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Frank DeLima @ the MACC

Posted by delta on May 19th, 2007

Did this show last night and will do another one tonight. Just running Audio and Lights – very simple gig. He’s a living legend as far as local comedians go, so it’s a real pleasure to work with him and his guys…

Been setting up for Earth,Wind, and Fire too. Setup started yesturday, and I went right into show mode for Frank DeLima after – today looks to be the same…

Got a 1-off (set, show, strike) here tomorrow as well (with Earth, Wind, and Fire) – so it’ll be a long day…

The day after I got back to Maui, I did a Scottish thing in the MCCoy (here at the MACC). Fiddle and a Chello – it was one of the best shows I’ve ever mixed. Lottsa fun too! Talent always makes us techs look (in this case “sound”) real good, ya know?

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