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Finally ready to rock!

Posted by delta on February 28th, 2007

Makes me happy to have this up again…

I’m doing the Doobie Brothers for a corporate conference tomorrow, so I really wouldn’t have had the time to mess with it for another day. Today was the only time I really had and it got done! WordPress is really a great program guys!

Kind of a cool thing on the side. Last week I did two shows for Jose Feliciano, followed on the third day by Stevie Nix, and now I have the Doobie Brothers tomorrow. Kind of a cool trend floating the Maui way right now – hope it keeps up. Come to think of it, I worked a Michael McDonald show at the Ritz Kapalua last month…

Only thing that bites is that they were all corporate shows – so the public didn’t even know they were happening. Most of the shows I’ve done this year have been corporate…

The only public shows I’ve done so far this year were:
The Mercedes-Benz Championship in Kapalua
The Shanghai Circus at the MACC
Henry Kapono at the MACC
Barefoot Natives at the MACC
Keali`i Reichel at the MACC
Anti-Gravity at the MACC

Other than the six above, I can’t think of any “For Public” event that I’ve done this year (yet) worth mentioning. But it’s only the first two months of 2007, it will all pan out…