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  • Changes happening…

    Posted by delta on August 6th, 2018

    So, I turned in my resignation on June 1st to be effective June 15th; we have since moved back to Maui and started life anew… Since June 15th – with no doctor, medication, change of diet, change of workout – I have lost 30 pounds, my systolic BP has went down 40 points and my diastolic BP has went down 20 points… I’d hate to say that the mainland was killing me, but…

    Anyway, we’re in the process of taking over Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning from my in-laws (who have been trying to retire since May 16th), Rugby for the kids starts in a month (I’ll actually be able to coach), I’m able to help out Calvary South Maui “production-wise”, I’m about to start driving Uber in my spare time and I’m helping Rusty out with Maui Production Group (gonna get the labor aspect of the business up and running as smoothly as possible)…

    I find it rather sad that I went from the high stress gig to a bunch of low stress gigs (maybe working 5 hours a day, answer to no one and have plenty of time for the kids) and not only am I getting more healthy but I’m making twice as much money…

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