn’t Trademarked
04-05-07 Washington Post – Climate Panel Confident Warming Is Underway
04-05-07 Washington Post – IRS Found Lax In Protecting Taxpayer Data
04-05-07 Yahoo! – Retail Trade FBI Fight Organized Theft
04-06-07 Business Week – UN Report Confirms Climate Change
04-07-07 Wired – Birth Of That Thing We Call The Internet
04-25-07 News.com – Web Threats To Surpass E-mail Pests

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