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Ever been so tired that you can’t sleep?

Posted by delta on 27th September 2008

I hate it – can’t sleep – day or night – nothing…

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Democrats and Obama…

Posted by delta on 26th September 2008

I just realized something – actually remembered it – it was Bill Clinton who deregulated banking when he signed the bill in 1999 which rolled back Glass-Steagall. It was Clinton’s administration which proposed that 50 percent of Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s portfolio be made up of loans to low- to moderate-income borrowers by the year 2001. It was Clinton’s Federal Reserve which demanded that banks treat welfare payments and unemployment benefits as valid income sources to qualify for a mortgage…

The Republican’s are getting blamed for something a Democrat did?  This is funny…

It gets funnier: the economy was just fine (actually it was great and getting better) until the Democratic Congress took over.  Just about 6-8 months after they took over, things started getting bad.  Just long enough to say that it was actually them that went wrong (and not the previous Congress/Senate).  

So either

A) they are completely incompetent,

B)  they lied to the public on what they can actually do to win elections and get a majority,

C) they intentionally dragged their feet to make this happen to win an election, or

D) all of the above…  

Which is it?

The Media is so full of BS trying to get the Dems (no matter who the Dem Candidate is) into the Oval Office that you’ll never hear any of this from them.  The Republicans won’t say anything cause, if they win the Oval Office, they’ll need to work with these people to get anything done…

Dems should have run Wesley Clark.  He’s got more executive experience than any Democrat in Washington – he’s also an honest man, one I would trust – but that’s not what they’re looking for is it?  Obama is basically Kerry – all flash and absolutely no substance.  He hasn’t done anything, but damn he looks good up there!  Sure can give a speech!
Hell, Biden would make a much better President than Obama- but he’s basically got the same resume as McCain (with no executive or military record), so there would be no difference to run on…

On top of all Biden has, McCain was an officer in the Navy (that’s years of executive experience right there), a POW (no one hates war more than someone who’s had to fight one, especially one who was a POW), and he turned down being an Admiral and retired (humbleness in a politician? No way!).  Anyone who’s ever served knows what he turned down – anyone who hasn’t really can’t understand.  His running mate is young – but she still has more executive experience than Biden or Obama.  She may not be as polished a politician as either of them, but she isn’t much of a talker – she would rather do it than talk about it…

It’s pretty much a no brainer – Obama won’t even go to Washington to help out with the deal going on right now.  He does have responsibilities to the State of Illinois, as their Senator – I know he’s not a guy who takes responsibility, but he needs to vote on something!  He’s gonna sit it out and watch so he can use it (either positively or negatively), whichever way the wind blows.  He just won’t DO ANYTHING!  He’ll talk about it though…

Let’s give it a few more years Dude!  Let’s wait and see if you can actually do something in the next few years – cause you sure as hell haven’t done anything to date.  Talk is not action!

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September 2008 News

Posted by delta on 24th September 2008

Things that make you go HMMM…

09-03-08 eWeek – FCC Wants Wireless Mics Out Of 700 MHZ – ATTN! AV GUYS!

09-04-08 ABC – Is Your Name Attracting Spam

09-04-08 BBC – Zombie Plague Sweeps The Internet

09-04-08 CNN – eBay Launches Socially Conscious Retail Site

09-04-08 eWeek – FCC Wireless Mic Inquiry No Surprise – ATTN! AV GUYS!

09-04-08 National Geographic – Strong Hurricanes Getting Stronger

09-09-08 CNET – Google Cuts Data Retention Time In Half

09-10-08 CNET – U.S. Text Usage Hits Record Despite Price Increases – Data from text messaging does absolutely nothing to a network guys, not even a blip on the radar.  We’re getting charged more because we are allowing them to do it to us.  When I went to get my iPhone I saw that they wanted to charge me extra for this service, I told them to block it – as a SysAdmin I know what’s up, and I’m not gonna give them money for doing nothing…

09-10-08 eWeek – Internet Attack Fears Keep It Security Spending On The Menu

09-10-08 eWeek – Text Messaging Rates Come Under Fire – Here’s another one you gotta read…

09-10-08 Fox News – Freshwater Fish On Rapid Decline In North America

09-11-08 CNET – iPhone iSpy

09-11-08 CNET – Mobile Payments Misunderstood In U.S. – Ya Think!?

09-11-08 Fox News – Social Networking Sites Not Just For Friends – If you didn’t know this, just give your computer to someone and don’t ever log onto the Internet again!

09-12-08 ABC – Cops Need Warrant To Get Cell Phone Tracking Data – Cool!  But it’s not the cops I’m worried about guys!

09-12-08 Technology Review – Solar Roofing Materials

09-15-08 BBC – Big Bang Experiment Is Hacked – He-He-Funny.  So, we’re letting these guys run this experiment, one that can potentially open a black hole and destroy our planet (no one really knows, guys!), and they can’t even secure their network?

09-15-08 Technology Review – Plastic e-Reader Debut

09-15-08 Technology Review – Safe Transactions With Infected PCs

09-15-08 Technology Review – Turning Social Networks Against Users

09-15-08 USA Today – Best Buy Will Acquire Napster For 121M

09-18-08 Fox News – How An Eggbeater Could Power The Future

09-19-08 ABC – Arabs Denounce Fatwa On Immoral TV

09-19-08 CNN – Planet Is Running Out Of Clean Water – Ya Think?!  I was wondering when someone was going to start paying attention!

09-19-08 LA Times – FDA Proposes Approval Process For Genetically Modified Animals – This is scary stuff!  Add to it that we’re running out of water and you just have to consider that we may have an over population of people.  Just consider it, a little…?

09-21-08 ABC – Plastic- Munching Bugs Turn Trash Into Cash – Hey!  A good idea?!

09-22-08 ABC – First Clean Coal Plant

09-22-08 Technology Review – New Route To Hydrocarbon Biofuels

09-23-08 CNET – Infected U.S. PCs May Have Attacked Georgia

09-23-08 Fox News – Cheating Death Is Easier Than You’d Think – Whatdya know?  A real-life-long-term study…

09-24-08 BBC – Public Must Assert Data Rights

09-24-08 BBC – Users Fail To Spot Fake Pop-Ups

09-24-08 CNN – A New Era For Wave Energy

09-24-08 CNN – Shipping Containers Could Be Dream Homes For Thousands

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Lakota Sioux @ The MACC

Posted by delta on 21st September 2008

I got to run spot on this one.  Well, that’s not really the whole of it – that was my show position for the show (what I got paid to do), but actually I ran the main curtain and corrected an issue with the projector during the first half of the show; for the second half, I ran spot and hauled it down to stage right on the last few numbers to play stage manager for a few minutes…

We finished striking it about 22:30 lastnight…

I took about 100 shots with my iPhone just to get these 6. They still suck, but they at least show the nice view of shows I get from the spot booth. These shots were actually taken during Friday morning’s kids show…

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The New Face of Facebook

Posted by delta on 21st September 2008

It sucks! Basically, if you have an iPhone use the iPhone app to access Facebook. They totally went “MySpace” on the GUI! It’s all over the place – use to be really tight…

What were they thinking? You can upgrade security on a website without changing the look of it guys – I do it all the time…

Just don’t get it…


Can’t write anymore…

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