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CDC Data

Posted by delta on September 1st, 2020

So, I finally dug deep enough to get some data. Funny thing is, it was right in front of me in the CSV downloadable files on each page – the pages don’t really tell you much. Cases means nothing, so the pages alone really say nothing… I’ll do this in screenshots with the name of the file on top so you can go get the info yourself. I have also saved these as pdf’s to my hard drive in case they suddenly dissapear (just email me and I’ll either direct you to the page to download the CSV or send you the pdf… Here’s what I found:

What I find odd in the graphic above is that most, if not all, of those who have died of COVID19 in HI have done so in the hospital setting. This leads me to believe that their underlying risk factor/s had a lot to do with their being in the hospital in the first place and their eventual death. Most of those who die of COVID19 have pre-existing (underlying) conditions such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, moderate or severe asthma, pre-existing COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and cystic fibrosis… Smokers are a “high risk” bunch as well…

What is fascinating (to me) about the above graphic is that there hasn’t been a single person under the age of 24 who has died from COVID19 in the state of HI. I’m sure there are a few keiki in HI who are high risk, but their parents seem to be doing an awesome job of keeping them safe – good on you! Awesome job parents!

Pneumonia Numbers… 384 Deaths from 1,400,000 people is .003% of the population… If your body is in a “bad way” and you are exposed to any virus or bacteria, it is probably going to have a bad effect on you…
I guess my question is, why are we suddenly wearing masks? We have been exposed to various viruses and bacteria our entire lives (in many cases, on a daily basis) – it makes our immune systems stronger to be exposed and fight them off… Why suddenly a mask? What makes this different? The numbers certainly don’t jive with the “mood of the crowd”…

Perhaps it’s because this thing is being televised as if it were a sporting event and they have you all locked in your homes basically forced to watch the event… Hmmm… Wonder if that has anything to do with it…?

OK, so here’s where it can get confusing for some. I’ll explain what you’re looking at in the graphic above:

The column under “Pneumonia and COVID19 Deaths” – notice the word “and” – are folks who either 1)had pneumonia and tested positive for COVID19 but COVID19 may or may have not been a contributing cause of their death or 2)folks who, due to COVID19 weakening their body, got pneumonia and died from it. Because of the way things are being coded and memories of people who do the coding, we will never know which of the two, so don’t expound upon this in that brain of yours.

The column which says “Pneumonia, Influenza or COVID19 Deaths”, they are adding all those together (from the left) for a cumulative number for that week…

30 Deaths from a population of 1,400,000 is .002% – oh yeah, it’s barely 20% of 1%… How many people in HI have committed suicide, or died from a heart attack, from “losing it all” in the same time period? What about their deaths? Are you really concerned over all the deaths? Really??? We’ve killed our economy over this so you better start paying attention…!

We are not going back to what “it” was and most of you who think you’ll get along fine with what’s coming are going to get slammed in the face with reality soon enough… The damage is done – it is in the psyche of the mass now – and the mass is not nice…

So, of the beds being used in the hospitals, 14.85% are PCR positive (it does not state whether or not they are there due to COVID19, whether they contracted it in the hospital or whether it is in conjunction with another ailment – although, the stats above certainly suggest that)…

What the HI State stats above are telling me is that I can not trust the numbers from the State… Even if you believe the stats coming directly from the state, I don’t trust them because Dr. Josh Green has something to do with them (I refuse to believe someone who has graduated from medical school is that stupid, so he definitely has an agenda)… In any case, according to the State Data, of a population of 1,400,000:

268,461 is The number of PCR Test in HI
268,461 is 19% took the PCR Test
of Total HI Population
268,461 is 1 in 5 People in the State of HI
259,808 is 96.78%
Negative PCR Test of those who
took the PCR Test in State of HI

(96,777 per 100,000 People)
.62% Positive PCR Test
of Total HI Population
(.62%, not 62%)
8,653 is 3.2% Positive PCR Test
of those who took PCR Test
(3.2%, not 32%)
2,634 is .19% Released from Isolation
of Total HI Population
(.19%, not 19%)
2,634 is .98%
Released from Isolation
of those who took PCR Test
(.98%, not 98%)
2,634 is 30% Released from Isolation
of those with Positive PCR Test
1805 is Total Number of Hospital
Beds In State of Hawaii
1805 is 1 Hospital Bed Per 776
People Per HI Population
294 is Total Number of ICU Beds
In State of Hawaii
294 is 1 ICU Bed Per 4,762
People Per HI Population
532 is .038% Hospitalized (Due to COVID-19)
of Total HI Population
(38 per 100,000 People)
532 is .20% Hospitalized (Due to COVID-19)
of those who took PCR Test
(.2%, not 20%)
532 is 6.15%
Hospitalized (Due to COVID-19)
of those with Positive PCR Test
(6.15%, Not 65%)
384 is .03% Died of Pneumonia
of Total HI Population
* Non-COVID-19 Related *
74 is .005%
Died of COVID-19
of Total HI Population
(5 per 100,000 People)
99.995% COVID19 Survival Rate
in State of HI
(99,995 per 100,000 People)

74 is .03% Died of COVID-19
of those who took PCR Test
(.03%, not 3%)
74 is .86%
Died of COVID-19
of those with Positive PCR Test
(.86%, Not 86%)
74 is 14%
Died of COVID-19
of those who required Hospitalization
* ZERO * 00.00% of HI Population under 24 Y/O
who have died from COVID-19

Oh yeah! We’re shut down for this! Our economy is gone for this! At this point they simply don’t know how to talk back their error, so they’re going to keep it going until we stop them…

Of course everyone is so stoked to get paid to stay home that we’re going to have to wait until the money is out and they have no place to live nor food to eat before they finally decide to do something – probably be too late by then…

Here’s something funny (not “funny haha”, funny “weird”): If you take the 8,653 who tested positive on the PCR Test and subtract the 2,634 Released from Isolation, the 532 Hospitalized who Tested Positive and the 74 who Died – there are 5,413 people out there unaccounted for who have tested positive for the PCR Test… Do you really believe they’re contact tracing even 20% of them?

Here’s a bit more data from the HI State website:

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