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Willie K @ The MACC

Posted by delta on December 13th, 2008

I had to run preshow outside for this one. Totally got rained on the second I had everything set up and turned on. No one would make the rain call, and all my gear was wet, so I had to strike everything, go inside and get dry gear and set that up. Covered up everything, ran the show – me and the musicians were soaked at the end of the show – and then struck it all in just enough time to get to my show position inside. I was wet and going into air conditioning – lucky I didn’t catch a cold!

Willie’s whole family was there, and took part in the show. I liked it, but any people were thrown off cause every song was a Christmas song – I don’t think they were expecting that. On the last “Hana Ho!” he started to crack a little as he was telling the audience which song he was about to sing (Holy Night). Turns out his mother had died this morning…

Anyway, I don’t think there was a dry face in the place by the time he got done with the song…

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