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History of Modern “Assimilation”

Posted by delta on January 25th, 2021

26 October 1916 was the first radio commercial, by the “Columbia Gramophone Company”, on the radio station 2XG in New York City. The first Television Commercial occurred on 1 July 1941… They’ve been trying to win your hearts and minds ever since…

In 1994, WebCrawler came out with the ability to search for any word in any page on the Internet. WebCrawler created a bot that spiders the Internet – collects, parses and stores individual pages – for web indexing. This keeps the search index up to date so searches are fast and accurate. Yahoo! didn’t come out with its search function until 1995 – it was simply a directory up to that point (like an online phone book) – but its search engine only queried sites or pages within it’s existing directory. WebCrawler spidered and indexed the entire Internet 24/7 adding to and updating its web index…

Sidenote: It is possible to defeat the bots spidering/indexing your website or pages within your website – within “robots.txt” you can tell the spiderbot exactly what it is permitted to do, if anything, within your site/domain. If you have a website, you need to invest some time in how to properly setup the “robots.txt” to keep the bots from “data scraping” information which you do not want “harvested”…

13 October 1994, Netscape released .9beta of Mosaic Netscape which was the first web browser to support cookies. Lou Montulli took an already existing idea and applied it to the browser – the idea he was presented with was to store browser history on the user’s computer rather than on the servers being interacted with (to keep the server from bogging down with data it no longer needed). The problem was, they didn’t tell anyone that their browser activity was being tracked and stored and on 12 February 1996 “Financial Times” published an article about it. It almost blew up in their faces because of the potential privacy implications. When all was said and done, in February 1997 the working group within the IETF (which was led by none other than Montulli himself – talk about the fox watching the hen house) decided that third-party cookies (cookies from an external site that you are not visiting), being a considerable privacy threat, were either not permitted at all or (at the very least) not enabled by default – but first-party cookies, from the site visited, was never an issue this work group cared to even comment on.

Sidenote: To the date of this writing – Safari, Firefox and Brave are the only browsers which block all third-party cookies by default and they each allow the blocking of ALL cookies with a simple checkmark…

The first real “marketing” algorithm written for the Internet was basically a link popularity algorithm (patented by Robin Li) in 1996 – Google actually patented a very similar tech two years later (in 1998). Their algorithm spidered websites for links to other websites (and links that came back). The idea being, the better the link popularity of a website (the more sites which provided links to them) the higher ranking they would get in a search for keywords and/or terms. It did, however, take them a while to put it to practice because that same year they started selling “pay for placement” which kept them very busy (and made them a lot of money). Within just two years (2000), Google rose to become the main search engine for many…

Sidenote: The “robots.txt” I spoke of above can also keep this algorithm from spidering through the links on your website to other websites (and back). The “robots.txt”, written correctly, can actually stop this bot before it even sees the links…

In 2000, the first (web) API’s (application programming interface) came out. This allowed programmers access to unbelievable amounts of data on the public – YOU. What exactly is an API? Without getting technical, API’s enable Apps, Websites and Databases to interact with each other – they make your user experience simple and easy, but many also permit what you do within the app or browser to be stored under the guise of “User Experience”. API’s are “released” by companies who wish to provide a programming interface with a pipeline to their data which enables web/app developers to create user interfaces which are easy for you to use. Why does this matter? To make a long story short, from December 2017 through November 2019, Akamai witnessed 85.42 Billion credential violation attacks. 16.55 Billion were against hostnames defined as API endpoints. Approximately 5 Billion people are active internet users. What does this mean? Statistically, and simply, for every one person who used the internet in this two year period, there were 17+ credential violation attacks with 3+ of those coming directly from an app. Your data is not safe.

Our daily life does not really permit having an “air-gapped” device within a “Faraday Cage” – not only would this not be be affordable for most of us, but it wouldn’t allow us to do our daily work. Don’t completely stress, there are ways to keep your digital footprint small while continuing to use a device:
1st, you have to have an Apple Device
2nd, do not download an app which has it’s own website – use the website
3rd, do not download an app you do not need
4th, do not download any app made by Amazon, Facebook, Google or Microsoft
5th, turn off all “Location Services”
6th, turn off all “Tracking”
7th, turn off “Siri”
8th, turn off “Airdrop”
9th, turn off “Background App Refresh”
10th, turn off “Automatic Updates” – do them manually
11th, turn off “Bluetooth”
12th, turn off access to all “Privacy” settings within each Apple app so no other app can access any of your personal data, microphone or camera

13th, take all pics offline – out of the cloud
14th, take all data offline – out of the cloud
15th, close all your social media accounts

16th, do not save any usernames, passwords or payment information within any app – we weren’t always so lazy, we use to memorize this stuff all the time

17th, encrypt as much as possible

18th, I actually put a piece of electrical tape over the camera of my devices (just in case) – take it off and put it back on as needed

19th, Don’t forget to turn off “cookies” within Safari itself – you can turn them back on (and off) as needed
20th, use “DuckDuckGo” as your default search engine (as of this writing, they are a secure way to search the internet)
21st, Always clear history, cache and cookies at the end of each session in Safari – just in case

The less interaction your device has online the less data there will be on you – if you need to interact, do not let it be something happening in the background (within an app), interact with websites directly in Safari and then clear all history, caches and website data within Safari when you’re done. Basically, you want to make yourself a hard target so the bad guys will move on to a softer target – there’s 5 billion active internet users – they’ll move on to someone else pretty quick…

Aside from corporate, business and personal data, many governments collect a lot of data on YOU (think “health care data”, “credit scores” or “background check to buy a gun”, as just three examples) and many governments are now opening up access to YOUR data. The API’s through which this data is typically made accessible allow for data to be accessed by any developer. ANY DEVELOPER. No need for security clearance and no background check required. A sixteen year old anarchist claiming to be an app developer has access to these API’s – one does not actually have to develop an app for public use to gain access to the API’s

Sidenote: as an example of how intertwined individuals have been amongst corporations and government entities, let’s take a crude look at Mr. Corporate Espionage himself, Eric Schmidt:

In 2005, Apple began planning the iPhone and its OS (a BSD based OS – Unix Derivative).
July 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. and it’s key employees – they were secretly developing a Linux kernel based OS (a Unix Derivative) with no touchscreen capability – and they were hitting many walls…
28 August 2006, Eric Schmidt was elected to Apple’s Board of Directors (while still Google’s CEO).
29 June 2007 the first iPhone was released with the iOS which forced Google/Android to go back to the drawing board
05 November 2007 the public beta of Google’s Android v1.0 was released for developers by Google.
23 September 2008, the first Google/Android smartphone was announced (T-Mobile G1).
April 2009 the first public version of the Google/Android’s Touchscreen OS (v1.5) was released (codename: Cupcake).
03 August 2009, Eric Schmidt left Apple’s Board of Directors due to an obvious conflict of interest.

In March 2016, Eric Schmidt began chairing the Defense Innovation Advisory Board for the Department of Defense – all the while Google had several bids in for several projects within the DOD – but he didn’t step down as Executive Chairman of Alphabet (Google) until 21 December 2017…

What the heck is this “history lesson” all about? I wanted to give you just a glimpse of what has happened out there in the background of your digital world as well as a few terms to look up so you can find out the truth for yourself… In the last 25 years we have slowly given up our personal privacy for a bit of luxury – we have allowed the “Unreasonable Search and Seizure” of an entire populations digital data with NO “Probable Cause” and NO “Warrant” of any kind, for the sake of “Ease of Use” – they have shredded our Fourth Amendment Rights so slowly, under the guise of “user experience”, that we never questioned it. What we search for, what we buy, what we watch, what we read, what we write, what we say, all pics and videos in the cloud, all data in the cloud – “they” have been collecting all of this data, on everyone, for 10+ years. Do you even care…? If you’re under 30 years old, you’ve been conditioned – you have no idea what personal privacy is – I guess the thought is that “you can’t miss something you never had”… The saddest thought, to the personal privacy equation, is this: once my generation is gone there won’t be anyone who remembers, from first hand experience, what liberty was truly like…

All news cast, TV shows and commercials are within the digital realm at this point – you see something on TV and then search for it – they know (in real time) how effective “that” commercial was. This gives them real time data on who their target market is and that data is simply added to what they already know about YOU.

All that to say this: Folks I talk to about this are not law breakers and they don’t feel they have any reason to hide anything they do or say from anyone. If they are under 30 years old, they are simply conditioned not to care. They may be slightly worried about someone stealing their identity, banking or credit card info – but they are not worried enough to leave their devices at home – they still have no problem carrying their devices around with them (fully “open” to exploit in many cases) everywhere they go. The thing they don’t realize is that the world is turning against straight up, work all day, tax paying, law abiding folks right now.
Say their device is in a room and someone (not they themselves) says something against “the agenda” (even if it’s on a podcast or television show in the background) and the microphone picks it up, that device can then be flagged, tracked and monitored due to “seditious” behavior to capture more “seditious” behavior which may be stored on other devices which may frequently be near that device. If a few of these devices are near each other often, the bad guys will make assumptions about the owners of these devices and “open up” the cameras and microphones so they can record these individuals live (on their own devices!)…
This not only shreds the Fourth Amendment to pieces, it shreds the First Amendment as well. If you are aware of this tech, then you really have to consider who you “gather” with and what the various topics of discussions will be. You can’t assume you’d even be safe at a family, or church, BBQ! They have made us afraid of each other. Everything is getting blown out of proportion right now – an innocent conversation in which you are simply standing there listening can (and probably will be) totally be taken out of context. No one wants to put another in danger (or on a “list” of some type) just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong (open) device near; if you have children, you definitely don’t want to put them (or their potential future) in danger…

Sidenote: If someone with half a brain actually is planning something bad, they are going to leave their devices home and assure they are no where near ANY recording or tracking devices for the duration of the operation. They are NOT going to use their devices to search for, buy, write about nor plan anything to do with the operation. They will NOT use any form of digital communication, NO form of social networking and when/if they have to, they will use “trade craft” to call a meeting and meet somewhere “off grid”. They are not going to tell anyone what is to come, they are not going to be caught on camera (nor recorded in any way) during the operation and they will not brag about it afterwards. The powers that be are not stupid – they know this – this “squeezing” is simply to make everyone scared of each other, scared of the potential of what “may be” and it is meant to “show” they are doing something about “it”. In reality, they can’t catch the real bad guys – they have no idea who they are. So they have to make one up – and that is YOU…

So what? What are they going to do? What’s the worst thing they can do? Well, you’re probably not going to be the martyr you’re hoping to be. You’re just going to be a sad story amongst many others. If you have digitized your life (as many of us have) they can track, monitor, manipulate/change, erase, take, close out or block any part of your digital life they want. This isn’t just about the slow shredding of your First Amendment Rights as websites, webpages, articles and scientific journals disappear from the Internet as masses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube accounts are being deleted, silenced or blocked. It’s also about the shredding of your Fifth Amendment Rights as they take your “Life, Liberty and Property” from you with NO Due Process and/or NO Just Compensation: they have complete control of your bank accounts, credit cards, credit score and whether or not you can get a loan; they also have complete control over whether or not you can get a job or admitted to your college of choice. All they have to do is “squeeze” to get most people to assimilate to their agenda/s. Don’t believe me? Consider this: They have so much control over (all forms of) the media that they were able to, after just one month of a “media blitz”, shut down an entire economy and quarantine everyone in their houses – WORLDWIDE – FOR A YEAR. They are able to silence, block or shutdown anything and anyone they want – while we all silently watch with disbelief.. Shutting YOU down is pretty simple and insignificant if you consider what they have done so far… We have been conditioned and systematically desensitized. We are, all of us to one extent or another, “Pavlov’s dogs“. Are you awake yet…?

They know everything you have bought with your credit card… exactly when and where… They know how many times you’ve been fired/hired… They know if you’re a good/bad employee… They know if you’re college material or not… They know what you fear… They know what you would be willing to do to escape your fear… They know exactly how hard they had/have to “squeeze” for YOU, as an individual, to “comply”… They know who you associate with, where and for how long… They know exactly how smart you are – its a very simple algorithm based on your data… and… of course, you are already aware that they know almost everything personal about you, including what you and your family look like, through your social media account/s…

Technology is awesome, but its also a double edged sword…

Those of you who think you are free… nope… you’ve been conditioned to believe this is freedom… You think you “like that” or made “that choice” or “that decision” on your own…? Really…? Are you familiar with Zipf’s Law, Benford’s Law, the 1% Rule, the Pareto Principle/Distribution, the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Sequence…? Do you truly believe you’re not being manipulated…?

Hell… Using very simple statistics and one years worth of existing data, I can tell you exactly how many people will test positive on the PCR test, be hospitalized and how many will die within any geographical area from which there is existing data – wanna know the final numbers? Hit me up…
I’ll need:
The population of the area
How many PCR tests were given month by month
How many were positive month by month
How many they claim were hospitalized due to “???” month to month, and
How many died from “???” month to month

From the data above we can also extrapolate exactly when the madness is going to end – at least, when it should end… Their people have done the math as well, so they know the point in which “it” is no longer viable…

Notice, I did not ask for any vaccine data… That’s right… I didn’t…

Tell you what, go dark for a few months and see if you come to the same conclusion you came to while you were being bombarded by your TV and social media… Nothing that uses electricity for three months – I dare you… OK – most of you couldn’t survive without electricity for three months. How about… you can use your water, cooling, heating, refrigeration and cooking devices – oh, and you can drive your car to the store for food and gas – but nothing else… No TV, No Radio, No News and No Internet for three months…. Think you could do it…?

I don’t think most people would even consider it because it’s too easy to slip into a pattern of self gratification when watching, listening to or reading that which is produced, presented or posted by folks who perpetuate our existing conditioned prejudices/wants/needs/fears with the click of a finger… It’s an addiction…

The takeaway here is this: at this time, it is better to “go dark” and be ignorant than to be manipulated by misinformation presented by the presstitutes and the controlled (fake) “opposition” on social media…

There use to be commercials which stated that “the Surgeon General says that smoking is good for you health”. Those commercials assimilated two-thirds of an entire generation… Have we really come that far since then…? Have we even moved a fraction of an inch…?

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