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Athlete Deaths

Posted by delta on February 15th, 2022

I spent the last few days skimming the internet for something completely unrelated and came across the following article yesterday. The author presents links to evidence within his writing – just as I do – it’s nice to know someone else out there is presenting evidence as they write instead of simply stating something and expecting you to believe it…

2022/02/14 – Lightning strikes twice – Two high schools sudden deaths on the same day

My actual numbers are a bit higher than these, but the author has specifically been looking into these events, so I’ll take his lower numbers over my higher numbers because my numbers will “turn you off” rather quickly. I multiply all VAERS data by 100 because I want real numbers and I believe VAERS when they say that only 1% is reported…

Key takeaways, since January 1st, 2020:

  • 649 athletes have “suddenly and mysteriously” collapsed
  • 404 athletes have “suddenly and mysteriously” died
  • 15 athletes died January 1st through March 31st
  • 30 athletes died April 1st through June 31st
  • 84 athletes died July 1st through September 30th
  • 206 athletes died October 1st through December 31st
  • 137 athletes died the first 6 weeks of 2022

There were zero young athlete deaths in 2020, these deaths only began once the vaccine program began. The cure is more deadly than the disease…

You always have to keep in mind that these kids have a 99.997% survivability rate for COVD-19 itself – it’s literally insane to even consider giving anyone under the age of 50 the jab (read my last post for more data)…

4 per 1,000,000 would be the typical year for myocarditis. There are approximately 160 million Americans under the age of 50. So the typical year would bring 640 cases out of the entire American population.
VAERS recorded 11,000 myocarditis cases due to the jab since January 2021. VAERS states that only 1% have been reported, which would bring tha actual number to 1,100,000 myocarditis cases due to the jab since January 2021.
So, we went from an average of 640 myocarditis cases per year to 1,000,000 cases in 2021…
Myocarditis kills suddenly and mysteriously…
Do you realize that, these numbers are more than those who have died from COVID-19 itself…? This is just one of the diseases folks are getting from the jab! One!
The cure is more deadly than the disease…

They are killing our young athletes. They are killing our kids.

…and no one seems to care… as a matter of fact, the ones who should care are often the ones pushing the jab to their own family members and friends… the world is upside down…

These numbers are staggering – have you seen them on any of the social media sites or news channels? I’m really asking because I do not have social media nor do I watch the news…

A few articles I’ve come across since the post:
2022/02/07 – Matt Le Tissier sounds the alarm on sudden soccer deaths
2022/02/07 – Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Seeking to Reinstate School Mask Mandates
2022/02/08 – Biden urged to roll back COVID restrictions after FOUR Dem governors announced end to school masking
2022/02/08 – College players sue to be classified as school employees
2022/02/08 – Dr. Fauci and Our Pandemic of Distrust
2022/02/08 – Journalist George Packer says thousands of at-risk Afghans left behind are getting almost no help from the U.S. government
2022/02/08 – Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine becomes highest-selling drug ever
2022/02/09 – As school masking debate rages, doctor recommends looking at hospitalization rates
2022/02/09 – Blue states move to drop mask mandates
2022/02/09 – Here are the states that are lifting their indoor mask mandates
2022/02/09 – Pressure builds for Biden, Democrats to move past COVID
2022/02/09 – White House faces new pressure to back lifting mask rules
2022/02/10 – OSHA Withdraws the Vaccination and Testing ETS
2022/02/11 – Congress might try to force Facebook to change its newsfeed algorithm
2022/02/11 – Covid-19 vaccine authorization for younger children delayed as FDA seeks more data
2022/02/11 – Defense Department needs to start following the law
2022/02/11 – Farmers brace for more drought conditions as unusually warm weather continues
2022/02/11 – Fate of Wild Horses in Limbo as Overgrazing, Drought Decimate the West
2022/02/11 – Is Your Neighbor A Covid-Information Terrorist? Are You?
2022/02/11 – World’s damaged supply chains brace for painful recovery

Here’s a question for ya? I’m only asking because I have many friends who are doctors – both MD’s and researchers – and I happen to know that, when they have an issue, they talk to each other to figure it out. The last thing they would ever do is look to the government for ideas because they don’t practice medicine daily… So, when did the CDC shift from a purely advisory role to a policy role…? When exactly did that happen…?


I don’t want to repeat myself and I’m getting a lot of questions about a few things, so I’ll post the links again:

About a year ago, I wrote a nice little ditty on how we are being surveilled 24/7/365 from the devices we take with us everywhere – http://dhakes.com/2021/02/10/social-media-perception-management/ – it’s probably worth another read as all this information is now coming out in the mainstream news… They get some of it right, some of it wrong, but at least their reporting it:
2022/02/11 – Declassified documents reveal CIA has been sweeping up information on Americans
2022/02/11 – New spying revelations prove once again Edward Snowden was right
2022/02/15 – 6 Things We Know about the CIA’s Secret Mass Surveillance Program

As far as what the Canadian government is doing to the truckers “Freedom Convoy” at this point, I wrote in January of last year explaining how and why this is done:

And I’ll repost the link to this one as well:
it’s important to show that if you simply look at the data, this was all predictable – my ten year old could look at the data and predict all of this…

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