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ASRS @ The Grand Wailea

Posted by delta on October 15th, 2008

This is a good day - Me surrounded by Macs

This show ran from the 10th to today (the 15th). I was part of a two man team that ran the speaker ready room. This job was a little different – half of the computers were Mac. I was in heaven, usually my computer/s is/are the only Mac’s onsite on a gig (other than the tech’s personal computers).

The speaker ready room had four Macs networked to two Mac Servers across the hall in video world, the Windows computers had the same – me and another guy checked people in, helped them with whatever they needed, and when they were happy with the way it all ran we would shoot it over to the show computer where his sister ran graphics for the show…

If a presentation had a video in it, we backed it up: I had one Mac, and one Wintel, running to a 1024 which was outputting to a DVD Recorder. We copied the slide with the video on it (grabbing the whole slide, not just the movie itself) so if a slide had issue with a video, the video engineer could switch to the DVD backup and no one would know it (I recorded the entire slide, not just the movie within it).

My station in the Speaker Ready Room looked like this:

My World A Close-Up Of My World

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