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Just the Data

Posted by delta on May 28th, 2020

I’m not coming at this from any perspective other than I am one of 150,000 people who live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I’m completely indifferent to who you are or what you do or don’t do.  I don’t care if you work or not; I don’t care if you stay on the island or bail.  I don’t care if you wear a mask or not, or what your reasons are…

THIS IS JUST THE DATA – this is what we know based on what can be found online at the moment:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, of Americans:

  • 40%  Work
  • 20%  Do Not Work
  • 20%  Too Young To Work (Keiki/Children)
  • 20%  Are Retired/Elderly

If you apply those numbers to the 150,000 population of Maui County:

  • 40% = 60,000 Workers
  • 20% = 30,000 Non-Workers
  • 20% = 30,000 Keiki
  • 20% = 30,000 Retired

Last week Mayor Victorino stated in his daily video that there are 37,000 people in Maui County who have lost their jobs due to the lockdown.  This changes the numbers above to:

  • 15% = 23,000 Workers (“Essential” – stupid term)
  • 44.7% = 67,000 Non-Workers
  • 20% = 30,000 Keiki
  • 20% = Retired

There are 54,000 Households in Maui County:

  • 35,500 Family Households
  • 18,500 Non-Family Households

Statistically, from the numbers above, 42.6% of Maui Households have at least one person earning a paycheck today – 57.4% do not.

The Lt. Governor, just yesterday, finally gave me the number I have been looking for since this thing started.  44,228 people have had the PCR test (which tells you whether or not you are active with COVID-19).  Of the 44,228 folks tested in the state of Hawaii 643 have tested positive and 17 of those have died – that is:

  • 01.50% of those tested have tested positive for the active virus
  • 98.50% have tested negative for the active virus
  • 00.038% of those tested have died
  • 99.962% of those tested have not died

If we set the population of Hawaii as 1.5 million:

  • 02.90% of the population has been PCR tested for COVID-19
  • 97.1% of the population has not been PCR tested for COVID-19
  • 00.04% of the population has tested positive for COVID-19
  • 00.001% of the population has died from COVID-19

A recent study by a local doctor (who will remain anonymous due to all the crap he’s getting for ordering all these tests) – of 93 people tested for the antibodies, 6 had the antibodies with more than 98% accuracy – that is 6.45% for that population…

So, statistically, of 150,000 residents and 54,000 households in Maui County:

  • 145,650 Have not been PCR tested for COVID-19 (97.1%)
  • 127,050 People OF ALL AGES not working (84.7% – includes Keiki and Retired folks)
  • 67,000 People OF WORKING AGE not working (44.70% of total pop)
  • 37,000 People who have lost their job due to lockdown (61.67% of those working March 1st; 24.67% of total pop)
  • 31,320 Households without income (57.4%)
  • 23,000 Essential Workers (15% of total pop; 38.33% of those working March 1st)
  • 22,680 Households with income (42.6%)
  • 9,675 residents have the antibodies (6.45% of total pop)
  • 4,350 have been PCR tested for COVID-19 (2.9% of total pop)
  • 118 tested positive for COVID-19 PCR test (00.079% of total pop)
  • 2 to 6 People Died from COVID-19 (00.0013% – 00.004% of total pop)

See the whole picture:  breath…  step back…  breath some more…  and look at the whole picture…

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