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January 2022 Update

Posted by delta on January 31st, 2022

Just a few things to get our minds rolling into February. A little take from both sides of the isle:


2021/04/21 – S.1265 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act
2021/08/06 – HR4980
2021/09/01 – THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT – this one is great when they stick to the data I can verify, but once they get into the stuff I can not verify it gets pretty… well… you’ll see…
2021/09/23 – Gosar Demands Answers Regarding Under Reporting of COVID-19 Vaccine Data
2021/09/23 – Phoenix Indian Medical Center
2021/10/02 – DoD Data Analysis SHATTERS Official Vaccine Narrative
2021/10/22 – Judge Demands Elites Face New Round of Nuremberg Trials – Slams Experimental ‘Vaccine’
2021/11/19 – FACT/ ‘The Unvaccinated Are the New Jews’ – Don’t Let the Left Tell You Otherwise
2021/11/24 – Priest Slams ‘Gene Injection’ – ‘We Are Experiencing the Largest Medical Experiment in History’
2021/11/26 – Federal Judge’s ruling prevents Pfizer EUA vaccines from being considered retroactively FDA approved
2021/11/27 – Why Do People Willingly Sacrifice Their Freedom? – this is not written by Mattias Desmet himself, it is an overview of a video he put out…
2021/11/29 – Doctor Sounds Alarm: Stillbirths Explode in Canada
2021/11/29 – MEP Demand Answers/ ‘When Will Vaccine Deaths Be Counted’
2021/12/01 – Great Britain: Excess Mortality Among Children After Vaccine Rollout
2021/12/01 – Nazi Propaganda/ State Media Blames Unvaccinated ‘For Thousands of Covid Deaths’
2021/12/05 – Holocaust Survivor Pleads/ ‘Wake Up, Please – We Are Losing Our Freedoms’
2021/12/09 – MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS – by Robert W Malone MD, MS
2021/12/05 – Vaccine batches vary systematically in toxicity and are distributed to unsuspecting Americans by three companies
2021/12/20 – Almost 50 Republicans back Navy SEAL lawsuit over vaccine mandate
2022/01/03 – Judge orders Navy’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate to be halted
2022/01/06 – Opinion: How Canada can improve security if American democracy collapses
2022/01/07 – New Data Out of New York Differentiates Between Patients Hospitalized as a Result of Covid-19 and Those Who Later Tested Positive
2022/01/07 – Fort Worth judge sides with Navy SEALS on Biden vaccine order
2022/01/10 – Congressional action shows OSHA vaccine mandate is a bald-faced power grab
2022/01/10 – FDA urges race, ethnicity be considered in COVID-19 drug treatment
2022/01/10 – Omicron Is Forcing Us to Rethink Mild COVID
2022/01/10 – Pfizer Enters into Agreement with Acuitas Therapeutics for Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery System for Use in mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics
2022/01/10 – Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, January 10, 2022 | The White House – the highlighted area on page 23. Take it how you want, she was talking about something specific but it is the “Ultimate Answer” of 2021 questions, comments and concerns…
2022/01/11 – Breyer phoned in to oral arguments Tuesday due to a false positive Covid test
2022/01/11 – Ending nation’s polarization begins with understanding First Amendment
2022/01/11 – Fact check/ Sotomayor makes false claim about Covid-19’s impact on children
2022/01/11 – Supply chain crisis: Empty shelves at grocery stores across the US
2022/01/11 – The Biden agenda is meeting a dead end
2022/01/12 – Congress should pass the ‘Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act’
2022/01/13 – Marine Corps grants armed services’ first two known religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine
2022/01/13 – Supreme Court blocks Biden vaccine-or-test mandate for large businesses
2022/01/14 – How Bad Is My Batch – Geographical Differences
2022/01/14 – How Bad Is My Batch – Size Matters
2022/01/14 – How Covid-19 Pandemic Impacted Global Trust In Government
2022/01/14 – How the Supreme Court rules during a pandemic shows what may happen next
2022/01/14 – Supreme Court overturns OSHA mandate, affects 2:3 of all US workers
2022/01/14 – What Supreme Court’s block of vaccine mandate for large businesses will mean for public health/ 4 questions answered
2022/01/14 – Why the CDC’s guidelines on isolation, boosters, and masks are so confusing
2022/01/15 – What Progressives Get Wrong About Judicial Review
2022/01/17 – Americans are more likely to support the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, survey reveals
2022/01/17 – Genetic risk factor found for Covid-19 smell and taste loss, researchers say
2022/01/17 – Majority of Americans believe US democracy at risk of extinction
2022/01/17 – Biden wants to be your president if you agree with him and your master if you don’t
2022/01/17 – Nobel Laureate Warns Doctors/ ‘Vaccines are Not for Killing, They are for Shielding’
2022/01/17 – Preliminary Israeli study shows fourth vaccine not enough to stop omicron
2022/01/17 – The mRNA-LNP platform’s lipid nanoparticle component used in preclinical vaccine studies is highly inflammatory
2022/01/18 – Poll numbers are pointing to a midterm shellacking for Democrats
2022/01/18 – ‘It’s a tough time’: why is Biden one of the most unpopular US presidents?
2022/01/18 – GOP lawmakers press administration on US weapons left behind in Afghanistan
2022/01/24 – Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal workers faces an uncertain future
2022/01/24 – Texas lawyers seek Navy religious exemption from COVID vaccine
2022/01/25 – Biden frustration with Fox News breaks through surface
2022/01/26 – Navy discharges 1st active-duty sailors for vaccine refusal – don’t know if they were actively trying to get an exemption or if they just flatly refused…
2022/01/26 – OSHA Formally Withdrew Its November 5, 2021 ETS
2022/01/26 – When can we stop wearing masks? Do masks help prevent colds?
2022/01/26 – Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open
2022/01/27 – DOD Data Reveals Surges in Covid Vaccine ‘Adverse Events’
2022/01/27 – DoD is pausing civilian COVID vaccine mandate after court ruling
2022/01/27 – Senate “Second Opinion” Whistleblower Bombshell: DoD Data Reveals Expanded Vax ‘Adverse Events’, 3-fold Cancer, 300% Miscarriages, Others
2022/01/27 – Top doctors refuse to give their own kids a third shot due to myocarditis concerns
2022/01/28 – Concerns Arise Over Maine’s Data Privacy Legislation
2022/01/28 – COVID symptoms: What does mild COVID feel like?
2022/01/28 – Gottlieb/ US should be ‘aggressive’ in lifting COVID-19 measures as conditions improve
2022/01/28 – Sweden Created a New System That Stores Deadly Nuclear Waste for 100,000 Years
2022/01/29 – COVID Vaccines Causing Miscarriages, Cancer and Neurological Disorders Among Military, DOD Data Show
2022/01/30 – Why Are Members of Congress Allowed to Trade Stocks?
2022/01/31 – Joe Biden’s Saigon
2022/01/31 – Fed expected to raise rates 7 times this year to fight inflation, BofA says
2022/01/31 – George Mason, Va. Tech no longer requiring COVID shots
2022/01/31 – OSHA moves to create permanent workplace safety rules for COVID
2022/01/31 – Vaccine mandate withdrawn after Supreme Court ruling
2022/01/31 – Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open

Wow, people are starting to post their prepper lists online now:
How Bad Is My Batch – Fighting Tyranny

So, this thing has done more damage in 13 months than most have done in 25 years… Remember that only about 1% of adverse reactions and deaths are reported – so you can add one “0” (if your an optimist) or two “0”‘s (probably more accurate) to the end of these numbers for accuracy… If you don’t question it yet than I got nothing for you – but I’ll pray for you…

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