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In Response To Nancy Pelosi…

Posted by delta on October 1st, 2008

She’s an idiot!  To say what she said when she said it!  Fix the problem, not the blame.  You wanna blame someone Nancy?  Here ya go!

Are you too ignorant to know this, or too arrogant to admit it?  Which is it?  Speaker Pelosi, are you stupid or a liar?  You were for de-regulation of the banking industry before all this happened – not sure if you were actually present when Clinton signed the Bill to repeal it, or not – funny how your mind changes when the wind blows, eh?…well…no…not so funny actually…

As for the current economic situation, let’s look at the reality of the situation:

  Democrats Republicans Total Votes (Yea/Nea)
Yea 140 65 205
Nay 95 133 228
Total Present (Dem/Rep) 235 198 433

Democrats for was 59.57%
Democrats against was 40.4%
Republicans for was 32.8%
Republicans against was 67.2%

They needed 217 votes to pass it. 205 (both Democrat and Republican) voted for it and 95 Democrats voted against it. 95!  All they needed was 12 more votes!  The Dems are blaming the Republicans? They couldn’t even hold their own party together for the vote! 12 Votes is all they needed! Where exactly do they get off blaming the Republicans?  What’s wrong with this picture?

Stop playing the blame game – you’re not good at it!

Fix the problem, not the blame!

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