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The New iPhone 4

Posted by delta on July 29th, 2010

I’m totally disappointed with this thing. Anyone know if it’s a big deal to turn it back in and have them reactivate our old iPhone 3GS’s?

The only positives with the iPhone 4 have been the (much better) camera, the LED flash/light on the backside and the screen resolution. Don’t get me wrong, these are awesome upgrades from the 3GS, but not enough to make up for the iPhone 4’s short-comings.

In the last month I have been taking strict notes on our (my wife and I) upgrades and those I know who have iPhones (3GS’s and 4’s). It seems that those who recently bought the iPhone 4 without owning a previous iPhone are stoked on their purchase, and I am stoked for them. Those who have not yet upgraded, and still own a iPhone 3GS, have been my control group along with the two 3GS’s that I have not gotten rid of yet.

Those of us who “upgraded” have seen measurable deficiencies in the new iPhone 4 compared to the older iPhone 3GS…

  • The iPhone 3GS’s battery lasts quite a bit longer than the iPhone 4’s – I have not changed anything in the way I use the thing, so it’s rather obvious it’s the phone itself
  • Reception with the 3GS was adequate, the iPhone 4 reception is terrible. Some may say that this is an AT&T issue, but I have literally been standing next to 3GS users and they have no issues
  • Luckily, with the iPhone 3GS, in those places where phone reception was terrible texting still worked (and it worked great). The iPhone 4 has a hard time sending texts due to lack of reception. Again, this has been tested several times standing next to 3GS users as they were doing the same thing – the 3GS iPhone wins over the new one hands down every time
  • Even when it does send a text, half the time my recipients do not get it till the issue I was texting them about has already past. This is happening way too frequently with this phone. I would think that this was an AT&T issue, but the iPhone 3GS users standing next to me don’t have the same problem – it’s obviously the phone
  • I’ve never had a phone which drops calls randomly, the new iPhone 4 does. Usually, if you’re having a hard time with reception, you find a spot and stay there for the duration of the conversation. Everything is usually good. The iPhone 4 will just drop the signal. I know it’s not AT&T cause the person standing next to me on an iPhone 3GS is having no problems at all – it’s the phone!
  • The 3GS download speed via Wi-Fi is way faster than the iPhone 4. I have tested this extensively – there’s no comparison
  • Lastly, I have to restart the iPhone 4 quite often (once every few days) cause, well how would I explain it… it seems like the cache is full and it becomes really slow to respond. This never happened with the iPhone 3GS. After talking to other users, it appears to be common for iPhone 4 users only

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that this thing is a lemon (and I am an avid Apple Maniac). I hate to say that, but “I want my money back!”

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